LKIN Review Process Information Guide

Lean Kanban India follows a standard process and scoring system for review & shortlisting the best sessions for the conference program.

Prior to starting the review, a 4-5 people Review Team is identified basis on following criteria

Review team members reviews the session independently as well as they collaborate as group for review.

Review Process involves following phases/steps

STEP 1: Inviting sessions

STEP 2: Initiating Review

STEP 3: Fixing Feedback

STEP 4: Program Finalisation

Session Scoring Rubric includes following criteria

  • Presentations Skills: 30%
  • Speaking Experience & Past Feedback
  • Presentation Ability & Style
  • Engaging Audience & Effective Q&A Facilitation
  • Learning Objectives: 30%
  • Relevance to theme and audience level
  • Clear and measurable outcomes
  • Quality of Presentation, Detailed Articulation and Examples
  • Unique Value brought by the Session: 20%
  • Innovative Ideas & Implemetable Concepts
  • Value Delivered for Time Investment
  • Deliver plan/format Structure: 20%
  • Presentation Method & Approach
  • Effective planning of time and activities
  • Wow Factor  - Yes/No
  • Your submission should create enough intrigue for someone to say, "This is a must session for the conference !”

*This is a reference rubric and review team may include more suitable criteria time-to-time without any prior notice.


Review Process Detail (Step by Step)

Step 1: Inviting sessions

Step 2: Initiating Review

Step 3: Fixing Feedback

Step 4: Program Finalisation