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[NEC21]: Instructions to Registrants
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Welcome to NEC21

Updated: Sept 9, 2021.

If you require further clarifications or help, please ask in our Discord server. Channel: #nec21-help

Thank you for registering for NEC21. We are really looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing in your hard work over the past years.

To attend the conference, please go to this Zoom Link on Sept 13, 2021 at 13.15hrs.

This is the cheat method and will only work for 90 mins, until 14.45hrs. We recommend you to try the ‘non-cheat Method’ instead and as soon as possible. Read on...

=========   The non-cheat Method   =========

Our digital conference venue will be hosted by Gather Town. You access it via a browser (i.e., Chrome or Firefox). All events should be accessed by visiting the digital locations within the venue and interact (press ‘x’) with the telephone icon. This will connect you to the right Zoom room, at the right time.

[1] There is a calendar in Gather with all ongoing events.

[2] Selecting the event will give you the option to teleport directly to where you will find the relevant Zoom icons to access the event.

You can also access these venues via our public Google calendar, which you can also find in our program, that lists all the events of NEC21 and ‘where’ they will take place.

This is a link to basic instructions for using Gather Town. We have also provided some help areas where you can find volunteers to assist you. Use WASD, to move up/left/down/right.

If you are ever stuck, go to Settings>User>Actions>Respawn

The following provides more details on the different events that will take place during NEC21.

Overview of our Digital Conference Venue

Workshops & Tutorials (Link)

All workshop and tutorials will take place on 11 and 12 September 2021.

You should have already received an email to participate in themby registering via this link:

They will take place in the poster halls, north of the meeting foyer.

Posters (Link to Presentations)

All posters are featured in the halls, north of the meeting foyer. There are six halls (A-F).

Presenters of the poster can be expected to be in their respective halls according to the IDs that are in front of their titles.

Even IDs (e.g., A10, B18...E22): 13 Sept (19.00hrs; CEST) and 15 Sept (13.00 hrs ; CEST)

Odd IDs (e.g., A9, B17...E21): 14 Sept (13.00hrs; CEST) and 16 Sept (13.00hrs; CEST)

Posters contain submitted research, submissions to the Grand Challenge, and profiles of Neurotech Startups. There are TVs that play video talks when you interact with them.

Also, check out our sponsor booths for the latest in research technology!

Talks (Link to Presentations)

There are two lecture halls for the 32 submitted talks, lecture halls West and East. They can be accessed by walking to the left (West) or right (East) from the meeting foyer or the beach.

Each talk session will consist of 4 talks, followed by a combined Q&A.

Lecture Hall West: Quick Link 

Lecture Hall East: Quick Link

Fireside Chats (Link)

We will feature five fireside chats between industry insiders and a neuroergonomics researcher. The objective is to informally introduce the challenges and opportunities faced in these sectors that often demand high performance, safety and user satisfaction.

Plenary Sessions (e.g., Keynotes, Showcases, Invited Talks, Panels)

All plenary sessions will take place on the beach.

We will host four keynotes, five plenary sessions on Hot Topics, two panel discussions, a neurotech startup showcase, and a grand challenge showcase,

It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

Social Events

There will be an organized social event every day from Sept 12 to 15. There are also rooms in the meeting foyer that have been labeled for hot topics. Feel free to organize your own social events. For example, a shoutout in the chat to everyone.

Easter Egg Hunt (Sept 12 onwards)

Clues are distributed throughout our conference venue. The first clue will be revealed via email on Sept 12, which will lead you to the next clue, so on and so forth. The end-location will provide an email address. There will be a fun prize to the first five emails that received at this address. Organized by Hannah Kunde (TU Munich)

Speed Dating (Sept 13, 19.00 hrs CEST)

A speed dating session will be held in the Lounge. Switch conversation partners every 5 minutes and have a conversation according to the prompts provided in the screen-share. Prizes in this session are the friendships that you will have to treasure for the rest of your lives. Hosted by Adrian Curtin, Drexel University

Neuroergonomics Bingo (Sept 14, 19.00 hrs CEST)

We will host a Neuroergonomics Bingo after the Fireside Chat on Sept 14, 19.00hrs (CEST) in the Lounge. Complete a virtual line on a digital bingo card and win a real prize!
Hosted by John Butler, TU Dublin

Open Mic Night (Sept 15, 19.00 hrs CEST)

Sick of doing a PhD? Reckon you’d fare better as a stand up comic? Turn up at our Lounge with your best/worst joke(s) and take the mic. Just be forewarned, the pandemic has given birth to lots of new dads. Hosted by Lewis Chuang, LMU Munich