Konrad Seifert

Translating EA Community Building Strategy into Local Group Tactics

In this workshop, we will translate the most recent thoughts on group strategy into a tactical plan for our local communities. Through the work we have been doing in Geneva, we will illustrate the frameworks and give you concrete examples for implementation.

From starting a group, to doing concrete things, to getting the right people on board, to establishing local anchorage, to managing volunteers, to evaluating impact - running local communities is no easy feat. We have been trying out different things for three years now in Geneva. 2017-2018 allowed us to do so a lot more systematically because we received funding to work full-time.

Building local communities of aspiring effective altruists is important if we think that most value of the community lies in the mid- to long-term future. By providing the local infrastructure (space, resources and opportunities) necessary for sustainable learning and growth, local groups can have tremendous impact on the health of the global community. This workshop is a first step to better coordinating such infrastructure.