The 2019 VeeRG Formula Vee Challenge Series

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OVER $2,000 of driver’s awards at every event!!!!!


Providing a fun and friendly environment for Formula Vee racers and their families at our most storied race circuits in the Eastern United States.  Come join our inaugural season for the FV challenge series! 

Building upon the great success of our VRG “big brothers” Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series, the Vintage Racer Group has kicked off the 2nd annual VeeRG Formula Vee Challenge Series.


Mission Statement: 

To provide a sustainable, enjoyable, safety-oriented Formula Vee racing series in the eastern United States that rewards camaraderie, sportsmanship, and preservation of historic racing machinery and principles.



We aim to create and maintain a fun, safe, and friendly on-track and paddock environment that will encourage Formula Vee racers and their families to return regularly to the Formula Vee Challenge Series.  


We do this by always encouraging the spirit and originality of Formula Vee racing.  This includes controlling costs and providing budgeting predictability to our Formula Vee racers by having consistent rules, regulations, and race formats.  


We also aim to deliver value to our competitors by striving to have at least 15+ entries per race weekend.

2019 VeeRG Formula Vee Challenge Series Information: 

  1. We race to VRG and other Vintage Motorsport Council Club’s Safety and Conduct Standards.
  1. Safety standards will be expected and enforced in both car-preparation and driver behavior

  1.  Two Formula Vee classes will be available to competitors:
  1. Vintage Formula Vee - first generation cars thru 1970 with z-bar rear suspension conforming to VRG Rules
  2. Historic Formula Vee - Post 1970 cars with zero-roll and dual coil over suspensions conforming to VRG Rules
  1. Tires: - All cars, in all classes, will run on Dunlop, or Hoosier treaded Formula Vee tires or any other approved tire per VRG rules.

  1. Series Winner Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd to be determined based on:
  1. Total Points and “Spirit of Vintage Racing”
  1. Scoring Method:
  1. As per our Mission Statement, points are biased to rewarding fellowship between racers.  Thus, points are awarded for participation in all sessions, helping fellow competitors, group support and, to a much lesser extent, race finishing position  
  1. Normal VRG Race Weekend Format:  
  1. FV racers are typically grouped with the VRG small bore class or standalone group with large entries
  2. Sessions of 25-30 minutes each over 2 or 3 days
  3. Some race weekends have an optional test day (free at Summit Point Jefferson 500 for early entrants)

  1. Social  
  1. Parties at every race weekend
  2. Raffles for prizes at every race weekend

The VeeRG Formula Vee Challenge Series is created by Formula Vee racers for Formula Vee racers on Eastern United States tracks.

We earn the loyalty of our participants by our unwavering commitment to a safety-oriented environment on the track and a fun and inclusive environment in the paddock.

Ready to race?

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