Private Lesson with Piranha Coaches at the Salem Community Center

Private Lesson Information

  1. Lessons are 30 minute in length
  2. All prices include pool use fees which are assessed by the SCC to us for use of their facility and swim insurance.
  3. Lessons must be paid in full for the month before starting lessons.

Payment Policies:

Private Lessons

1. Pool Use Fee:

a. First Time Clients: A $29 fee will be required by debit or credit card through our Team Unify (TU) management site. This is for your first lane rental and swim insurance. The swim insurance is annually. This pool use fee is paid when you sign up for swim lessons through TU. (SEE BELOW)

b. Swim Team Clients: You will be billed for lessons used during that month at $9 per lesson onto your Team Unify account. Your credit or debit card will be automatically processed on the first of the month AFTER your lessons.

2. Instructor fee: CASH ONLY. $80 up front prior to the first lesson each month, ($20.00 per lesson)

Cancellation Policy:

Due to lane rental requirements by the SCC, the following policy will be in effect for cancellations:

1. Lessons cancelled prior to 24 hours of the lesson will be rescheduled with no  penalty to the client.


2. Lessons cancelled the day of the lesson or are a no call no show: lane rental deposit and instructor time will be assessed.

3. Lessons cancelled due to instructor illness or inclement weather will be rescheduled with no penalty to the client.

4. Instructor reserves the right to terminate future lessons with a client if more than 3 ‘no‐call, no‐shows’ or 3 “day of”cancellations occur, or for non-payment.

Booking Instructions:

1. To book a lesson with a Piranha Instructor, please email coaches@piranhaaquatics.com with information on your child’s swimming ability. Example: Johnny is 7 years old, can put his face under the water but is scared to go in the deep end.

2. A Piranha Aquatics board member or instructor will reply with all the information needed to schedule lessons. We have multiple coaches that teach private lessons. Based on their availability, we will get you in touch with one of our instructors.

3. All lessons are to be scheduled by the client and the instructor and are first-come, first-served.

Pool Use Payment Instructions

1. If you are already in the Team Unify system, you don’t need to register for this service.

2. If you are not already in the Team Unify system you must register. (Link Below)

A. The system will charge you $29 when you register for lessons.

( $20 for swim insurance and $9 lane rental fee for 1st lesson)

3. You will be billed each month for your pool time and the money will automatically be deducted from your credit card or debit card on the first of each month. You will receive an e-mail before this happens so you know the amount.

4. You are still to pay instructors cash for the lessons they teach.

Register to pay your pool use fees click HERE

Our Mission: To employ the sport of swimming to develop a culture of inclusion, build community, and provide opportunities for all people to benefit from a lifelong love of aquatics.