Thank you to all of our donors! Everyone who donates to the Agriculture Park project will be recognized on the donor wall inside the MU Health Care Pavilion.

*Founding Donors

Please contact to make changes to your listing or for questions.

$250,000 or more

City of Columbia Parks and Recreation*

Land and Water Conservation Fund*

MU Health Care*

$100,000 or more

Beacon of Hope Foundation*

Boone County Community Trust*

Missouri Foundation for Health*

Partners for Places*

Stafford Family Charitable Trust*

$50,000 or more

3M Foundation*

Anonymous Donors*

Convention and Visitors Bureau*

David A. Fleming Charitable Foundation*

Fred V. and Dorothy H. Heinkel Charitable Foundation*

Landrum Family*

Paul and Kathleen Matecki

Adriana and Tim McGarity Family*

MFA Foundation*

Rotary Clubs of Columbia*

Tiger Pediatrics*

$25,000 or more

Boone County Health Fund

Central Bank of Boone County*

Centric Heart and Vascular*

Jeff Chinn and Nan Presser*

Megan and Kevin Clary*

Commerce Bank*

Bob Churchill

Lisa Guillory and Tim O'Connor*

Landmark Bank*

David Leuthold*

Joe and Leslie Meyer*

MFA Incorporated*

MFA Oil Company*

National Association of Conservation Districts*

Robbie and Ali Price*

Linda Randall and Gerald Hazelbauer*

Vicki Russell and Hank Waters*

Shelter Insurance*

Charles and Jan Swaney*

USDA: Local Food Promotions Program*

Veterans United Foundation

$10,000 or more

Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation

American Family Insurance*

David and Nancy Bedan*

Gordon and Kathleen Brown*

Luke and Barbara Buffaloe*

Tootie and Richard Burns*

Burpee Foundation, Inc.

Anne Fitzsimmons*

Susan Flader*

GBH Builders LLC*

Barbara Gruner*

Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Boonville*

Richard and Patty King*

William and Bridgid Kinney*

Golden K Kiwanis*

Bill McWilliams*

David and Ann Mehr*

Missouri Credit Union Members

Missouri Credit Union Volunteers

Missouri Employers Mutual

Cynthia Morrison and Joseph Ganz

Elizabeth Peters

Venkataraman Ramachandran and Anuradha Rajagopalan*

Phil Schoo and Nancy Fuchs

Eric Staley and Judith Heartsong*

Sally Silvers*

Michael Trendle*

Robert Weagley and Carol Brock*

Jan Weaver and Jim Carrel*

Karla Williams*

Kell and Nancy Yang*

$5,000 or more

Rob Bartel and Elaine Martin*

Ray and Dee Beck*

Lee and David Black

Donna Checkett and Chris Teeter

Edward and Judith Chmielewski*

Douglas Drown

Michael and Emy Friedman*

Lawrence Ganong and Marilyn Coleman

Don and Sharon Ginsburg*

Scarlett, Sloane, Jenny, and Aaron Gray

Kee and Diana Groshong*

Pat Jones*

Aaron and Nikki Krawitz*

Main Squeeze

Missouri Credit Union Staff

Missouri Department of Agriculture

Moore and Shryock - Real Estate Appraisers*

Marjo and Al Price*

Frank Maranti*

Lynn Rossy and Bud Murphey*

Julia and Joe Parcell

Kenneth and Edith Pigg*

Jerry and Judy Schermer*

Ed and Carmel Skrabal

Stanton Brothers- Dustin and Austin Stanton*

Judy and Jim Starr*

The Salad Garden -  Dan Kuebler and Diane La Mar*

Jack and Kay Wax*

Vicky Riback Wilson*

Harriet and William Yelon

$1,000 or more

Altai Meadows- Jeff and Augie Cook*

Pam Anderson

Mark and Mary Becker*

Wilson and Jan Beckett *

Jeff and Sandy Belden*

Blade Runner Sharpening, LLC, Corby Roberts, Kathryn Oberg-Roberts, Nathan and Preston Roberts

Bleu Events

Blue Fox Farm-Alan Helland and Megan Fox*

Diane Booth and Jeanne Sebaugh*

Rachel Brekhus*

Steve and Donna Brooks

C&J Baked Goods, Barb, Denny, & Jeannie Nobis*

Nancy and Coley Burton*

Michael and Lottie Bushmann*

Stephen and Iris Calloway*

Andrea Griffin Campbell

William Cass and Susan Nagel*

Chip and Jane Cooper*

Linda Cupp and Bill Bondeson*

Nancy and Paul Daniel

Victoria Day and Saxon Brown*

Digital Data Systems

Bernadette Dryden*

Jon and Carla Dyer*

Tom and Kathy Edes

Jim Elliott*

Joe Engeln*

Carolyn Ezzell*

Ava Fajen and J. Scott Christianson

Belinda R. Fender

Martha and Bill Folk*

Kristin, Sean, Gillian, Tanith Frazier*

Joanne Fulton

Jack Gardiner and Cortney Daniels

Betsy Garrett

Beverly Giangiacomo*

Gieringer Produce- Herman and Jeanette Gieringer*

Nicholas O. Hahn*

Hampton's Hilltop Orchard - Mike and Julie Morgan*

Happy Hollow Farm- Liz and Katie Graznak*

Phil and Jan Harrison*

Christopher and Alisa Hayes*

Mary Hendrickson and John Emery*

Orlando Heredia and Sarah Sandkuhl*

Darwin and Axie Hindman*

Haskell and Susan Hinnant*

In Honor of David Horner and Frank Graham, Boone County Commissioners

Barbara Hoppe and Mike Sleadd*

In Memory of Jordan E. Hoyt

Caitlin Hubbs*

Katharine C. Hunvald

Impact Signs, Awnings, Wraps, Inc.

Anne and Robert Jacobson*

Trey and Melissa James*

Sarah C. Kalser

Bob and Chris Kaplan*

David, Crystal, Nova, and Oren Kaplan*

Steve and Mari Ann Keithahn*

Nancy Kellstrom*

Cheryl Kelly

Ryan King

Matthew Knowlton and Kathy Doisy*

Cleo Kottwitz and Judy Parsons*

Pete and Christine Koukola*

Karl Kruse and Ilalyn Irwin*

Alex and Robin LaBrunerie*

Lea and Dennis Langdon

Ken and Lynnette Logsdon*

Lone Cottonwood Farm-Steve Moeller *

Jill Lucht and Bill McKelvey*

Missouri Legacy Beef - Mark and Susie Mahnken*

Michelle Mathews, Ava and Elena Tucker

Mike Matthes*

McAdams' Ltd*

Richard and Denice Mendenhall

Mighty Acorn Farm - John Corn and Sandy Gummersheimer*

Wilna Morgan*

Orscheln Industries Foundation*

Abby and Jim Owen

Bill Parks and Sheila Greenberg *

Stephen and Sally Phillips*

James and Karen Pitt

Billy Polansky and Carrie Hargrove*

Providence Bank

Sallee Purcell and John Murray*

Restoration Farms- Patrick Cox and Josh Burrell*

The Lawn Company - Jeff and Jeff II Zimmerschied

Tom Richards and Melissa Lawson

Dave and Jen Ries

Adam Saunders and Adrienne Stolwyk*

Andrew and Laurie Saunders*

Troy and Nicky Scheidt*

Sellmeyer Farm – Greg and Tammy Sellmeyer*

Dennis Sentilles*

Leslie and Albert Shaw*

Dogwood Solar – Shifley Family*

Kyle and JoAnn Shull*

Simon Oswald Architecture*

Slow Food Katy Trail*

Corrina and Joshua Smith*

George Smith and Margie Sable

Jonathan, Ella, Mara, and Mendon Speichinger-Crisp

Anna, Ben and James Stewart*

Roger and Cherise Still*

Strope Farm LLC - Bill Strope*

Sullivan's Berries- Roger Sullivan*

Sunny Acres Farm- Robert and Helen Teerlinck and Bart and Leanne Spurling and family*

Janet Thompson*

Bonnie Trickey and Larry Gideon*

Uprise Bakery*

Trygve L. Veum

Skip and Kathy Walther*

George and Helen Washburn


Theodore Willmore*

Dennis and Ruth Wright

John Wright*

Jenny Young and Dave Angle*

Mark and Jo Zacher*

Greg and Amy Zguta*

$1 - $999

Abigail Anderson*

David and Elizabeth Anderson*

In honor of Dave Angle

Veronica Anthony

Adrienne Arden

Ellen Atkins

Helen and Patrick Atkinson*

Eric and Val Bader

Mark Baltzer and Cheryl-Ann Hardy

Amy Bantz*

Sarah Bantz

Barred Owl Butcher & Table

J. Boot Barrow

Donald and Joan Bay

Andrew Beckerle*

Lisa and Sam Bennett*

Philip Bien

William and Jane Biers*

Richard and Fay Binschus

Bledsoe Farms - Ron and Vicki Bledsoe*

Bleu Events

Drs. Lucas and Katie Blount*

Eric and Amber Blumberg

Robert Bock

Marybeth A. Bohn

Carol Boorady and Jan Eddy*

David Borgelt*

Jenny Bossaller

Boys from Chamois– Alex and Ben Paulsmeyer*

Erica Brewer*

The Briceno Family

James and Vicki Brocksmith

Michael Burden

Nancy Burdick*

Spencer and Lilli Burnham

Greg Busacker*

Elisha Butnick Michael Forte*

Virginia Bzdek*

Michael and Nita Callahan

Dorothy Canote*

Elizabeth Chang and Peter Stiepleman*

Kari Chesney*

Jane Church

John and Linda Coats

Mary and Reid Coffield*

Laura and James Cole*

Columbia Grown

The Cooper Family

Ramona Corrier*

Lisa, Jacob, and Jaxon Cottrell

Country Goodies- Robert and Delphine Stuermann*

Chad Courtney*

Kevin Craig

Nikki Crowell-Taynton*

In Memory of Jim and Jennie Cummings - Mountain View, MO

Jerry and Naomi Cupp*

Danamay Farm

Mallory Daily*

Tom and Cheri Darrough*

Martina Davidson

Caitlyn Davis*

Curt and Karen Davis

Zandra De Araujo and Daniel Neiswanger

Julie Deering

Vince and Beth Demarco

Diana Denman

Hoyt DeVane

Chris and Ashley Dohm

Dee Dokken*

Robert Doljanac and Karen Schnatterly

Meredith and Joseph Donaldson

Amy Dove and Karsten Ewald*

Mary Kaye, Gregory G., Ted, and Geoff Doyle

Adam and Beth Dube'*

Susan and David Dunkin*

Marilee "Cricket" Dunn*

In memory of Abbie Elaine Duysen*

Colin Dwyer Hardwick *

Patrick Earney*

Dan Edidin and Tanya Christiansen*

Ann Edwards*

Chester Edwards

In honor of Vonda K. Edwards*

Shelda Eggers*

Becky Elder

Richard & Becky Erdel

Susannah Erwin and Matthew Shannon

Barbara Fairman

Roy and Kate Finley*

Bette and Randy Fletcher*

Nick Foster and Candace Kuby*

Amelia Frank*

Susan Frankel

Fretboard Coffee- David Elman*

Friends of Hallie Thompson

Alex Gale*

Jamie Gale*

Candace Galen

Allie Gassman*

Daniel Gerardo*

Kevin and Whitney Gibbens*

Anne O. Gifford

The Gillispie-Haglund Family

Mark and Kari Gingrich*

Goatsbeard Farm- Jen and Ken Muno*

Michael and Julie Gold

Michelle Golden*

good food co.-Jill Rostine*

Seth Gordon*

Patricia A. Gore

Govero Family*

Jill and Steve Graham

Will and Beverly Green

Carl Greeson

Graycie A. Gregory

Justin Gregory and Beth Thompson

Ted Groshong

Elizabeth Gwynn*

Les and Jerilyn Hahn

Tony and Jennifer Hall

Halo Farms - Jake Fowler*

Drew and Shari Hamilton*

Janet Hammen

Benjamin Hamrah, Peachtree Catering

Casey, Cormac, and Tim Hanson*

Janet Harcourt*

Tim and Linda Harlan*

Robert and Joan Harris*

Mat and Liz Harrison*

Judy and Bill Harper

Susan Heinsz

Joanne Heisler*

Hemme Brothers Creamery*

Kay K. Henderson

Puncky Heppner

In Loving Memory of Mary Ruth Herbers

Mary Herde*

Conner Hernandez, Natasha Hernandez, and Felicity Harding

Mark and Edith Hickman*

Amanda Hinnant*

Darryl Hodrick

Wendy and Steve Hofmann*

Michael and Kalei Holder

Cathy Holle

Honey Creek Farm– Dan and Laura Pugh*

Honeysuckle Acres - Renee and Nick Kauffman*

Daniel Hooley

Rob and Abbey Hunt*

Christina Ingoglia*

Isbell Valley Quality Produce- William and Mary Stokes*

Elaine Janes*

Stephen H. Johnson and Megan L. Hannan

Don Jourdan

Tory Kassabaum and Tony Meyer

The Katz Family

John Kauffman and Catherine Doyle

Karen Kaupanger

Kea International- Ot and Karen TaKea*

Joe, Allison, Elijah, and Hana Kellenberger

Jay Kelly

Veronica (Avi) Kloeppel*

Knapp-Weber Family*

Peter Kobe and Ann Flannery*

John and Aline Kultgen

Wilbur F. Lage, Lage Farms LLC

Kevin and Carol Langford*

Dean Lasseter

Judith LeFevre

Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM - West Plains, MO

Les Bourgeois Vineyards

Kay and Larry Libbus

The Lingo-Nashan Family*

Sarah Linsenmeyer*

Logboat Brewing Company

Kathy and Don Love*

LP Urban Farms-Seth Allen*

Luke and Kathryn Lucas and Family

Julie Macy and Kevin Renfro

Katie Madden*

Logan Malach*

Mandy Manderino*

Dottie Mathews and Rosann Geiser

In Memory of WM Harold Martin

The Massey Clan

Vera Massey

Dana Mazuru*

Laura McCann*

Mike, Lori, Levi, Maia McCurdy

Katy and Todd McDonald*

Pete and Pat McDonald

Paula McFarling

The McGrath Family - Mountain View, MO

Nick and Mary McNutt*

W. Arthur and Sheryl Mehrhoff*

Jack and Terry Meinzenbach*

Santos Melendez and Clara Sauri*

Richard and Jennifer Mellitt

Margaret and Mark Milanick*

Gary and Anne Miller*

Karen M. Miller and David Brown*

Scott Miniea*

Minnick Surveying, LLC

Gary and Ann Minnick

Tony Minnick

Missouri Highland Farm - Mary Brauch*

Daryl Moen*

Katie Molitor and Luke Dietterle

Manitou Farm-Marcus and Pamela Monroe*

Lebo Moore*

Georgia Morehouse

Joan and Stephen Mudrick*

Charles Munter and Claire Syler*

Krista Murray-Salisbury*

Noah Myers*

Rob and Amy Myers

Victor and Nancy Myers*

Native Blossoms and Wild Edibles- Abby Schultz*

Gary and Leslie Naugle*

Joan and Bernie Naumann*

Marcia Nelson*

Russel Newton

Niobrara Naturals– Sarah Pelc*

Shannyn North Yalaoui*

Osage Group Sierra Club*

Oscar Jays Gourmet Pies - Oscar Wilcox*

John Padgett*

Tim and Lynn Parshall*

Sonal Patil

Carole Patterson*

Sarah Peacock*

Jacque Pepper and Ralph Walker*

Sarah Perry and Beth Perrin*

Sam Phillips

Bruce Polansky*

Pomerenke Provisions LLC*

Brian Powell

Branca Maria Prentiss*

Mark and Carmen Price

In Memory of Harmon Pulcinella

Joseph Quinn

Kathy and Jim Rabadan*

Nicholas Rackers*

Raine/Harrison Wedding*

Diana Ranly

Random Acts

Joel and Nancy Ray

Michelle Reeves, Forever in our Hearts - the Rohrer Family

Kristi Ressel*

James and Kathy Ritter*

Susan Roberts

Carol Rogers*

Sharmini and Marvin Rogers*

Ann Roland, Lance Phillips and Elaine Phillips*

Theo Rosbach*

Scott Rowson*

Angela Royal and Kurt Romeiser

Candace and Joseph Sall*

Chris and Cathy Salter*

Sandy Creek Farm– Randy and Ronda Thiessen*

Mike and Laura Schemel*

Lisa and David Schenker*

Don and Sally Schilling*

In Memory of Paul and Liz Schmidt

Steven Schnarr and Melanie Cheney

Ken and Sharon Schneeberger*

Henry D. Schneider

Leslie and Tom Schneider*

Carol Schreiber*

Jenny Sennott and Wayne Pfeffer*

Senza Gluten-Free Foods - Mary Manulik*

Teresa and Jeffery Shaffer

Tariq, Audrey and Isabella Shah*

Nick and Elizabeth Shapiro*

Share-Life Farms - Jim and Rosemarie Thomas*

Jonathan Shirshekan

Show-me Farms - Brian Mayse*

Sim Garden – Sim and Jim Hildebrand*

Annabelle Simmons

Carole Simon

Karl and Mahree Skala*

Colleen and Randy Smith*

Jon and Cathy Smith - Mountain View, MO

Daniel and Sally Soetaert*

Andrew and Jenna Sommer

Steven and Jessica Spellman*

Audrey Spieler

Gary Stangler

Chris and Mary Starbuck*

Julie Staveley-O'Carrol*

Michael and Cheryl Steffan

David and Carolyn Steinmetz*

Stem to Table LLC

Carol Stoddart*

Esther and Michael Stroh*

Carolyn Sullivan and Elisa Glick*

Sullivan Farms - Bill and Brittany Sullivan*

SunRise Gardens LLC

Susie's Grass Fed Lamb - Susan Everhart*

SunRise Gardens LLC

Sustain Mizzou

Courtney Swisher and Mary Sandbothe*

Thomas Taylor

Jim and Catey Terry

The Backyard Farmer-Nou Lee*

The Grow Bros Natural Farmers– Shaw Family*

The Sage Garden -Erica and Brandt Parker*

The Veggie Patch- Jim and Paula Thies*

Thoenen Produce - Randy, Jared, and Noah Thoenen

Thompson Farms - Mountain View, MO

Hallie Thompson*

Herbart and Sue Tillema*

Alice Tipton

Peggy Todd*

Tracy Toler*

Marzena Tomicki*

Karen Touzeau

Annette Triplett

Dennis and Carlynn Trout*

Caitlin Trowbridge*

Andrew C. Twaddle and Sarah A. Wolcott*

Tyler Family Trust

Uzbek Breads - Matlyuba and Anvarjon Saliahunova*

The Van Holzer Family

Dale and Janet Vaslow*

Victory Gardeners - Laura Flacks-Narrol*

Dale and Shelley Wagner*

Bill Watkins

Pamela Norum Weagley

Robert Wefenstette

Tricia Wegner

Mary and Steve Weinstein

Blake and Patricia Weisenfelder

Stephen and Kathy Welsh*

In Loving Memory of my best friend, Daniel J. Wertzberger

Wild Folk Learning Community

Martin and Barbara Wills

Christine Wilson and Mary Bixby*

Rose Winkel*

Miz Trish Woolbright and Cameron Gramarye

Lizzie Wright and Jesse Higginbotham*

Wine for Humanity

Yoeun Yin Grower-Yoeun Yin*

Fred Young*

Autumn Young*

Fiona Young

Bonnie and R.S. Youngquist*

Kenneth Zadel*

Steven Zweig