GVYRS High School Rowing

Registration Guide 2018

Table of Contents

Step 1: 2018 High School League Registration (GVYRS)        2

Step 2: Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Web Registration (WebReg)        12

Step 3: Online Payment        18

Step 4: Volunteer Shift Registration        22

Step 1: 2018 High School League Registration (GVYRS)

Step 1.1: Open GVYRS website

Open a web browser and go to http://www.gvyrs.ca/ 

Step 1.2: Navigate to Registration

> Registration

Step 1.3: Select High School Registration

> 2017 High School League Registration (GVYRS)

Step 1.4: Select School

> Click on the school name of your student

Step 1.5: Name and Grade

> Fill out form > scroll down

Please Note:

Step 1.6: Last School Year

> Indicate if and where your rowed last year > scroll down

Please note:

Step 1.7: Gender, Birth Date and Contact Information

> Fill out the gender, birthdate and contact information > scroll down

Step 1.8: Gender, Birth Date and Contact Information

> Fill out experience and spell check > Next

Step 1.9: Registration Information

> Read careful > scroll down

Step 1.10: RCA WebReg and online payment

> Go ahead and follow the link to the RCA Web Reg. Please note:

> Indicate in the checkbox if you have completed the registration and payment or need assistance > Scroll Down

Step 1.11: Volunteer Shift

> Follow the link to the Volunteer Shift Registration. Please note:

> Once you completed the registration please indicate which shift you have signed up to > scroll down

Step 1.12: Volunteer Bond

> Indicate the bond option > Submit

Step 1.13: Done

> Close the browser

Step 2: Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Web Registration (WebReg)

Step 2.1: Open Rowing Canada Webreg website

There are three access points for the Rowing Canada Webreg website:

Step 2.2: Home Page


Step 2.3: Login

> If the athlete already has an account then login otherwise you have to create a new Account.

Please note:

  • If the athlete used RCA WebReg in previous years or for other rowing programs such as club rowing or summer camps, simply us the same login name/PW to get started.
  • Important: Each athlete needs their own account to sign up. In other words siblings don’t share WebReg accounts.
  • If you already have an account please sign up and go to Step 2.6.

Step 2.4: Create Account part 1

> Fill out form > Next

Important: Use the first and last name of the athlete and not the parent.

Step 2.5: Create Account part 2

> Fill out form > Create My Account

Step 2.6: Join


Step 2.7: Join Program

> Join Program

Step 2.8: Programs

> Province/ State = British Columbia

> Organization = Greater Victoria Youth Rowing Society (GVYRS)

Step 2.9: Select High School Program

> Scroll down to the school program you want to sign up > Join

Step 2.10: Accept Program

> Accept

Step 2.11: Registration Confirmation

The Rowing Canada Webreg registration is complete. Continue seamless to step 3: Payment

> Pay Online Now

Step 3: Online Payment

Step 3.1: Access Payment website

There are two access points for the online Payment:

> View

> Pay Online Now

Step 3.2: Select Payment Method

> Click on the symbol of the credit card that you want to use

Step 3.3: Payment Details

> Verify and fill out the payment details > Submit

Step 3.4: Email Payment Details

For proof of payment we recommend that you email the payment confirmation to yourself.

Please note: Your high school program might ask you to forward the payment confirmation email to the teacher sponsor.

> verify that the email address is correct

> click on the little red email button on the top right

Step 3.5: Email Confirmation

> Close window by clicking on the X in the right top corner

> Scroll to the bottom

Step 3.6: Invoice

> click on the Invoice button to view/print/email the invoice.

> logout (top right corner)

Step 3.7: Logout

> The payment is complete.

> You can close this browser window and continue with the 2016 High School League Registration (2016) (see step 1.7: Payment above)

Step 4: Volunteer Shift Registration

Important note: Every high school regatta is in desperate need of Boat Drivers. If you have a motorboat license (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) please consider signing up to a Umpire Boat Driver or Safety Boat Driver shift. Please contact Jay Peacock (jay.peacock0@gmail.com) if you have any questions and/or concerns about the responsibilities. He will organize refreshers at the lake to show potential drivers how to handle the boats and what the job entails. Thanks

Step 4.1: Open Volunteer Shift Registration website

There are three access points for the iVolunteer website:

> Volunteer Shift Registration

Step 4.2: Select Regatta

> Click on one of the three regattas

Step 4.3: Select Shift

> Click on a shift

Step 4.4: Volunteer Details

> Fill out volunteer details

> Volunteer

Step 4.5: iVolunteer Shift Verification

> Leave the page as is > Open your email program and open the email from ivolunteer

Step 4.6: iVolunteer Email

> Follow link in email

Step 4.7: iVolunteer shift confirmation

> verify information > close browser > go back to window in step 4.5

Step 4.8: Complete Volunteer Shift Registration

> OK

> You can close this browser window and continue with the 2016 High School League Registration (2016) (see step 1.8: Volunteer Shift)