updated 2/7/19

Skewer Battlebots 2019 Rules

Violation of any of the following Rules may Result in Partial or Full Disqualification, as well as Disadvantages during the Tournament.

The Official(s) reserve the right to disqualify partially or fully or add disadvantages for any reason as well as reserve the right to clarify rules that aren’t fully explained in the rules to their preference.

Tournament Rules

  1. Each Tournament is composed of Rounds arranged in a bracket
  2. The Bracket has a 2 game guarantee system; If a battlebot is removed from the first bracket, they are placed into the loser's bracket.
  3. A Round is a set of three Matches. To win a Round, a battlebot must win two of the three Matches.
  4. Competitors are given 90 seconds to repair their robot or perform maintenance of the like between matches.
  5. Balloons and skewers will be inspected and issued by the battlebots officials to the participants two minutes prior to the start of the match. The mounting of the balloon and skewer is up to the participant and must comply with the rules.
  6. The issued balloon will be approximately 5” in diameter

Game Rules

  1. All Officials, Competitors, and Spectators must show good sportsmanship and respect to all others involved
  2. Any devices that interfere with wireless communications are prohibited
  3. Battlebots may not intentionally damage the field, other Battlebots, spectators, or anything else other than their opponents balloon
  4. Spectators may not interact with the Battlebots during a match
  5. Operators may interact only their own Battlebot through an approved control method.
  1. Approved control methods include but are not limited to:
  1. Bluetooth
  2. USB cables 8’ or longer
  1. 8’ USB A to B cables will not be supplied, you must bring your own if you need one
  2. Cables are not considered a part of the battlebot, and are not included in size and weight requirements
  3. Cables may not be used to limit the movement of your or other Battlebots
  4. Cables may not interfere with the outcome of the Match
  5. You may not use a USB cable unless a designated cable holder is assigned by the battlebots official
  1. Infrared
  2. Radio
  1. Unapproved control methods include but are not limited to:
  1. Physically manipulating the Battlebot in any way
  1. A Match is when two Battlebots start on opposite sides of the field and attempt to pop the other battlebots balloon
  2. A Match is won when a Battlebot pops the opponent’s balloon
  3. A Match lasts until the match is won or two minutes is over, an Official may extend or restart  the match or declare a stalemate
  4. If any battlebots participants touch a battlebot on the field during the match unless permitted by a battlebots official they will be penalized

Battlebot Rules

  1. Battlebots must not be larger than 18” in any dimension at the start of a match
  1. This does not include the Robostorm issued skewer or balloon
  1. Battlebots must not weigh more than 3 lbs
  1. This does not include the Robostorm issued balloon and skewer
  1. Battlebots may not contain hazardous substances, including but not limited to:
  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Radioactive substances
  4. Explosives
  1. Lithium Polymer batteries are allowed, but only if they are handled and used in a safe manner.  Incorrect use puts you at risk of Disqualification
  2. Lead Acid batteries are allowed, but only if they are handled and used in a safe manner.  Incorrect use puts you at risk of Disqualification
  1. Battlebots may not include any parts intended to harm another Battlebot
  2. Battlebots may not intentionally interfere with communications to the other Battlebots
  3. Any electrical power on the Battlebots may not exceed 14v (Legos are ~9v)
  4. No more than 20 A of current may be drawn continuously from the battery
  1. Officials may choose to test the current draw at the battery
  1. Battlebots may not intentionally leave parts on the field
  2. Entanglement devices are prohibited, including but not limited to:
  1. Nets
  2. Loose string or wire
  1. Battlebots may not at any time exert more than 5 lbs of force
  2. Battlebots may not in any way attach themselves to the field
  3. Wedges
  1. Any wedge or wedge like object made from metal are prohibited
  2. Wedges made of the approved materials may not exceed:
  1. 1” thickness
  2. 4.5” Long
  3. 4.5” Wide
  1. Approved wedge methods include but are not limited to:
  1. Lego parts
  2. Wood
  3. 3D printed materials
  1. The issued skewer must be firmly secured to the battlebot
  2. The issued skewer must be at least 2.5” above the field at the start of the match
  3. The issued balloon must be at least 1” above the field at all times during the match while the battlebot is on the field
  4. The issued balloon may not be more than 8” above the field at any given time during the match
  5. Sheet metal is prohibited
  6. Any liquid is prohibited
  1. With the exceptions of
  1. A small amount of oil or grease for the purpose of lubricating only
  2. The liquid crystals in Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)