Dear Mr. Packer,

I am writing to ask you to reconsider changing the scope of the AP World History test. I have read many of the comments about this from colleagues, and I imagine you have as well. When I first got the announcement, I read it to my current AP World students and they responded with a loud and curious “WHAT!?”  There is no doubt that the current test requires near break-neck speed to get through what I want before the test.  But what a ride it is!  I can’t imagine trying to make sense of period Four without a solid look at at least period Three.

Almost all of Chinese history will be reduced to its encounters with the West.  All of American history will be the same.  Oh, and African history too.  Please do not do this our students.  They aren’t going to get this material anywhere else, and while I haven’t taken apart the Michigan content standards one by one yet, I am worried that AP World will not meet those content standards.  If it doesn’t, we won’t even be able to offer the course at my small school. Students only can fit AP World into their schedules because they don’t have to also take the regular World History and Geography required by our state.

In short, you might be killing a great class in an attempt to make it easier to complete.  I’m certain that’s not your intention.  Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Pontoni

Boyne City High School