Committee Meeting

29 February 2016

Concert - Saturday 12 March

Summer term


Concert - Saturday 12 March

  1. Buy alcohol

        Actioned VF to buy 6 bottles of white wine, 12 bottles of beer, 2 cartons of juice

        Actioned KH to get plastic cups

        Actioned Someone to ask Sarah and Simon to serve drinks at interval

  1. Check venue has obtained alcohol license

        Actioned KH to email and confirm

  1. Create Facebook event and advertise

        Actioned KT to create

        Actioned KT to add the event to free forums

  1. Set up online ticketing

        It was agreed we won’t do this

  1. Launch new website

        Actioned KH to launch

        Actioned KT to gather feedback and do promo when it’s ready

  1. Hire timpani for last rehearsal and concert

        Action: PK to research how to hire and transport

  1. Contact timpanist to confirm dates

        Action: KH to email

  1. Finish collecting spring term subs

        Actioned AH to provide a list of non-payers

        Actioned KT to individually approach non-payers

  1. Produce programme

        Actioned Get ideas from SG and PK about the programme, send to LJ for writing

        Actioned to make it look nice

        Action: AH to print

  1. Other

        Action: CJ to drop money box with SG

        Action: KH to get trumpet contacts from Chris (Amati trumpet)

        Action: KT to make signage for St Mary’s back entrance

        Concert venue available 1700-2200 - schedule:

Summer term

  1. Survey for repertoire (Flick is playing Mozart oboe concerto)

        Action: KH to email oboe list to find a 1st for the semester

        Actioned put together three options for programme*

Actioned KT to create repertoire survey

  1. Order scores (allow 4-6 weeks shipping)

Actioned CJ as verbally agreed librarian

  1. Agree summer rehearsal and concert dates (confer with Flick)

Actioned 14 April - 23 June, half-term on 02 June, concert on 30 June

  1. Book rehearsal and concert venues

There was discussion of looking into new rehearsal venues, i.e. Bishopsgate Institute, universities or schools, to find space with timps or that will allow storage.

  1. Agree summer subs rates

        Actioned £75, £35 concession

        Reactioned keep it at £80/£40 for this sem


  1. Committee roles and responsibilities

Proposed roles:

  1. Annual General Meeting

Action: KT to survey potential dates (Saturday 11, 18, 25 Jun, 02 Jul)

        Action: KT to create Facebook save-the-date

        Action: what should the social event be?! picnic/rounders/10 pin bowling/etc?

  1. Proposed new seating chart of the strings

                LT LL

                  SK PC         CSH

                     EA FG        AH LF              ML

         H?    EP  VF                        CJ  LJ     DG

        ZNS  CT  KT                        PK TDM

* Repertoire

Mozart Oboe Concerto - 25 minutes


Programme 1

Programme 2

Programme 3

Beethoven overture (10m)

Beethoven overture (10m)

Beethoven overture (10m)

Mozart concerto (25m)

Mozart concerto (25m)

Mozart concerto (25m)

Interval (20m)

Interval (20m)

Interval (20m)

Bizet symphony (35m)

Ravel pavane (5m)

Fauré pavane (10m)

Schubert symphony (30m)

Debussy suite (15m)

Ravel pavane (5m)

90 minutes total

90 minutes total

85 minutes total

Test the programme using this handy-dandy playlist!