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MF Editorial Guidelines
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All content and guidelines in this document are applicable to content published as and on behalf of the Melton Foundation. The goals and guidelines provided in this document are applicable to any and all content concerning the Melton Foundation, our events, Fellowship, and projects.

Content Goal

The Melton Foundation (MF) evolved from a small, intercultural learning experiment into a global network devoted to making Global Citizenship tangible, and to serve as an ‘Experiential Learning Lab for Global Problem Solvers’. Through the Fellowship and its programs, the MF promotes and enables Global Citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to address the challenges in an interconnected world. Keeping our core mission in mind, all content produced under the Melton Foundation banner and name, including but not limited to the website, social media, email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts and messages, should promote the practice of global citizenship, be written using reliable sources of reputable information,  and add to the readers’ personal and professional development.

Each content and communications piece we produce should ideally provide information, resources and/or guidance that the readers’ can apply in their daily lives, coupled with calls to action, as well as engage the reader by providing thought provoking ideas, stories and narratives.

Target Audience

Target audience refers to the different Marketing Personas we tailor our content to. For different personas, we tailor our content differently. A vast majority of our outreach activities are aimed to reach and impact:


  1. Young Student Leaders and Youth around the world with a strong inclination to social impact, global problem solving, cross-cultural collaboration, and the United Nations SDGs (this includes all members of the MF Community).
  2. Social Impact Organizations, partners and communities in MF hubs - eg,: Bangalore (India), Temuco (Chile), New Orleans (USA), Jena (Germany), Hangzhou (China) and greater Accra (Ghana).
  3. Organizations and Institutions catering to the global problem-solving ecosystem and cross-boundary collaboration, there-by broadening our partnerships, collaborations, and cross promotional activities.
  4. Donors, philanthropists and financial collaborators.
  5. Volunteers and aspiring Melton Fellows.

Content Criteria

Content Criteria refers to the different ways and means through which we share information with the world. Given below are some ways in which the MF distributes information:

  1. Website Entries and blog posts
  2. Social Media - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium
  3. Newsletters
  4. Email Channels - Organizational updates, announcements and discussions
  5. Individual and Organizational Partner Profiles
  6. Videos Podcasts
  7. Graphics
  8. Intercultural & Global Citizenship news and opinions pieces
  9. Challenges and Commitment entries - #100Acts entries, Commitments to Action

Voice, Style and Tone

The voice of our writing should be open, empathetic, honest and straight-forward in conveying the intent of the writing. We follow a neutral, easy to understand, engaging voice while prioritizing clarity over humor or entertainment in the writing. Our tone and voice aim for compelling narratives that should inspire the reader to become curious or learn more about the subject and the nature of our work, and implement our calls to action in their daily lives.

Spelling and Grammar

We want to present ideas in a clear, concise, and inclusive manner that is comprehensible to global audiences. Authors should aim for complete ethical compliance, provide citations and references, and report critical details leaving room for the readers to evaluate the overarching message of the writing. Some aspects to be mindful of in spelling, grammar and vocabulary:

General Good Practices 

  1. Maintain a clear voice in the writing - one that is open, empathetic, honest and straight-forward in conveying the intent of the writing.
  2. Add specific Calls to Action in every piece of content to engage readers with your writing.
  3. Add images, videos, and visual aids to complement the text content.
  4. While writing about summaries, recaps, and take-away or learning pieces, examine what the reader would benefit most from and focus only on those.
  5. Choose effective headlines that implore the reader to take positive action - Eg: Improving Access To Educational Opportunities To Rural Ghanaian Students: Here’s how!
  6. References and Linking Policy: Add relevant links, citations and credits whenever mentioning a partner, speaker, or referring to an external entity/concept. Set all links to ‘open in a new tab’, verify all third-party links and use personal discretion to deem said references as appropriate, beneficial and in-line with the Melton Foundation mission and values.
  7. Tie social media, digital media and email posts back to the MF website - making the website our most important source of truth and correct and complete information.

Here’s what we steer clear of!

  1. Expressing political, religious, policy related issues that are promoting ideologies against the mission and ideals of the Melton Foundation.
  2. Falsifying or steering away from facts and honest occurrences.Always have data to back up any content that is being published.
  3. Mislead the reader with promises, endorsements, advertising or guaranteed solutions to global or local issues.
  4. Publishing content with spelling and/or grammatical mistakes.


The information provided in or through the Melton Foundation Website and other digital media channels is for educational and informational purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information we share, the information may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Readers are requested to bring any such inaccuracies to our attention here, and we will attempt to rectify the same if it is deemed right to do so according to our editorial policy.

The Melton Foundation may promote, affiliate with, or partner with other individuals or organisations whose programs, products and services align with our mission and vision. In the spirit of transparency, we want our readers to be aware that there may be instances when we promote these partners and organisations on our website and social media in exchange for collaborations and partnerships. Please note that we are highly selective and only promote the partners whose programs, products and/or services we verify and respect. At the same time, you, as a reader agree that any such promotion or marketing does not serve as any form of endorsement whatsoever. The reader is still required to use their own judgment to determine that any such program, product or service is appropriate for them. Our website and posts may also periodically provide links to third party websites including websites of entities that are affiliated with the Melton Foundation. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party website, nor do we make any warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding the content (or the accuracy, completeness or correctness of such content) on any third-party website.

The Melton Foundation takes responsibility to produce and publish content that is aimed towards creating a more socially responsible, aware and actionable society. Some contents may be perceived as controversial or emotionally unsettling, as they unpack power dynamics, global contexts, or not-often heard view points. The objective, however, is to increase awareness, responsibility and action of readers to strive for a more equitable and sustainable world, and certainly not to hurt any sentiments or be biased in favor of or against any particular person, society, gender, creed, nation or religion.

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