Spring Valley HS

New Normal Frequently Asked Questions


What is the new Hybrid Schedule (Starts March 22, 2021)

Hybrid Schedule All Cohorts

Students will be expected to attend each class they are enrolled in every day at the designated time it starts.  Class will start with a Google Meet with the teacher so that he/she can take attendance.  Attendance will be recorded in Infinite Campus.  

What should I do if my Chromebook stops working?

You may exchange your Chromebook by bringing back your other one with the charger between the hours of 7 am and 10 am on Monday or Wednesday.  Please make sure it is actually the Chromebook that is experiencing the issue and not your internet connection.

What date is the 2021 graduation?

Graduation will take place on May 28th at 4pm and 8pm at the Orleans Arena.

I am having trouble logging into Canvas or my Chromebook.

Please visit the links below.  If that does not resolve your issue then call 702-799-2580 ext. 4000

What if I forgot my password?

Visit: https://myaccount.ccsd.net/#/  or


Click on "Reset your password"

Click on "I have forgotten my password"

Follow the rest of the directions and reset your password.

Please remember:

1. Your new password CANNOT be your name, student number, birthday or any of your previous passwords.  

2. Your new password must have a capital letter AND a number or symbol.

3. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long.

If this fails, please call the Tech Help Desk at 799-3300

How can I order my official transcript?

If you are a class of 2020 or before please visit the following link to order your official transcript: https://clarknv.scriborder.com/

How do I apply for Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL)?

Please visit: https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application to complete your application.

When can I pick up the 2020 yearbook that I purchased?

If you missed the distribution days, then please reach out to Mrs. Krshul to arrange for a time to pick up your yearbook ASAP. krshurn@nv.ccsd.net

What if I need a Chromebook for online school?

All students will have the opportunity to receive a Chromebook to do online work at home if they need/want one. It is not mandatory to use a Spring Valley High School issued Chromebook to complete your work.  Your device must have a camera and a microphone.  If you missed one of the 7 distribution days, then you will need to come to the front of the school between 7 am and 10 am Monday or Wednesday.  Please pull up along the curb by the flagpole.  A staff member will assist you.  If there is not a staff member out front please call 702-799-2580 ext. 4000 and let them know you are out front to pick up a Chromebook.

I have a Chromebook from middle school.  What should I do with it and should I request one from Spring Valley?

Please request a new Chromebook from Spring Valley.  Return your MS Chromebook and its charger to the middle school that it is checked out from. However, you cannot use your middle school Chromebook at Spring Valley HS.  

Can I just use my phone to do my school work?

No.  It will not be possible for a student to be actively engaged only using a cell phone.  We have plenty

My child has special needs.  How would online school work for him/her?

On July 24, the high school principals met with the director of ESY (Extended School Year) to learn about some of the highly effective strategies that were employed during ESY.  Feedback from virtual ESY has been very positive.  Our teachers will be replicating many of these same strategies at Spring Valley HS.

What should I do if my child is sick and cannot attend his/her online classes?

If a student is absent, his/her teachers will mark him/her absent for not showing up to the online class.   Then, if he/she was legitimately sick/absent, the parent will fill out the attendance form using ONLY the email address on record/IC for the parent. The attendance clerk will call (25 parents/day directly to confirm and ensure that the student didn't hack the parent's email to report their own absence excuse.

How do I receive a refund for an AP exam that I opted out from taking last year?

Please request a refund by completing this form: AP Refund Information

Why does my schedule in Infinite Campus not match the Hybrid Schedule?We are unable to adjust the start times in Infinite Campus to reflect the Hybrid learning schedule.  Please follow the Hybrid schedule until notified otherwise.

Does my student qualify for transportation (bus) or what route will they ride?

Please click on the following link which will take you to CCSD’s transportation site. Currently all students will attend class virtually.


When/How can I pick up my DMV attendance form?

Please contact our attendance secretary Renna Perkins for your DMV requests at perkirb@nv.ccsd.net.  Your DMV attendance form will be emailed to you.

To ensure confidentiality and privacy are maintained, a completed DMV-301 form will ONLY be sent to the parent/guardian email address listed in Infinite Campus and the student's CCSD Gmail account.  Only a request from the student or his/her parent or legal guardian (as identified in Infinite Campus) will be processed.

Will there still be clubs/activities during the Hybrid model.  Clubs and Activities at Spring Valley High School are now allowed to meet in person during the Hybrid model.  Please check the Activities Page on the Spring Valley website for meeting dates and times.

When can I pick up the items that I left in my PE or school lockers?

Please email your PE teacher from last year to make arrangements to pick up your items from your PE locker. School lockers were cleaned out and students were notified by the student success center on when they may pick up their items.  For questions regarding school lockers please call Mrs. Murray at 702-799-2580 ext 4500.

Where do I email my child’s updated shot record?

Our school nurse, Jill Smith: smithj23@nv.ccsd.net

For questions regarding your schedule please contact your counselor:

12th Grade
Amy Langhorst   A-L

Corrin Bennion       M-Z    

11th Grade
Emi Lytle      A-L      

John Tyler    M-Z      

10th Grade
 Cassidy Mason A-Z

9th Grade

Natalie McLintock A-F


Charles Earnest        G-Z

IB Counselor
Samantha Welling    A-Z

Special Education Facilitator
Karin Henson

For any other questions please contact your House Office Administrator. Contacts: For 2020/21 School Year

9th Grade: Ms. Pittman


10th Grade: Dr. Feinstein


11th Grade: Ms. Arguello


12th Grade: Mr. Oliver


Student Success Center: Ms. O’Leary