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Students benefit from two placement opportunities in the PHED program.  Students are expected to explore placements that may not have been their first choice.  Options will be limited due to COVID 19 restrictions, and there is value to be found in the experience of all placements. 

Step 1:  What areas are you interested in? Which of the following categories:

Step 2: Demographics: What age demographic are you hopeful to work with:

Step 3: Research.  Make a list of business/organizations that match your preferences you indicated in Steps 1 and 2.  Be open to places you may not have as your top choice as they may be valuable opportunities.  You should reach out to multiple places in the top 3-4 preferred areas of interest.

Step 4: Contact Information. Make a list of addresses, phone numbers and emails for the potential placements.  Start by phoning the business/organization first:

PLEASE NOTE:  Some phone conversations may lead to a request for an interview.  This is not uncommon, and you should prepare for this possibility.  Ask the host if they would like to conduct the interview in person, or via phone.  They may do it on the spot, or choose an alternate date/time.  
If the host requests an in-person interview, ask them what COVID-19 measures they have in place.  Masks would be mandatory, but some places may have a ‘call-in’ system to announce your arrival etc.  
Be prepared.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Placement Coordinator ( for support.



No placement involvement can begin until the location has been approved by your Placement Coordinator and all clearance documents have been verified.  

All questions should be sent to the Placement Coordinator directly > < and if the coordinator is unavailable, connect with Dr. Graydon Raymer, Directory School of Physical and Health Education at

        Full program details: