Gowanda High School

2019 Summer Reading Program

Put down your phone and pick up a book! Seriously. Escape from the digital drama and lose yourself in a stellar story. The characters will actually speak to each other, instead of just texting or using Snapchat. Even better, the setting may be in some fantastic faraway place – a change from the scenery you see every day. And when it’s pouring outside (because let’s face it, more rain is probably on the way), your plans for reading won’t need to be rescheduled.

Our summer reading program will entertain your brain far better than that twentieth game of Candy Crush. You can walk in someone else’s shoes, soar to the greatest heights and see how others face conflict and chaos. And as you’re doing this, you’re building your vocabulary and knowledge of different sentence structures.

Charge your mind by completing the assignment and get a head start for the next school year. The summer reading list offers appealing options for a variety of interests. Please note that there is only one list for everyone. If you need help choosing a book, talk to your English teacher, a friend who reads, the school librarian, a local librarian, or a bookseller. Teachers have made sure the selections are available through the Erie County libraries, the local libraries, and area bookstores, including Barnes and Noble.

The first month of school students will turn in the Summer Reading Contract and the Creative Container project. If you read more than one book from the list and complete an additional project, bonus points will be given.

Please note: Students enrolled in Honors-level or JCC English courses have a different summer reading assignment. You should contact your teacher with any questions.

Let’s get the school year off to a great start! We look forward to interesting and insightful discussions and projects! If you have questions, please contact the High School office at 532-3325.


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