Appreciation Jason

In Nineteen Seventy Three, my parents welcomed me

I came from Coquitlam, A BC Boy is what I am

Kelowna was my home for a stretch, now I live in Saanich

I have many hats to wear, countless stories I can share

If I asked, Abe would tell: You are loved. All is well.

I am Jason, Tyler too, this Guest became jatygu

Athena, Odessa and Logan Guest are my kids and they’re the best!

The most important name of another is an angel named Susan, she’s my mother

Many names could fill this page but I've decided, at this age

To fill my heart's aching gap with a poem that’s a map

Of where I am and where I've been, of milestones I've seen

It's also nice to know I can use this poem as my plan

To list the things I want to do, to write down where I'm heading to

To stop and take an inventory of my life and tell my story

Sometimes I have fun pretending, picturing my life at the ending

What kind of person will I be? What will people say about me?

This is where the questions end, time is a precious thing to spend

So What Do I Want? is a great thing to ask, the remaining verses I devote to this task

Feeling the freedom I felt as a boy and, above all, living in joy

Joy is a feeling most terrific, now I'm going to get specific

Owning a home and a fancy car, traveling to places near and far

Enjoying many of the common things that money, old age, and wisdom brings

I hold the power, influence and wealth, first and foremost is my health

Love is always a good place to start, loving with my head and heart

Being a sailor on life’s ocean, I navigate with my emotions

I’m always reaching for relief. Life is about fun! That’s my belief.

With friends and family, I’m getting along, all over the planet they're playing my song

I want to live to be 80 years old, I want grandchildren to hold

But that is 40 years away, I want another 40 to play!

40 minutes per day I sit to meditate, on my 40 hectares sits my estate

Inventing 40 wonderful things, making 40 musical recordings

40 streams of income, 40 funky bars, p­ickin' my 40 acoustic guitars!

$40,000 for each kid, a Top 40 song, that's something I did

40 great friends and 40 I-Love-You’s, getting 40 rad tattoos!

Drinking 40 glasses of water each week, 40 vacations, that's what I seek

Making love 40 times a month is OK, I already imagine it 40 times a day!

40 times a day, sharing my smile, my 40-foot yacht, I travel in style

Starting each day with 40 jumping jacks, 40 minutes of silence is how I relax

40 deep breaths every waking hour, 40 sit-ups before I shower

Cycling 40 kilometers each week is my favorite way of staying sleek

Failing 40 times, getting stuck in 40 ruts, 40 daily belly laughs deep from my gut!

40 ways to live, 40 ways to see, 40 people I forgive and that’s including me

Helping 40 people, improving their lives, taking 40 luxury vehicle test drives

Hosting 40 gargantuan parties and then 40 more with 40 old farties!

Celebrating 40 small victories each day, employing 40 people, I give them good pay

Learning about 40 world religions, alone in a park feeding 40 pigeons

40 plates of fresh foreign food, 40 times per day showing gratitude

40 extreme adventure sports, chillaxing at 40 of the finest resorts

Having 40 mentors, attending 40 workshops, climbing the 40 highest mountain tops

Writing 40 life lessons I've learned, donating to 40 charities the money I've earned

Reading 40 classics in my 40-room place, 40 positive aspects of the human race

­­I shared some verses with Father Rob, turns out he can be a snob

His response was rather grim, many times I cursed him!

This is my greatest work of all,  how dare he accuse me of playing small?

I expected accolades, surprised to read the remarks he made

Read them two times, three times, four, what kind of fucking mentor?

That son of a bitch, he lit a fire, reminding me of past desires

I had many, then crashed and burned, to that place I’ve yet to return

But he sees just my exterior, my spirit is now superior

Many years before the oath, I began my journey of personal growth

All my suffering and all my strife, strangely, has enriched my life

Heightened love and intuition, a broader view of the human condition

Friends and lovers, I have found, resonate with my unique sound

All my dreams I wrote above are meaningless without self-love

And self-appreciation, I appreciate being Jason!

I bless the contrast, welcome it, just see if you can make me quit

Even once my body's destroyed, I'll live on forever, overjoyed!

The Appreciation Jason portal, my soul is infinite and immortal

Yet sometimes my earthly body is weak, sometimes I have no words to speak

Sometimes Carlo speaks for me and sometimes Mary Jane helps me see

Many help me along the way,  I give and receive help everyday

I'm Jazzy Jason, simple and free, the man in the mirror blows kisses to me

I'm coachable and I'm trainable, my happiness sustainable

Physically fit, young and active, irresistibly attractive!

So thank you, Rob, you blessed curse, for you inspired another verse!

Thank you for the funeral invitation, I am here to speak of Jason

Yes, he left a remarkable legacy but that's not what inspired me

When I sat down to write this letter, I thought about his character

I'm the one who knew him best, these words describe Jason Tyler Guest:

Being the most loving of lovers, always speaking highly of others

For his life, he took responsibility, by his choice, he lived minimally

In many ways, this man was gifted, in his presence you felt uplifted

Jason loved The Serenity Prayer, this kind of special friend is rare

I learned to be thankful, thanks to Jason, he was filled with appreciation

He did not look at you and judge, he would not hold a grudge

Jason didn't sweat the small stuff or make excuses when life got tough

He'd often pay you a compliment, he was absorbed in the present

Jason's charm was hard to resist, so positive, an optimist

A treasure of our community, known for his philanthropy

Hearts and voices sang along when Jason sang his song

It's nice he traveled around the globe and inward journeys he did probe

A vast inheritance from his will, he knew the importance of being still

He took good care of his body and mind, to all creatures he was kind

Remembered with love and admiration is Appreciation Jason :-)

Jason Tyler Guest - 2013