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REMIND: To:81010 Text this message @8gf7e9, this is how I will communicate with parents and players. Players and Parents are required to join REMIND

 Congratulations on the REGION championship, AGAIN!! You guys/girls did an amazing job all year long, and it paid off!!!

Golf tryouts will be held in mid to late February. Additional information will be given prior to Christmas break.

Remember that golf is just as much mentality as it is physicality!!! The difference between a GREAT player and an average player is how they handle ADVERSITY!!!! A GREAT player will move past the adversity and an average player will keep letting it bother him/her, therefore affecting the rest of his/her play. So, ALL RHMS players need to always move past the adversity, that’s when you will know that you are on the right path to becoming great.

Head Coach: Randell Boone can be reached at

Online Reg/Physical Form: 

RHMS 2022 Golf Schedule