Last Revised 9/11/2018:

1. SFA Committees Nominated by Division and Elected Faculty-Wide for 2018-2019

SFA Executive Committee (2-year terms for division representatives)

Rank, Tenure, and Promotion (3-year terms for tenured; 1-year term for non-tenured)

Fixed-Term Faculty Review Committee (3-year terms) 

2. SFA Committees Appointed by SFA Executive Committee for 2018-2019

Teaching, Learning, and Technology (2-year terms)

3. SFA Committees Elected by Divisions for 2018-2019

Academic Affairs (3-year terms)

Committee on Women Faculty (3-year terms)

Academic Integrity Committee (2-year terms)

Admissions and Scholarship (2-year terms)

Faculty Development (3-year terms)

Faculty Benefits, Salary, and Stipends  (3-year terms)

Professional Problems (3-year terms)

NOTE: Ex Officio means that the person serves on that committee because of their office. It says nothing about whether or not the person votes. If the person does not have a vote, the position will be labeled non-voting.

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