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AVS Wellness
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Auburn Village School 
Wellness Committee

Event information coming!

Committee Members:

Jane Gilon

Stephen Tewksbury

Danika Ashness

Andrea Johnston

Lori Collins

Meghan Ahnen

Sarah Belanger

Sharon Graves

Billie Mullen

The Wellness Committee meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 in the school nurse’s office. Our next meeting in Feb 15, 2023. All are welcome!

2022-2023 Wellness events

Specific dates TBD:

February, March, and April- 2023 Granite State 90 Day Move MoreWINTER Challenge


February 2023  

March 2023  - Health heart awareness month- Heart healthy activity- Dodgeball

March PD Day- Staff members will be able to get CPR certified

April- Kickball Tournament

May 2023- Earth Day Celebration

Wellness Meetings

Feb 15, 2023   Mar 15, 2023   Apr 19, 2023     May 17, 2023

Nurse Notes with Nurse Gilon!

Hello from the Health Office again,

It’s hard to believe the year will be coming to an end soon!  

Please remember if your child has a medication here at the nurse’s office, they will need to be picked up by a parent at the end of the year.  Any medications that are not picked up June 23rd will be discarded.  I cannot send medication of any sort home with the students and it cannot stay here until next year.

Nurse Jane Gilon

Email me with any questions:

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 5/1/2023

Jane Gilon

Danika Ashness

Andrea Johnston

Sarah Belanger

BIllie Mullen

Stephen Tewksbury

Earth Day was a success - a few suggestions for next year were provided.  Health office could possibly make a different flavor smoothie instead of the spinach one.  The health office will purchase a good blender to make it easier for staff.

PACK week is still TBD based on the timing of ordering the food.  Sarah Belanger is taking care of that.

Field day is scheduled for the first week of June.  

A possible event for the start of school next year may include a welcome event the day prior to the start of school.  Mrs. Belanger will reach out to the PTA to determine if they are interested in assisting with that.

Meeting 2/15/2023

Jane Gilon

Meghan Ahnen

Danika Ashness

Andrea Johnston

Sarah Belanger

BIllie mullen

Stephen Tewksbury

FIlled out calendar for March and April move more

CPR Training is scheduled

Jump rope is coming up in Kindergarten!

Dodgeball tournament grade 4-8 on March 16th

Faculty game next Friday at 1:30 during Brave Rally for middle school

Revisit PACK week in the spring

Heart month display in the health room

Movement activity: Walking club of some sort

Teacher/Staff nature hunt or scavenger hunt

        By grade or whole school?

Dodgeball tournament in March. After school Grades 4-8

Kickball in April

Vision Screenings in March around PD Day

PACK week

Wellness Committee


Jane Gilon

Steve Tewksbury

Andrea Johnston

Danika Ashness

Billie Mullen

Meghan Ahnen

Activities to be scheduled include:

-Dodge Ball tournament - May?

-Walk NH or similar type walk activity in spring time

-Updates to Wellness Committee on website and in newsletter - Sarah spoke to Dr. Collins who agreed that a monthly update is sufficient.  More may be too much.  Jane to put together something and follow up for the next Newsletter

-PACK week

More to come in the new year as there is a lot going on at this time.

Wellness Committee


Sarah Belanger

Andrea Johnston

Sharon O’Leary

Jane Gilon

Danika Ashness

Steve Tewksbury

Lori Collins

No Wellness Fair this year

        Every other year.

         Middle school 5-8

We can start brainstorming at the end of this year beginning of next once we have gotten through this years activities

Walk NH- Spring

Mr. T wanted to a Kickball Tournament or something like that

        In place of Jump rope for heart- Spring activity (April or May)

PACK week-

WIll pick a week later in the school year.

Talk to PTA about volunteering

Earth Day- April or May (Saturday April 22, 2023)

        Weather permitting

        Smoothies, animals, plants,

        Build your own Trail mix (granola, raisins, craisins- Nut free)

        Exercise- Zumba and/or yoga

What days work best for everyone- 7:30-8:15 3rd Wednesday of the month Next is December  21, 2022

Nutrition Side

        Drinking water, moving more, what kind of snacks

Daily wellness tips

Water is allowed in the classroom. Water should be kept near each student, so they can drink throughout the day. Not where they would need to get up to take a quick drink

Reminder- MS-  wear winter gear! It’s best for your health to stay warm

BLOOMZ- Gym/PE health tips- Nurse Notes- Possibly send out Monthly notes.

Health and wellness weekly notes/tips from Mr. T, Mrs. Belanger and Nurse Gilon

Wellness Website Needs to be updated

Gardening Club-

Lori Collins and Lindsey Hallenbeck are heading it

Music- at Earth Day

Review Wellness policy every 3 years. It was reviewed/altered by the school board in September. Wording was changed


Mental Health and Suiside prevention

Maybe health and wellness exercises in our Middle school classrooms


Jane Gilon

Meghan Ahnen

Danika Ashness

Andrea Johnston

Sarah Belanger

Sharon Graves

Stephen Tewksbury

PACK Week:

February 20-24

Steve offered to help prepare in the morning

Dragon fruit



Bok Choy


Star fruit


Dried Fruit- Apricots



CPR and First aid - March PD Day

SAFE Schools

Earth Day- Talked about at a Staff meeting.

It’s a collaboration.

Exercise wise:

          Jump rope

           Kickball in the spring - Grade K-4

           Walk NH


Wellness committee site- Talk to Lori/Adam

Think it was part of a closed account



BLOOMZ- Reminder to parents

Restful sleep

Reminder turning off screen time

It can take 2 hours or more for your mind to relax after turning off screens

That is your brains time to rest


Rest, exercise

How to encourage it with kids

Wellness policy- Updated 1/10/23


Updated 2/15/2023