Scanning for PDF - Xerox 5330

Scanning to Make an Accessible PDF

The purpose of these instructions are to provide guidelines for producing the highest quality scan to make and accessible PDF document. The Xerox Workcentre 5330 and 5335 have the same screens.

1. Log in to the multi-function-device (MFD) with your printing pin.


Image of the Home screen on the Xerox 5330. There are four main tasks presented. They are, (in order from L-R) Copy, Email, Store to USB, and Release documents.

2. Select the Email option on the home screen. Add your email address to the To: field, and optionally change the subject to something that will help you remember what the message is about.

In order to ensure that the quality of the resulting scan will be as high as possible there are three settings we need to check and/or change. They are:

3. Set the color setting to Grayscale.


Image of the scan color setting with Grayscale highlighted.

4. Adjust the resolution to 300 dpi.


Image of the Advanced Settings tab and the resolution setting, located in the upper right corner.

5. Check to make sure that the document format is set to PDF.


Image of the Email Options tab with the file format settings located in the top-center of the page.

6. Once these settings have been addressed you may click the green button on the MFD to scan and email your document.

Once back at your machine you may download the document and open the document in Adobe Acrobat Pro for further editing. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro and would like it installed on your machine, please submit a request through SchoolDude.

Questions or problems? Please contact IT Support at or 608-363-2067 for assistance.

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