PWC School Council November 14, 2019

Welcome and Introductions

Carla Roberts School Principal

Janet Bartlett Chairperson

Marilyn Faulkner Parent

Gordon Stokes Parent

Michelle Skanes Colton Parent

Christine Rideout Teacher rep

Keegan Pike Student representative

Janet is our new Chairperson

Review of meeting schedule for  the year

Review of last meeting minutes.  Gordon moved for acceptance of minutes and Michelle seconded the accepted  minutes.

Financial Update from Carla

School purchases.  The school has a prioritized list of items to be purchased that are important for the school.  The budgets are all set, and this year the school’s budget was reduced about $1100.  This is based on enrollment.  Since enrollment is down, this budget is lower.  We anticipate that in future years, enrollment will increase as will the budget.

Cafeteria services, international student plan, musical proceeds are monies in addition to instructional budgets.  Big purchases for this year include:

We have instructional budget to help with the LRC development.  

We are also on the docket for an overhaul of our heating/electrical system.  Heating will then be converted from oil to electric heat.  Assessments are in progress to make specifications available for this maintenance project.  Our windows are also a source of problems.  They are a source of heat loss and sometimes incredible heat.  Some of the work may be done during the school year, with some to be completed during breaks and summer vacation.  This is a project funded by the NLESD.

Principal’s Report

School activities are very busy.  Volleyball, basketball (won Carl George tournament), Hockey won 2 banners so far this year.  Indoor soccer tryouts are now happening.  Fundraising requests are being processed quickly.  The gym is always in use.  Unified sports with Special Olympics are still taking place at PWC on Mondays during lunch.  There have been some tournaments, and a basketball tournament is planned with Holy Heart.      

Rotary/Salvation Food drive was excellent.  40 students participated and others from Gonzaga also participated.  They filled the shelves with food.  It was our 26th year participating. Julia Halfyard is the coordinating teacher, along with other teacher support and cadet corps supported.

Social Justice, BTH, lunchtime videogames and games.  CDIA is also active, and students are paying $2 for international foods.  This is excellent pro  Best Buddies are still active and new members have joined.

Cap and Gown is happening on November 28th.  This year we have 150 students registered to attend.  This is the highest number of students ever attending.  We had a higher graduation rate, and even have had a few level IV students complete courses this fall to graduate.  Many awards to be presented, and there have been additional awards added overall.  

School awards for principals list, honours, etc will be made

School Spirits and christmas hampers will all be coming up in the coming weeks.  

First reports are coming tomorrow, and data analysis will be coming after.  Mid terms reports are critical point of the school year, especially since this is our first semester with semesterization. Parent teacher conferences will take place from 2-4 and 6-8 on November 21, 2019.    November 22 is our PL day to look at data and academic interventions.   School Development and action plans will be devised around this data.  

2 teachers completed PL on Hazing and spoke to staff about this.

Remembrance day ceremony was lovely. The singing legionnaires performed and were served soup/sandwiches

Student Council Report

We have been very busy.  Some improvements from last year.

Video highlighting clubs at the school was shown, and a slideshow

Welcome week included drama, dunk tank, bbq,

CSLC 4 students attended in Alberta. And 4 others attended pro=ovincial leadership conference in Clarenville.   In future other leadership groups may be offered opportunity

School clothing order was successful with 140 orders.  Grad clothing order will happen in spring.

Spirit week for halloween started with a blood drive.  20 students went over for this.  Costume contest was a mini-even during lunchtime with sound system and light show.  Student and teacher contests.  There were some excellent costumes.  Creepy Cav Cup was presented to winning teacher group!  The trophy was made by a parent and was excellent.

Building school spirit is a focus.

There was a coffee house this week at school was the Fall Fling.  Well done and was a nice event with an open mic.  Free admission.  Hot chocolate donated by tims and cookies for sale made by student council

1st pep rally will take place next week.

2nd annual Winter Carnival will take place in December 19th. Refreshments and activities will be available.

Spirit shop now has a tv and screen.  Slideshow to show announcements about events.  Also sharing on social media.  

A winter hat order has been approved and they will be for sale once received.

Students will help during parent-teacher conferences and cap and gown.  


New Business:

School Spirit/Positive Behaviour

Not all students and parents are aware of all the activities that are happening.  Student council has discussed a newsletter to promote activities.  This will be moved forward by students to admin to forward to all email contacts.  This might help families support school based activities.

Also about behaviour where RNC presented about the importance of technology, etc.    What programs are offered?  Vaping, presentations by activist groups.  Pink shirt day.  Sometimes new students need to find their interest groups, and this takes time.  School announcements announce everything.  Also information shared by social media (facebook, twitter, instagram).  Also communicated by school messenger.  

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 pm.