Name of Performer and Song: Chained the Rhythm

Media Form


Ratio %:

Performance          100%

Narrative                     0%

Theme / subject matter:

Pop music magazine. Following a fantasy theme.

Intertextual references:

  • Disney
  • Retro petrol stations
  • Sleeping beauty

Generic Features

The conventional  ingredients

Look of the video/star:

Dressed up as a disney character. Fake fantasy clothing which wouldn't normally be worn in everyday life.

Sound of the music:

Upbeat music which contrast (juxtaposition) the message wanting to send across.

Narrative Analysis


Does it illustrate the song?

...amplification :

Does it add another layer of meaning to the song?


Does it seem to work in juxtaposition to the song?

What does this contribute to your understanding?


When finger pricked reference to sleeping beauty.

What is the relationship between the narrative and star?

What does this suggest about the star?

  • Realisation she cannot conform to be the same as everyone else the revelation.
  • Shows how the star is superior compared to the others around and that she is bigger better and has more attention than the others.
  • She is the centre protagonist and is the centre of attention as others watch her and follow the actions she performs. This is shown when they dance around her in a circle also at the beginning as the tracking shot shows how the others are her backup dancers in the background.
  • Shows how she is inside of the story and how it is not realistic and is fake.
  • The hamster ball of which they all run in show they are constantly moving however when it begins to stop and they begin to fall over the realisation that things are not looking as good as they expect and are not going to plan like they would of liked.

Technical Conventions

Visual Rhythm

Camera Movement and Editing

  • Leading lines & shallow depth of field-  when getting onto the roller coaster showing they travel in two’s with  someone else so they are never alone.  
  • Movement of the feet and the arms to the beat showing they’re  ‘chained to the rhythm’.
  • Dolly - Shows the experience of the main actor through the park from her point of view and what she will see herself.
  • Establishing Shot at the very beginning to show the enormity of the theme park which they are about to enter and go around.
  • Rule of thirds- whilst sat in the theatre she is the centre and first to be seen as you follow the heads of all the other people watching to the main actor which is far taller and bigger than all the others so she is very easily seen.
  • To make her the main focus When the main focus is on her majority of the time a close-up to medium close up is used.
  • Constantly changing the camera shot usually within every two beat. This shows that there is a lot happening and constantly moving.
  • Big close ups - Shows the emotion as the emotion changes throughout the music video. Finishing with a big close up at the end when she looks at the audience. Showing the horror of reality that it is fake and all a dream.
  • Crane shot - effective because it shows the enormity of the surroundings around her and how much attention is on her.  

Representation of  The Star

What ideas are communicated about the star image (brand) and how are these communicate through camera, editing and mise-en-scene?

  • Through the use of the clothing it creates a retro type of theme which shows how it is unrealistic and is part of a dream/ fantasy.
  • It’s very bright scene and clothing as they are chained to this life of fantasy.
  • It demonstrates the American Dream of how people wish for the world to look and the joy involved in it.
  • The beat of which they walk when they walk in a circle demonstrates how the they walk in prison with chains stuck on their legs with the bashing too the floor. However they use their feet to create that noise.
  • At the beginning she is so involved with the fantasy and is overjoyed and happy however realisation sets in and she shows fear in the shot, using a big close up to capture the emotion on the face.


How is the video designed to look visually appealing?

  • It’s going very fast showing how fake it as it does not realistic go that fast making the world look better even though it’s covering up the sinister side to it all.
  • Colourful to show happiness and alive.
  • Pink and blue hearts on roller coaster to suggest women sit on one side whilst men sit on the other, this says that everyone lives happily in today's world with a partner.
  • The roller coaster also shows that in reality life is a roller coaster.
  • The rule of thirds make the video look aesthetically pleasing.