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World History/ 9th grade


Liam James


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Course Description

        This course fulfills the graduation requirement for history and is a prerequisite for all major universities. The focus of this two-semester course is on the major turning points in World History from 1700 to the present. Students will learn important social study skills, the importance of citizenship, and make personal connections to history.

Course Expectations and Assessments

        There will be three units per marking period, with each MP ending with a Benchmark assessment. After the pre-assessment, each benchmark will count as an additional test grade.


Unit 1 Test

Unit 2 Test

French Revolution Scavenger Hunt

Unit 3 Test

Industrial Revolution DBQ Essay

MP1 Benchmark


Unit 4 Test

Unit 5 Test

Unit 6 Test

Interwar Years Scavenger Hunt

MP2 Benchmark


Unit 7 Test

Unit 8 Test

WWII Scavenger Hunt

Unit 9 Test

Cold War DBQ Essay

MP3 Benchmark


Unit 10 Test

Unit 11 Test

Modern Challenge Media Project

End of Year Benchmark

Course Policies 

        Students are permitted to retake/revise primary or benchmark assessments before the next upcoming primary assessment is given. In order to be eligible for a retake, the student must complete of all homework in that unit.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        Students are welcome before or after school for help. Students must plan accordingly if anyone needs help during school.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences