Five Reasons Senior Pets are Awesome.

With the onset of spring, sports season is now in full swing. We’ve got basketball, soccer, and who could forget baseball? At Deceased Pet Care, we loving watching sports and the intense battles of will and skill with family and friends. There’s nothing like the food, the adrenaline, and a good underdog story to root for. That’s why we wanted to bring your attention to the ultimate underdog -- senior pets.

We love all pets, but we think Senior Pets are often overlooked in the adoption process because who can resist the bright eyes of a playful puppy? While puppies are awesome, here are five reasons you should make a senior pet the newest member of your family.

1. You’d Get to Be a Hero

This one goes without saying, but adopting a senior pet make you a hero. Senior pets are often overlooked in shelters just because they don’t have the initial pull of a puppy. But cats and dogs regardless of age need a loving safe place to call home. Moreover, senior pets are often the first to be euthanized for lack of interest or space. Be a hero, save a life, and bring home a senior pet today.  

2. Senior Dogs Already Know a Few Things

Another benefit of adopting a senior pet is most dogs you bring home already know a few tricks. You won’t have to spend a lot of your time teaching them to sit, stay, heel, or use the restroom outside. Instead, you can simply enjoy the presence and companionship of your new pet.

While we’re talking about tricks, in spite of the old adage, you can actually teach an old dog new tricks. In addition to learning a new skill, spending the time training a senior pet is beneficial for their brain function as well as instantly bonding them to you as a new owner.

3. Senior Dogs are chill. Just Like You.

Just like humans, as pets age, they slow down. Adopting a senior pet is great for people more in line with an adult or slower paced lifestyle. You don’t have spend all your energy maintaining theirs. Time and energy should never be reasons to not bring home a pet. Just spend some time at your local shelter finding a senior pet that matches your personality. You’ll be best friends in no time.

4. Senior Dogs are the Perfect Partners.

If you are in the later stages of life, or have a close friend or relative who is, adopting a senior pet can do wonders for us ageing humans. Having a pet in the house brings constant companionship, security, purpose, and can make depression and loneliness a thing of the past. As we all know, there’s not much better than a warm pet snuggle or a wagging tail to greet us at home.

5. Senior Dogs Make Excellent Emotional Support Dogs

Adopting a senior pet is often much less stressful that adopting a puppy or kitten. Yes, there isn’t the same cute factor as with bringing home a baby, but senior pets already know their way around. They also make great emotional support dogs. They can be a much need companion if you’ve recently lost someone. Or their relaxed and lower energy personality make great friends for stressed out or anxious children. Plus, they make the best cuddle buddies.

Have we convinced you yet? I mean we could probably pine for another 1000 words, but we already know you know senior pets are awesome. At Deceased Pet Care, we want all pets to have equal opportunity in experiencing the love of the family. We think Senior Pets are the ultimate underdog worth rooting for.