Setting up BMF Connect with Google

TIP 1: Go to Google & make sure your personal account is Default 

If you only see one account logged in, then it is already set to Default.

OR if you’re already logged into multiple accounts you may need to reset which account is default, SEE THIS ARTICLE

STEP 1: Click “Add another account” to add your BMF Connect Family

Use the provided UN & PW to log in. Don’t know it? Contact your teacher!

TIP 2: Select your personal Google account so it remains active

Meanwhile, you’re still logged into BMF Connect in the background!

STEP 2: Go to BMF Connect and click Log-In

STEP 3: Select your BMF Family Username “to continue to Connect”

TIP 3: Bookmark BMF Connect so you can quickly access the site

As long as you’re logged into Google with your BMF Family account on Google. 😎

What’s the next step? 

View Reports & GDrive materials shared from your teacher on the Classes page!