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My company is registered in my hometown of Mouscron but I live in Brussels to be close to work and events.

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Just finished Expedition: Tasmania Winter Trek (4 Aug to 24 Sept 2018) -

Description on my website, section Expeditions. - Tracker/Map - Press -

Upcoming expedition: Somewhere in Nicaragua, kayaking (2019 but more probably 2020) unless I go to Iceland or another quick idea to come to mind.

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Louis-Philippe Loncke (personal information & social media)

Mainly : @LonckeLph

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I want to write a series of books (title can be changed):

  1. An adventurer in Australia - desert expeditions (expeds of 2006 (2), 2008, 2016) + bonus expeds 2013, 2015, 2016 in Bolivia and Death Valley. So mainly deserts.
  2. “An adventurer in Tasmania, 101 days of expeditions” - expeditions of 2006 and 2018
  3. Kayaking adventures in Latin America (Lake Titicaca expedition 2013, Nicaragua 201x)


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Brussels Adventure Film Festival (BRAFF)

Aim is to organize and be the host of this festival that will aim ONLY on real and authentic adventure. So not on “easy” travel or scripted content/documentaries.It’s about real adventure, exploration (scientific or not) that are “hard”, unique and interesting. Films that are perhaps not the most beautiful in terms of image but at least will bring real adventurers from all over Europe to meet.


The aim is to build a community of paddlers (kayak, canoe, raft, SUP) who create water clean-up actions on a world agenda (map) and when the trash removal is done they can report on a GoogleMap the kgs/lbs of trash collected, sorted by country or state. Every year I’ll publish the report of trash collected world wide by the community. Chosen KayaClean  volunteer ambassadors will have the task to organize at least 1 cleanup  per year and contact local clubs to engage and motivate to organize more clean-ups.

A service will also allow to alert paddlers about a stolen boat by email so we can perhaps spot and report the stolen property to the owner. The website will be free and sponsored by paddling water brands via a crowdfunding campaign. Hopefully in 2019.

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I get 80% of my speaking request by direct contact. Agencies do contact me if they need a speaker for a specific event. I’m currently not proactive in searching for paid talks.

I plan to start touring with a series of cities/towns in Australia and Belgium. My first target.

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I’m a tiny investor in Environmentally or socially friendly companies:,,

Charity I support

I give at least 1-2% of my time and money per year for charities