Published using Google Docs Disclaimer Statement 2018-8-22
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It has recently come to my attention that this domain name, , is being confused with a completely different and unrelated “cloud mining services” platform, with a similar domain name and a product they named “” ( which is the same name as this domain ). Their “” product has no affiliation or connection to this domain name or its owner.

On Monday August 20th 2018, I discovered this issue after googling my domain name, “”, and finding hundreds of results from various advertisements across the internet incorrectly stating that provided cloud mining services . These websites are using confusing hyperlinks, which cause some users to think they are being linked to; when in fact they are being linked to another website with a similar, but different, domain name.

For example, many anchor tags on these sites are implemented like so:

<a href=””></a>  

This gives users the impression that they are being directed to (as this is the highlighted text they see), when they are actually being pointed to (as this is the the value of the href property, in the anchor tag, which determines where a hyperlink actually sends the user).

I purchased the domain in January 2016. I never used this domain for anything, until today August 22nd, 2018 ( to post this disclaimer).

This domain,, and its owner are NOT and NEVER have been involved with providing mining, cloud mining, or any other crypto related products or services.

Though unrelated entities have used, and will likely continue to use the name “”, in their product naming and or advertisement, they do so without the endorsement of this domain.