Chapter 1: A New

        A tragic world of smoke and flames is where we begin. From the shells of a nearby egg of blue crystal is that of a boy. This boy was quite small for the species he was, known as the Tachyean. Tachyeans being the race of a highly advanced civilization of hardened crystalized dragonoids. He was a blue variant of his species, with a light transparency, darken interior, and about two and a half meters tall. He was able to walk after about a few minutes of crawling up a large hillside of ash. As he approached the top, he could see a glow of green from the fiery landscape ahead. The boy hoped for protection from the scattered climate that he was in, thus he was able to bring forth his small wings of rather largely exposed bone structures to start flying. He did stumble a bit down the hillside, still adapting to the abilities he had. Where am I, what even is this place. Maybe more answers are at the location of the green glow yander.

He continued his flight to about a kilometer of the entrance to what now appeared to be a thriving town in the midst of such a destructive planet. He wasn’t entirely sure why any of the citizens inside the blocked off city would want to be there in the first place, as it seemed that if they could protect themselves from the conditions, why bother being there. The entrance now in sight, the boy run towards it to discover two massive guards similar to himself, but of more green hues. {Who goes there!} The boy was confused as to how he was able to hear his, when he didn’t mutter a sound from his being, outside of the shift of his body to draw his spear toward the child. The other guard wasn’t as concerned as it seemed, mainly do to the fact he didn’t draw his weapon. {Come yourself, it’s just a child, of your own race. Sorry for my friend Udgenray here, he has been a bit on edge do to the recent attacks at this town. Um, where are your folks by the way, you seem to be a bit misplaced to be out here of all areas?} The a loud roar was uttered from a short distance south of there location, where the boy originated from. The creature was about ten meters in height, and with a reddish orange fur on some of his surface, the rest being pitch black charred skin, was about to charge the guards. It began to open its mouth that could swallow one of the guards whole, much less himself. The second guard drew forth his trident, ready to fend off the monstrosity before them. The first guard went for one of the creature’s dozen eyes, only to be swatted into the barrier by it’s linear body. The other guard through his weapon toward the center of its body to be reflected by some of the legs that would be at least double his width. The boy was the creatures next target as it started to run directly at him. The boy was able to throw himself at the barrier to land on top of the beast. He then ran up its spine to reach the head, then with all the energy he had, he generated a dagger that he drove into the beast head. The creature wailed in pain, bucking him off onto a nearby rock, them it falling onto its back. The boy the slams his whole mass into the beast neck region to send it flying about twenty kilometers away.

The guards ran to him, as he fell on his face directly into the ground. {What were you thinking kid, you could’ve gotten killed.} {Well Suundaika, you were the one that wanted to help him, so don’t be mad that he was able to help us. You know that wouldn’t have ended well.} The boy got up and generated a staff that he used as a crutch, from his weakened state. The guards were still arguing, but then saw the boy’s staff, and stop. {Um, Suundaika, why does the kid have that?} {Not sure Udgenray, but I think that might explain how he was able to beat that creature at this age. What is your name boy?} The boy wasn’t sure how to answer then, he didn’t directly know his own name, nor did he even know how to properly communicate with them. He tried his best efforts to mutter what he could, only to get whines from his mouth. No that’s no right… {Maybe if I do it like this? Can you understand me sir?} {Yes child, I understand you, now that we know that you can talk, do you have a name?} The thought of not having a true name bothered him, but then he thought of something.

 It was more of a memory, but he didn’t think he had really experienced anything before that point, now only being more confused. He was able to see an egg, similar to the one he came from only a couple of hours ago. He was in the midst of complete darkness, nothing was near him, but that of a bright light coming towards him an the egg. {My child, I’m sorry for all my mistakes, you will be able to save this universe, but now Neoum, you must wait for the perfect time before you can arise. With great confidence, I know you will be able to do better than I.} He then made a protection capsule, setting the egg inside, and blasted it off extreme force, to escape his coming destruction.

{Sir, my name is Neoum.} {Well Neoum, you definitely need to come inside, we have been waiting for you.} They went to enter the city, going to the desk next to the gate with a Tachyean woman waiting for them. {What would you like?} Before allowing them to answer, she was able to see the staff of blue crystal, almost screaming from the shock of seeing it, she had to wait a moment to process. {I can’t believe it’s really you, my parents thought you would never arrive, but I had hope. You are always welcomed here, just give me a second to open the gates.} She ran over to the terminal to display the controls, then the gate started to slide open. {Thank you madam. You have been very kind.} {No you are the one to be thanked, I would never deserve you gratitude.} The three entered the city to have Neoum see the green and orange lights of the crystal buildings, similar to that of his own. There were people of many different species in this town, most of which weren’t that of his own race, oddly enough. The few he did see were receiving hostile looks from the other citizens of the town. A group of citizens walked towards the three, the guards drawing there weapons in response. {Why are you getting your weapons ready? They seem to be unarmed.} {That’s just what they want you to think} thought Udgenray. {I’m going to be completely honest with you Neoum, we aren’t very respected here by most of the citizens. They want us to not be anywhere near them, but this being our home world that we help protect to allow them to even live here. It’s an irritating issue that you will not be able to complete understand yet. I suggest to stay behind us.} Neoum listened to them, then watched the group that was advancing towards them.

They were now surrounding the guards. The leader of the gang, a purplish guy with grey hair. He seemed to have a few scars from possible battles from before, but Neoum hoped otherwise. “Hey, why are you two in our city, you should know your place, lizard brains.” {We have a task to accomplish currently, now if you could let us move along with our day.} “Why do you to have a kid with you, I don’t think we just allow anyone into this find town, and now there’s another one of you in here. I’d hate to see that small welp to get hurt, right?” He then pulled out a sort of blaster that was also made of the crystal that they were made up of. {If you darn even to aim that weapon at the child, I’ll make sure of it that…} “That what, you will kill me. I hope you are willing to destroy the last bit of trust that this poor universe has left for you.” The blaster, now aimed at the child, caused Suundaika to get very wide eye, almost about to attack. Neoum then stepped forward, in front of the guards. He prepared to use his energy again. “Oh, the welp wants to protect you, how adorable. Let’s see if he can protect you from this!” The leader pulled the trigger, launching the bolt of energy directly at them. Before it could hit them, Neoum was able to deflect it with a shield of noble blue transparent crystal that flung the bolt upwards. It hit the barrier, cracking it slightly, causing a commotion from the town’s folk.

The guards then grabbed Neoum and started to fly to the station up ahead. The shuttle was aimed toward the sky, with a giant arm of sort about to connect the pieces. Neoum was able to see the excitement of the Tachyeans in the crowd, at least before the townspeople started to attack them. {Sorry my guardians, but was it wrong of me to protect you?} {No, you did great, but to everyone else's eyes, you were a bit extreme to protect people. Now we need you to go with one of our most trusted leaders, the mighty Trearomm and Yusryway. They will be able to escort you to safety, as we need to remain here to help calm the situation. WIsh you best luck my lor…} {Don’t say that Suundaika, that won’t help anyone to hear that.} {Okay then, remember to show them your Tachyium Neoum!} {My what?} {The crystals that we generate. Until next we meet.} (Thank you for your help. I wont forget to come back} With that, he was on his way to find out who and what he was, while also trying to find out why he was there.