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Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School exists to -


Proverbs 22:6   Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  

History   Beautiful Saviour Evangelical Lutheran School is a Lutheran Elementary School operated by Beautiful Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  Serving the children of our congregation and community since 1976 with Christian education, our school makes a vital contribution to the life and purpose of our Lord’s Church.


2 Timothy 3:16   All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

Christ-Centered   Christian education is Christ-centered.  The Savior and His love are at the center of all we think, say, and do.  The Word of God provides the framework in which everything is taught and done and serves as our only source of faith and life.  In addition to religion classes, all other classes are taught in light of God’s Word and in the context of our sinful nature and God’s grace to us in sending the Savior.

Beautiful Saviour instructs students in the traditional Lutheran educational style of academics.  Traditional Lutheran education is founded on the style and principles of “Classical Education.”  The focus of mastering curricular objectives drives instruction and learning throughout the school.  BLSL students are encouraged to “yearn to learn,” to strive to answer questions above and beyond what the national standards suggest as benchmarks.  As the philosopher Socrates said, “Education is the lighting of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”  When students WANT to learn, it changes the learner’s intrinsic motivation and has shown proven results in grades, standardized test scores, and high school placement / achievement.  We do not :teach to the test,” because the rewards in learning fall into place when the students have a strong desire to learn.  In the same manner as classical education schools, BSLS teaches Latin as a way to strengthen each student’s hold on English, as well as improve other subject areas indirectly.

The most important subject taught each day is the Word of God class, where students are instructed from the Bible.  Students learn from the only source of absolute truth and learn of God’s plan of salvation through faith in Jesus.  What makes to traditional Lutheran model of academics different from most schools is that the children are taught from a Biblical worldview rather than a secular worldview.  This difference is easily seen in the Science and Social Studies curriculums, where God’s creative power and His absolute sovereignty are emphasized.  Another major difference is that Lutheran schools do not shy away from memorization, and BSLS students tend to score higher in the mathematics courses than their public school counterparts.

One strength unique to the traditional style of Lutheran education is that teachers typically instruct a student for several years consecutively.  This improves learning since the teacher knows the student’s strengths and weaknesses and can adjust instruction accordingly.   The primary grades master the skill of learning the fundamentals of education, such as understanding and remembering.  Next, the middle grades use those fundamentals  to put responses and answers together as they begin to apply and analyze information.  In the upper grades of our school, students use the prior year’s fundamentals to expand on what they have learned.  The upper graders use critical thinking to analyze information, apply it to their lives, evaluate content, and work to create and communicate what they have learned in an effective manner.


Ephesians 6:4   Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

To Assist Parents   Our Lutheran Elementary School has been established to assist parents with their God-given task of raising their children in the knowledge of God and His Word.  Our school is not to replace parents or relieve them of their responsibility to train their children.  Rather, our school is a tool parents can use in carrying out their God-given duty.


Mark 12:30   Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

The CA mandated program for public schools is commonly referred to as “Common Core.” BSLS meets the intent of the program. Many areas of the program are not consistent with the Bible.  Where there are concerns regarding conflicts with the Bible, BSLS works to meet the intent of the program using alternate means.  It is BSLS’s intent that its curriculum be more stringent and rigorous that the California “Common Core” program.

The Whole Child    Our Lutheran Elementary School teaches the “whole child”:  the spirit, mind, and body of each child.





Beautiful Saviour has a strong desire to provide an excellent education to our students and share God’s Word with the next generation.  With that in mind, Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School decided to pursue accreditation through the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran School Accreditation. Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation (WELSSA) evaluates a school’s ministry based on Scripture and sound educational principles.   While WELSSA is a synod accreditation, it is also recognized nationally as part of the National Council for Private School Accreditation as well as many smaller private accreditation agencies and state accreditation agencies.

Beautiful Saviour was awarded full accreditation status in 2017.   As a fully accredited school, parents can be certain that the education offered at Beautiful Saviour is of the highest value, and its faculty is committed to assisting parents by providing excellent academic, social, and spiritual training to their children.


Mark 10:14   Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.

Non-discriminatory   As our Lord loves all children and wants them all to hear His saving Gospel, we open our doors to students of every race, sex, nationality, and ethnic origin for all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, and other school-administered programs.

Student Rights - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Attendance in private school is governed by contract law, not constitutional law. Although the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) exempts private and parochial schools at the elementary and secondary level, Beautiful Saviour recognizes that reasonable and appropriate student rights regarding privacy, infractions, discipline, special needs, and the like, need to be established. To that end, and to the extent possible and reasonable, the school will strive to follow the FERPA guidelines. A copy of those guidelines can be obtained from the principal or school office. In addition, the most current information on FERPA regulations can be obtained from

Possible Limitations   Should the size of our facility or our financial capabilities necessitate limiting our enrollment, we have established the following priority in accepting students:

1.   Members of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church

2.   Children of unchurched parents

3.   Children of parents from other Christian churches

Application Approval   All applications are subject to annual approval by the principal, Board of Education, and pastor.  Beautiful Saviour may not be the school for all applicants, and we reserve the right to determine a student’s enrollment.

Registration Deadline All registration forms and fees should be submitted by the first day of class for your child to begin school.  All applicants are asked to pay the non-refundable registration fee at the time of pre-registration.  Payment of this registration fee reserves your child’s placement in school.  Applications made after that date will be considered separately, subject to enrollment limitations.


Although the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) exempts private and parochial schools at the elementary and secondary level, Beautiful Saviour recognizes that reasonable and appropriate student rights regarding records management need to be established. To that end, and to the extent possible and reasonable, the school will maintain permanent student records in a safe and protected manner and strive to follow the FERPA guidelines. A copy of those guidelines can be obtained from the principal or school office. In addition, the most current information on FERPA regulations can be obtained from


  1. Policy  Amounts to be refunded for tuition paid in advance of the current month shall be computed and refunded on the basis of monthly amounts.  Unearned tuition fees consist of amounts paid for applicable future month’s tuition (i.e., for those months beyond the month in which the student terminates).

  1. Background  Occasionally students will terminate their association with BSLS.  When this situation happens, any unearned amounts as indicated under Procedures for tuition paid in advance beyond the current month will be refunded to the student’s parents or guardians.  This policy excludes any registration amounts that are classified as non-refundable.

  1.  Procedures 
  1. The date of termination is based on the date that the student officially terminates his/her relationship with BSLS.
  2. Amounts to be refunded are based on tuition paid in advance beyond the month of termination.
  3. Please note that there is no grace period.  Termination is considered to be effective for the entire month in which the student no longer attends classes at BSLS.  
  4. However, if the student withdraws from school during any part of the month of August, then the full amount of tuition (but not registration fees) for August will be refunded.
  5. Tuition is charged for a 10 month period starting with August through May of the following year.
  6. Amounts determined to be refundable will be refunded within 30 days.
  7. The school principal will provide written instructions to the treasurer and billing office for the amount to be  refunded.  


Consistency   Since in Christian education the church, home, and school are working together, it is essential that certain requirements be met by parents and students to insure that the education of the child is consistent and that it is carried out in a decent, orderly, God-pleasing way.

Health   The Department of Public Health requires all incoming first grade students to have a diagnostic physical examination.  A form to be completed by the examining physician is available from the school and must be completed and returned.  All students must have an immunization record on file.

Age   Kindergarteners must be five years of age by the predetermined date by the public school system. BSLS will assess each student and situation individually and may enroll a student early if the student is mature academically, socially, and behavioral.

Children may be enrolled in out transitional kindergarten class once the child has reached four years of age.

Transfer    Students transferring from another school should provide satisfactory scholastic, disciplinary, and health records.  They must also get an “Educator’s Reference Form” filled out by the student’s former teacher.  This form is available from our school’s principal.

Religious Instruction   Each child, without exception, will be instructed in the Word of God.  In the course of this instruction it may happen that the teachings of other denominations and churches that differ from the teachings of the Lutheran Church will be pointed out to the children on the basis of the truth of God’s Word.

Families who are active members of another Christian church will want to be sure that our school is the right fit in light of the differences in some or many biblical teachings.  (Ask about the This We Believe booklet kept in the main office for further questions on our church’s biblical teachings.)  Because our beliefs from God’s Word permeate all areas of school life, we do not want to cause confusion for children who are already under the care of a Christian Church.

Church Attendance   An important part of every child’s life is his participation in Sunday and festival worship services.  We ask that parents realize their responsibility in this regard and attend church with their children.  The student body also participates in weekly chapel services.

Children’s Choir   Monthly, the children will participate in a worship service as a children’s choir.  All children and their parents are expected to attend.

Confirmation Instruction   All children enrolled in grades 7 and 8 will attend our pastor’s confirmation class.  The purpose of the class is to give each child two years of concentrated study in the teachings of God’s Word.  Upon completion of the class, the students are eligible to make public profession of their faith and to become communicant members of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church.

Bible Information Class   All parents who are not members of Beautiful Saviour congregation are required to attend the Bible Information Class within their child’s first year of enrollment.  The class is conducted by the pastor.  The purpose of the class is to acquaint parents with the teachings of the Bible and our Lutheran Church, as they will also be taught to the children of our school.


Beautiful Saviour offers a transitional kindergarten for students who are four years of age and do not meet the age requirement for kindergarten.  The transitional kindergarten follows Beautiful Saviour’s K-8 school calendar. Because this is not a required year of school, parents are given a number of enrollment options:


Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Hours: 8:15 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Transitional Kindergarten Hours: Half-time - 8:15 a.m. to Noon

       Full-time - 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Absence / Tardiness Policy   Attendance in a duly authorized and established parochial school satisfies state compulsory attendance requirements.  Out of love for Christ, who has redeemed each of us and our children, Christians strive to be diligent and faithful in the education of their children.  For this reason, and to be in compliance with state and local regulations, students are expected to be prompt and regular in attendance.  If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the school office to inform us of the situation.

Beautiful Saviour’s school day begins at 8:15 AM.  Children are to arrive between 7:45 and 8:10 AM so they have time to prepare for the beginning of the school day.  It is the recommendation of the faculty that students arrive no later than 8:10 AM.  Students who arrive after 8:15 AM and before 9:15 AM will be marked tardy. If the student arrives after 9:15 AM and before Noon, the student will be marked absent for a half day.  

Teachers at Beautiful Saviour differentiate between excused and unexcused absences / tardies.  In order to be excused, a parent / guardian must contact the school office or classroom teacher prior to the absence / tardy to inform the office or teacher that the absence / tardy is going to occur.  If the parent / guardian does not inform the office or classroom teacher of the absence / tardy before it occurs, the absence / tardy will be marked as unexcused.

The parent/guardian of any child enrolled at Beautiful Saviour with two or more unexcused absences  in a quarter will be contacted by the classroom teacher.  If unexcused absences  continue to occur, the principal will be notified so a meeting with the parent and principal can be scheduled.  If absences continue to occur, Beautiful Saviour’s Board of Education will be informed of the situation and will recommend any action to be taken concerning the continued enrollment of the child at Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School.

If a student should experience an extended illness, a note from a healthcare professional may be required.

Field trips scheduled by the classroom teacher are considered school days.  Children are expected to attend all pre-arranged trips with their classroom.

Children enrolled at Beautiful Saviour are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day unless a written permission slip signed by a parent has been presented to the child’s teacher.  Children who must leave campus during the school day become subject to the school policy concerning excused / unexcused absences.  


Matthew 18:19   I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

Parent forums   Two parent forums are scheduled each school year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The principal prepares the agenda for the forum, identifying topics of interest for the school parents and/or the teachers.  The objectives for these forums are to enhance home / school communication and answer questions that may arise during the course of the school year.

Concerns   It is important that parents are supportive of the school, its teachers, and its policies.  This close and cooperative partnership between the home and the school will result in blessings for the child.  There may be occasions when parents have questions and concerns. Those concerns should be brought to the teacher first, followed by the principal, then the Board of Education.

Because we share the same goals for the children – that they learn of Jesus as their Savior and that they be equipped for lives of Christian service – we can be confident that God will bless the efforts of parents and teachers working together.  

Teacher Communication Plan 

All classrooms

At the beginning of the week, the :Breaker News” will be sent out via email to all school parents.  It will include activities that happened the week prior in the classrooms, activities for the new week, and other school-wide activities that are to take place.

Transitional Kindergarten

Please check your child’s backpack each day.  Folders will hold important details and reminders in notes, as well as weekly Bible lessons, and papers to be kept at home.

At the beginning of each week the “Breaker News” will be sent out via email to all parents.  The Breaker News reports happenings in each classroom.  My section tells what we covered the previous week in TK.  Announcements concerning the whole school will be included in this weekly communication.

A group or individual text may be sent out as an additional reminder for field trips, singing dates, and last minute details or news.  If your child is sick I will first try to call you.  Next I will text you and try calling the other parent or emergency contact.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns.  You can call or text at 719-271-4322.  My email is

Kindergarten and 1st grade

Every day students will take home their “Homework and Notes for Parents” folder.  Parents need to check their child’s backpack each night for any school or classroom notes and/or homework that needs to be completed.

Every Monday (or first day of the school week) a “Weekly Note” will be sent home updating parents on what is happening in the classroom for that week and reminders of upcoming events.  This will be sent home in students’ “Homework and Notes for Parents” folder.

On other occasions,such as field trip reminders or church singing reminders, a text may be sent out to all parents.  If a child becomes sick during the school day, a text will be sent to that parent of the sick child.

Parents may contact me by talking to me in person, calling or texting me at 760-224-9650, or by email (

Grades 2-4

Every day students will take home their “Take Home” folder.  Parents should check their child’s backpack each night for any school or classroom notes and/or homework that needs to be completed.

A text will be sent out by the teacher to the parents on other occasions such as field trip reminders, church singing reminders, a child getting sick during school, etc.

Parents may talk with me in person, call or text my phone number (507-469-5354), or send me an email at

Grades 5-8

Class assignments and general announcements will be sent through Edmodo, which can be accessed through the app or on the website (

Student grades can be found through  Codes to access learnboost will be emailed to parents at the beginning of the school year and resent to parents at the beginning of each quarter.

Corrected assignments will be sent home with students every Friday. Paper notes will be used for field trips, activities, or other instances where a signature is required. Please call the school office (760-729-6272) to inform the teacher / school of an upcoming absence or tardy.

Office-Phone Use  Students shall use the phone in the office only for an appropriate school-related cause when given permission from the teacher or office manager.

Cell phone use  Students are permitted to have cell phones or other electronic communication devices with them at school, but they must be silenced and stored in the student’s backpack during the school day.  Students will be allowed to check messages during the noon hour, but the cellphones/devices must be returned to the student’s backpack before classes resume in the afternoon.  

Students who are found in possession of their cell phone/device during the school day will have their phone/device confiscated by the teacher until the end of the school day.  Students who offend more than three times in a school year will have their phone/device confiscated and stored in the school office.  The student’s parent/caregiver is required to pick up the phone/device  from the office.


Proverbs 3:12   The Lord disciplines those he loves.

Discipline   The Word of God is the absolute rule of faith and conduct.  Teachers and students should always live accordingly.  But human nature may make discipline necessary.  When it is necessary, it will be done lovingly, on the basis of God’s Word, using examples from Scripture when appropriate.

School Management Activities  All student activities sponsored by the school – both on campus and off campus – will be supervised by trained faculty, staff, or parents authorized by the Principal or Board of Education.

Unacceptable Conduct   If a child’s conduct is persistently disruptive to the class and/or detrimental to others, suspension will be discussed between parents and principal.

Expulsion   Should an extreme situation arise, expulsion would occur after discussion with parents, principal, and Board of Education.

Disciplinary Outline   We use Christian discipline to train our students to be disciples of Christ, to “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). The Word of God is at the center of our discipline policy.  We use the Law to show the unrepentant student their sin, and we use the Gospel to comfort the repentant student with forgiveness freely given by our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Procedure  Repetitive sinful behavior will not be tolerated in our school. Such behavior includes, but is not limited, to the following: disrespecting authority, swearing, stealing, harm done to another student or their property, vandalizing school property, malicious statements, and physical or emotional bullying.

When disciplinary action is necessary, the following steps will be generally followed, with the first incident resulting in the first step, the second incident in the first and second steps:

  1. Private meeting with the teacher
  2. Private meeting with the principal
  3. Detention, i.e., staying after school for up to an hour
  4. School suspension, i.e., student is isolated from peers and school privileges revoked
  5. Home suspension, i.e., student is not allowed onto the school premises for up to ten days
  6. Pastoral counseling; meeting with the school board, principal, teacher, and parents
  7. Expulsion; student may not reenroll until the following school year

In all incidents, the parents or caregivers will be notified and the incident will be documented. The teacher and the principal reserve the right to omit any of the previous steps in cases deemed to be serious misconduct.

The civil authorities will be notified immediately in cases involving a felony or a misdemeanor. Such cases include, but are not limited to: threats of violence, physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, use of illegal substances, alcohol use, and tobacco use.  

Expectations  Teachers and Principal:




Medications   Giving medications to children in school presents problems of safety and reliability for the student.  Whenever possible, the parents should make arrangements so that it is not necessary for school personnel to administer medication at the school.

Written Permission   If it is necessary for a teacher to administer medication at the school, the teacher must first have written and dated permission from the parents.  Medications must be stored in their original containers.  Students may not keep any medication in their desks, backpacks, or on their person.

Nurse Availability    Current school enrollment does not support the ability to provide full time school nursing support. Until enrollment reaches a threshold to support that position, the following are included as medical requirements for the school:

  1. All faculty shall be CPR trained
  2. All faculty shall be trained in first aid and have a first aid kit in their classroom
  3. When injury or illness arises causing concern, the school shall notify the parents by phone
  4. If there is no answer or the initial contact individual is not accessible, the school shall call the subsequent contacts on the student emergency contact form.
  5. The school shall call the student’s identified doctor if contact is not successful from the contact list
  6. Based on the doctor’s recommendation and/or the judgment of the faculty, further steps shall be taken based on the circumstances of the illness or injury.

Head Lice          Faculty members report all suspected cases of head lice to the principal or designee.  The principal or designee shall examine the student and any siblings of affected students or members of the same household.  If nits or lice are found, the student shall be immediately excluded from school and parents/guardians informed about recommended treatment procedures.

If there are two or more students affected in any one classroom, all students in the classroom shall be examined, and notification of the examination will be sent home to all parents/guardians of the class.

Excluded students may return to school when they bring a note from the parent/guardian indicating the treatment used and when re-examination by the principal or designee shows that all pests and nits have been removed.  The Board of Education recognizes that the responsibility for the treatment of head lice rests with the home.  The faculty and staff shall make every effort to maintain the privacy of students identified as having lice and excluded for treatment.  


1 Peter 2:9   You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.


Student Dress  The type of clothing the children wear should reflect the scriptural truth that even though we are living in the world, we are not of the world (Romans 12:2, 1 Corinthians 10:31). Let neatness and modesty be words to guide parents when determining what the children wear.  

Students are not permitted to wear beach clothing to school.  Clothing or property which advertises such things as alcoholic beverages, music groups, etc., are not acceptable.  Students’ shirts may have no words or pictures on them that could be offensive.

Footwear   Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times.   Sandals and open-toed shoes are not permitted for students.  Tennis shoes are required for physical education class.

Hair   Hair must be kept clean and well groomed.  Students should avoid extremes in haircuts and hairstyles.   Haircuts and styles should display appropriate modesty and should not draw unnecessary attention.

Dress Code Violations   If the teacher or principal feels that a child is inappropriately dressed,

the teacher or principal will explain what is not acceptable and, if necessary, the parent will be called to bring appropriate clothing for the student.  In all cases, the school reserves the right to determine which modes of dress do not reflect Christian values.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this area.


Grade Report  Grades are issued at the end of every quarter to inform parents and children of the progress being made.  In addition to the regular report card, parent-teacher consultation periods are held twice a year to discuss the report cards and student progress.  However, parents should feel free to bring any concerns to the teacher at any time.

In school, all children are encouraged to use the talents God has given them to the best of their ability.

Grading Scale:

A+        100-97%        B+        89-87%        C+        79-77%         D+        69-67%         F        59-0%

A        96-93%        B        86-83%        C        76-73%        D        66-63%

A-        92-90%        B-        82-80%        C-        72-70%        D-        62-60%


(for more information, please ask about the BSLS Curriculum Guide)

Definition   We define “curriculum” as every book, experience, and influence the child has while under the jurisdiction of our school.

Formal Curriculum  Art, Music, Catechism (5-6), Penmanship, Computer, Physical Education, Confirmation Class (7-8), Reading, Daily Devotions, Science, Hymn Study, Social Studies, Language Arts, Spelling, Mathematics/Algebra, Word of God

Co-Curricular   Included as co-curricular experiences for most grades: Classroom Play/Musical, Field Trips, Spelling Bee, Art Contest

Interscholastic Athletics   (Middle and/or Upper grade students)         

Soccer                Basketball        Volleyball        Softball        Track

Students who choose to participate in any of these sports will receive a copy of Beautiful Saviour’s athletic handbook.

Participation   Children who faithfully work to their potential in their schoolwork and who regularly demonstrate proper conduct will be encouraged and welcomed to participate in interscholastic athletics.  Students who 1) are not meeting the academic requirements of maintaining a C- average/without any D’s or F’s, 2) have not handed in an assignment, or 3) who do not display proper conduct will be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics.


Stopping By  Parents are always welcome at Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School campus. The safety of our students is of utmost importance. All visitors, including parents, are required to report to the main office to sign in and sign out. All visitors should be prepared to present their photo ID. A visitor, at the discretion of the principal, may be required to present photo ID on subsequent visits.


Every child in grades 1-8 must have:

Bible (type of Bible based on teacher/school discretion)

A Christian Worship Hymnal (Hymnals may be purchased through the school)

Basic school supplies as outlined by classroom teachers

Textbooks   Required textbooks, workbooks, and other materials will be provided by the school.  Please see to it that all school-owned books have a book cover and are returned in good condition.  Parents will be charged a fee for lost or damaged textbooks.


All children are asked to eat lunch at school and provide their own lunch and drink. Microwaves are available for heating up meals. Students should NOT bring meals that take more than 2 minutes to heat up in the microwave.  “Hot Lunch” may be offered by parent volunteers through Costco pizza or some other restaurant.  A weekly fee is charged to students who choose to participate in the hot lunch option.


Psalm 122:11   I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”  

Service times   Our Sunday family worship services are held each week at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.  Sunday School for preschoolers through eighth graders as well as Bible classes for teenagers and adults are offered between the two services at 9:30 a.m.  Also, a Bible Class is offered each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. during the academic year.  We invite you to join us during these opportunities of continued spiritual growth.


We appreciate the fact that most of our morning and afternoon drivers use the designated parking lot procedure. Please drive up to the basketball court and turn around so your car is facing west down the driveway when you drop off and pick up your child. We want to avoid any children crossing the driveway or any drivers pulling into parking slots and then having to back up. While on the campus please drive no faster than 10 mph.  

If you plan to park when picking up your child, or to remain at school for a period of time when you come to pick up your child, please park in the lower, side parking lot. This should help cut down on congestion in our traffic loop.


  1. Earthquake preparation and practice
  1. Earthquake Drills
  1. At teacher’s command, students assume the “drop” position
  1. Away from windows or other hazards
  2. Under desk, table, or other shelter
  3. Drop to knees with back to windows
  4. Heads down, hands grab desk or furniture, eyes closed
  5. If possible, cover with jacket or other clothing
  6. Remain silent during the drill and listen for instructions
  1. Teacher also assumes the “drop” position
  2. Students hold position for one minute
  3. Teacher gives directions for evacuation to selected site
  4. Teacher takes first aid kit to site
  5. Remain at site until directed to return to class
  6. Teachers are to remain with students at all times

  1. During an actual Earthquake
  1. Inside the building
  1. Move away from windows or other hazards
  2. Get under desk, table, or shelter and grab hold
  3. Assume “drop” position and listen for teacher directions
  4. Remain in drop position until further directions are given
  5. After initial shock stops, all will evacuate the room, being aware of potential aftershocks
  6. When leaving room, teachers should attempt to take emergency supplies and water
  7. No one should return to class without authorization
  8. Teachers will take the students to pre-arranged places on the playground or parking lot and will remain there until re-entry has been approved or the students have been picked up by parents or other authorized persons
  9. School will remain open until every child has been released to parents or authorized person
  1. Outside the building
  1. Get clear of all buildings, trees, street lights, or other hazards
  2. Find an open space
  3. Assume “drop” position until quake stops


Classrooms 1 and 2

  1. When the fire alarm is sounded, students are to exit the classroom in an orderly fashion.
  2. When exiting the classroom, be sure the windows are closed, the lights are off and the door is closed.
  3. After exiting the classroom, the students are to proceed straight ahead (north) out of the door to the picnic area. (area A)  If this area is not safe, the children should proceed across the lawn to the sidewalk on the north side of the office/classroom building and walk to the lower west parking lot (area B).
  4. After reaching the evacuation area, the teacher is to take attendance, using the classroom roster.
  5. The students are to remain in the appropriate evacuation area until they are instructed to return to the classroom.

Classrooms 3 and 4

  1. When the fire alarm is sounded, students are to exit the classroom in an orderly fashion.
  2. Students are assigned the duties of closing windows, turning off the lights and closing the door.
  3. After exiting the classroom, the students are to proceed straight ahead (east) to the picnic area. (area A). If this area is not safe, the children should proceed on the sidewalk on the north side of the building and walk to the lower west parking lot. (area B)
  4. After reaching the evacuation area, the teacher is to take attendance, using the classroom roster.
  5. The students are to remain in the appropriate evacuation area until they are instructed to return to the classroom.


In 1989, in accordance with federal regulations, Mr. James Faas of Environmental Sciences, Inc., in Tucson, Arizona, did a complete asbestos inspection and analysis of our property.

No materials containing asbestos were found in any of our buildings.  A copy of Mr. Faas’ report was filed with the federal government, as required by law.

A copy of our asbestos management plan is on file in the school office.  If any parents or our school children are interested in reading this report, they may speak to the administrator.


In the past we have had some very rewarding field trips and sporting event trips. We truly appreciate the efforts of all who have been able to assist and make it possible for our young people to enjoy the various off-campus activities. We look forward to another great year of trips.

Whenever we plan a trip, we ask for parents who can provide assistance as chaperones. We recognize that home circumstances, illness, job responsibilities and the like often dictate who can and cannot help in this area. That is perfectly understandable.

It is essential that each child is properly seat-belted. This is both a legal requirement as well as a school policy intended for the safety of the children. If an insufficient number of drivers volunteer, it may mean that the trip will have to be canceled, even if it is at the last minute.

As of January 1, 2012, all children must ride in car seat or booster seat until they are at least 8 years old or at least 4 feet 9 inches tall. In addition, all children younger than 8 years old must be secured in the back seat.

When a Child May Ride in Front

Children may ride in the front seat of a vehicle, but only when:

Some vehicles, usually those with no back seats, come with an airbag-off switch for this purpose.

Beautiful Saviour will enforce this law.  This mainly affects our primary and middle grade students.  Parents need to be sure that their child’s car-seat is available for the field trip.  Whenever we request the assistance of drivers, we would like to know as far in advance as possible those who will provide transportation. If we don’t find out who is driving until the day before or even the day of the trip, it is very difficult to plan which children will ride in which car. We also want to be certain we have time to try to recruit additional drivers if they are needed.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and as we mentioned earlier, we are grateful for the many hours of service you are able to provide.


Introduction   Parents or guardians of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School students are responsible for the prompt and timely payment of registration, tuition, and miscellaneous charges that are incurred throughout the school year.


  1. The congregation’s administrative office will mail monthly statements of charges to each parent/guardian no later than the fifteenth of each month.  The amounts billed on these statements are due in the church office no later than the end of each month.  Failure to pay the balance due as shown on the statement by the due date will incur a one half percent (1/2 %) surcharge of the balance due on the following month’s statement.

  1. Balances that are unpaid after two months will result in a letter to the parent/ guardian notifying them of the indebtedness with a request for the parent/guardian to pay the outstanding amount within two weeks.

  1. Parents/guardians who have not made payment in full for outstanding amounts due by the end of each semester will be notified in writing that their student may face suspension if the outstanding balances (including surcharges) are not paid in full by the following month.

  1. Parents/guardians who have an outstanding indebtedness at the end of the school year and who have not paid the balance due (including surcharges) by June 15th will not be allowed to enroll their student for the next school year.  In addition, legal actions may be pursued to collect any amounts due.

  1. Parents/guardians will be required to sign at the bottom of the distributed form (upon enrollment or re-registration) indicating their understanding and acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

Exceptions  Exceptions to the procedures shown above must be requested by the parent/guardian in writing addressed to the Chairman, Board of Education, Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church and School.  Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to discuss with the school principal personal situations that might prevent them complying with these procedures.  However, only the Board of Education may grant exceptions to these procedures.

Fundraising Guidelines

Occasionally, Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School receives funds from auxiliary organizations or from fundraising efforts by the school or our school families.  All fundraising programs must have Board of Education approval prior to the beginning of any fundraising efforts. If the donor / organization wants the funds raised to be directed to a specific project, the BoE must give its approval to the project prior to receiving those funds. If the use of the funds is not designated, the funds will be placed in the CDS fund and used for school expenses.

Criminal Background Checks

Beautiful Saviour is required to do background checks on all adults who have regular contact with the children of our school.  Teachers already have gone through this by being fingerprinted and undergoing a criminal background check after accepting their call to BSLS.  The following people may be screened using “Trusted Employees”, which provides criminal background checks for churches insured by Church Mutual Insurance Company.