Language Arts


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First day assignments

Positive Behavior Matrix

Back to School extra info for parents: LA8
An ELA video of the slides shown on BTSN)

1. LA greensheet (course description)

2. Literary Terms to study

3. Grammar #1: Kinds of sentences and parts of sentences

4. Proofreading #1

5. Proofreading #1.1 (common problems)

6. "The Lie" active reading sheet

7. Vocabulary List #1

8. Vocabulary sentence format (and context clue help)


Lots of files will be added over time.

Back to School extra info for parents: Drama

(A Drama video of the slides from BTSN)

1. Drama Greensheet (course description)

2. Joke Telling Scoring Tool

3. One Minute Skit directions

--One Minute Skit Scoring Tool

4. Drama Vocabulary to study