LYHME Commands

Welcome to the LYHME Commands,

Please be sure to check back often for new commands!

Useful Information



Salvage Speed

2x Salvage speed for non donors.
You can get faster salvage speed by purchasing a donor rank.

Structures / Barricades Limits

300 Barricades and Structures limit at one time.

Banned Vehicles From Spawning

Skycrane (95), LYHMEWings (27700), Skarlet APC (62415)

Command Aliases

I am aware that there are some commands that have aliases to them,
to keep it simple they have not been added.

New Commands!



Gas Station Refueling

Unlimited fuel at all local gas stations! Execute the following commands.


/checkfuel - Prints out the cost of fuel along with the current fuel level of your vehicle.
/fuelup amount - Allows you to fuel up your vehicle to the desired price you want to pay, if you want your vehicle almost all the way full do it without the amount.


UI with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests to be completed!
By completing each one you can earn Citrus!

Command: /quests

Note: This feature only is on US #1 but it is currently not active.

First-Time Joining Useful Commands




Trying to place a barricade or structure and a message keeps popping up?
Before you can place any one of those we ask that you read our rules. :)

Once you’ve done this, then type:

Command: /yes

Checking Distance

Did you know you can use the point gesture to see how far something is away?

Command: /distance on or off

Note: This feature is on by default you can always turn it off.
But we’d suggest using a rangefinder as soon as possible to validate the distance.

LookingUp itemIDs

Wondering what an itemID of an item is for your signshop? This command is for you!
It will print out the ID of the item you searched for.

Command: /id “item Name”


Have any cool ideas on how we could improve our servers?

Execute this command it will send your “message” to a text-channel in our discord!

Command: /sug “message”


Dang zombies were you at the military base and died?
When using this command It will teleport you back where you died.

Command: /back

To Your Bed

Far away distance from your base and wanting to store items away?
When using this command it will teleport you back to your claimed bed.

Command: /home

Private Messaging

Want to message a staff member or a friend privately? Use these commands!
Top command is to start a private message, the bottom is to reply to one.

- /pm “player Name” message
- /r “message”

Teleport Requests

Want to teleport to a new friend or player? Checkout below!

- /tpa “name” - Teleports you to a player.
/tpa a - Accepts teleport request.
/tpa d - Denies teleport request.
- /tpa c - Cancels teleport request.


Gone are the days to do - /kit name
With this feature, it will open a kits UI! When you find a kit you like, click it!

Command: /kits

Note: You can still use /kit name

Server Warping

Bounce between servers like a bouncy ball!

- /servers - Prints out all available servers to bounce to.
- /server name - Transfers you to a specific server you specified.


Come join and be a part of our Discord community!

- /discord invite - A prompt to join our discord server.
- /discord - Generates you a code which you can redeem in inside the text-channel #link in our discord and get a special role.

Helpful Commands




Inventory wiped and opened a lost ticket and followed the format?
If it was accepted, you will get a claim code! It will spawn you all or many of the the items you requested in the ticket.

Command: /claim code

Economy Commands



Important Notice

Every 15 minutes you will receive your designed ranks salary.
When you first join one of our servers you receive
10,000 Citrus!

View Balance

Want to know how much Citrus you have instead of looking at the UI all the time?

Command: /balance

Paying Player

Trading an item or buying something from a player? By using this command it will pay the inputted player and specified amount.

Command: /pay “player Name” amount

Check Cost

Want to know the cost of an item or a vehicle?

- /cost “itemName” or itemID - Prints out cost of specified item.
- /cost v”vehicle Name” or vehicleID - Prints out cost of specified vehicle.

Buy Item(s) / Vehicle

Want to buy item(s) or a vehicle?

- /buy “item Name” or itemID amount - Buys the item(s) you specified.
- /buy v.”vehicle Name” or vehicleID - Buys the vehicle you specified.

Sell Item(s)

Want to sell item(s) manually without using the sellbox?

Command: /sell “item Name” or itemID amount - Sells the item(s) you specified.

Mass Selling

Want to sell a bunch of items at once?
It will open a virtual storage so you can place all the items inside then later press ESC an UI will popup to confirm or deny.

Command: /sellbox

Signshop Commands / Server Commands



Important Notice

You can get additional sign shops by purchasing donor rank(s).

Sign shops

Want to make Citrus while you are offline? These commands are for you!

- /ss c itemID - Creates signshop with specified itemID at the sign you are looking at.
- /ss d - Deletes signshop you are looking at.
- /ss deposit amount - Adds item(s) from your inventory to the ss stock.
- /ss withdraw amount - Takes item(s) from your ss stock to your inventory.
- /ss b price - Sets the specified buy price at the ss you are looking at.
- /ss s price - Sets the specified sell price at the ss you are looking at.

Note: These commands are currently not active.

Spawn Bike

Need a way to get around a shop server? Use this command and ride around in style!

Command: /bike

Designed Shop Vault

Purchased item(s) that you’d like to transfer to a different server?

Command: /vault shop

Personal Warps

Setup your own ‘warp’ to allow others to visit your shop! Checkout below!

- /visit create - Creates a code where you are standing which you can share with others.
- /visit code - Teleports you to the created code.

Voting Commands



Important Notice

You can vote every 24 hours on each website.


Want to support our servers and at the sametime get booster(s) / Citrus?
When you do this command It will open a voting UI.

Command: /vote

Virtual Commands



Important Notice

Use our vaults feature at your own risk!
Do not place items inside the storage or on top of your vehicle.

If you do: You can only have a max of
4 lights, 20 display, 15 storage items on your vehicle.

For vehicle slots, it starts at


Want to store item(s) away and transfer them to another server or save them in general?

- /vaults - Prints out all available vaults.
- /vault name - Opens specified vault.

- /trash - Opens a virtual storage where you can place items you don’t want anymore.


Want to store your vehicle(s) away?

- /glist - Prints out all available garages.
- /gadd number - Adds specified vehicle to your garage.
- /gtake number - Spawns specified vehicle from your garage.
- /gdel number - Deletes specified vehicle from your garage.

Website Commands



Command Links

The following is commands which you can run to go to websites
Besides: /greward

- /website - Link to our website!
- /donate  - Link to our webstore!
- /rules - Link to our rules page on our website!
- /commands - Link to our commands page on our website!
- /workshop - Link to the workshop collection to subscribe to all our mods!

- /group - Link to our steam group!
- /greward  - Upon joining our steam group use this command it will give you Citrus!

Donor Commands




Explanations of some commands:

- /exit - Kicks you from the server.
- /refuel - Refuels your vehicle or all!
- /maxskills - Maxes out all your skills via one command!
- /heal - Heals yourself giving you 100% on your health, hunger, thirst etc.
- /v “vehicle Name” or vehicleID - Spawns yourself your very own non-blacklisted vehicle!

Credit to Mineplex for the formatting, etc.