Math Plus Tutors


For Children

Learn Math concepts (numeracy, money math, telling time, fractions, measurements, geometry, data management, probability and algebra)

Apply these concepts in an interactive, fun, and game based setting.


Children ages 6-13      

Primary - Junior -Intermediate

Fees: $140 per participant for March Break


March Break

Mon - Thurs, 12:30 - 3:30

3 hours/session

Camp Math Rocks is a miniature version of our “Math Plus Junior” and “High School Prep” programs for math. Led by one of our teachers who have long and diverse experience teaching math in a fun and engaging way. It is a group based environment where children get to learn together, work on group projects, use concrete materials,  and compete with each other as well!


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Registration deadline 

March 4, 2019

Call: 519-542-1999