September 17, 2018

Zeeland West High School Cafeteria

3390 100th Avenue

6:00 PM



PRESENT:           Board of Education:    Todd Brennan, Linda Bush, Rick Dernberger, Tom DenHerder, Mark Snyder (6:20pm)

                            Administrators:    Cal De Kuiper, Lynn VanKampen, Jon Voss

ABSENT:             Board of Education:    April DeWitt, Ron Scott

GUESTS:             Brandi-Lyn Mendham, Peter Rogovich


I.           CALL TO ORDER:                                                                                 Rick Dernberger            

A.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                                                           Cal De Kuiper


The Board recognized two Zeeland East seniors that attended Girls State in Lansing over the summer:  Leah Heneveld and Isabelle McIntyre.   Mary Kraai introduced the  students, and let them speak to the board on their experience.

Also recognized was Elijah VanOrder, ZE senior, who attended Boys State - Bonnie Schuitema introduced Elijah, and he also spoke to the board about his experience.


The Board recognized Creekside 6th grader, Anika Fuller, winner of the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Poster Contest.  - Bonnie Schuitema introduced Anika and Cal presented her with her certificate of recognition.

C.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:                                           




  1.  Move October Board of Education meeting to Cityside Middle School to allow construction tours.
  2. Move November 19 Board of Education meeting to November 12 to avoid the two day Thanksgiving week.
  3. Move December 17 Board of Education meeting to December 10 due to Holiday season student activities.




        Added to the Consent Agenda - Josh Glerum, East Athletic Director Contract.

        Jon Voss introduced new Roosevelt Princpal, Peter Rogovich, to the board.




A.          Minutes of the August 20, 2018 regular board meeting will be presented for approval.


B.   Approval of bills paid as of August 2018.  Checks #125747-125979


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:              $1,116,531.89

PAYROLL:                                  $3,047,245.42

TOTAL:                                   $4,163,777.31

C.        New Teacher Approval

Anna Machiela (GVSU/MSU)        Shared Time Spanish                MA+30        .33 FTE

D.        Appoint ZPS parent Heather Martin to the OAISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), pending OAISD Board action.

E.         Administrative Contract      Josh Glerum    ZE Athletic Director                 1.0 FTE

Tom DenHerder moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.


VOTE: All yes (5)

V.             DISCUSSION

        A.    M-Step 2018 Results -  Dr. Brandi Mendham

Dr. Mendham will update the Board of Education regarding M-Step and SAT results from spring 2018 testing.  These results were just released by the State of Michigan on August 29.  

B.   2015 Bond - Cityside and West HS Additions and Renovations - Lynn VanKampen

reviewed projects completed and gave an update of current projects and anticipated completion dates.  

C.   Building & Site Sinking Fund  - This millage expires 2022-23 and will require a renewal to be available in 2023-24.


D.   ZEA Contract Merit Pay Policy - Jon Voss discussed laws governing merit pay requirements in the State of Michigan.  ZPS, along with the ZEA leaders crafted this first-reading policy that meets all requirements.  Discussion held for possible action in October.

E.   Enhancement Millage Factual Information - Cal DeKuiper reviewed the facts regarding the enhancement millage that was created by the ISD, and properly vetted through Thrun Law.  MASB Do's & Don'ts Election Info is provided as a reminder.


VI.           ACTION:


Tom DenHerder  moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to select four voting delegates Rick Dernberger, April DeWitt, Tom DenHerder and Mark Snyder, and three alternate voting delegates Linda Bush, Todd Brennan and Ron Scott to represent the Zeeland Public Schools Board of Education at the 2018 MASB Delegate Assembly on November 1, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at the Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids.


VOTE: All Yes (5)




A.          Zeeland Education Foundation update by Tom DenHerder. Donor board dedication  is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25 and the Annual Fowl Play dinner is October 25 at Yacht Basin Marina.

B.        Enrollment Update



 The regular meeting of September 17, 2018 adjourned at 7:09 P.M.