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My name is Charlie Robin Jones.

I’m an editor and advisor based in London.

My work is concerned with finding ways for the emancipatory ideas contained in radical culture to infiltrate global discourse. If you would like to think about this together, my email address is

Current positions are:

  1. Head of external relations for the cultural research company Flamingo
  2. Editor-at-large of materialist journal Real Review
  3. UK correspondent of Flash Art, where I write a quarterly column on fashion.

Recent speaking invitations include:

Previous roles include digital editor of Dazed, head of digital at 032c in Berlin and commissioning editor on the Guardian’s foreign desk.  Outside of these, I’ve consulted for Cartier, BMW, Sadie Coles and NTS Radio, and written for Zak Kyes, SSENSE, Wolfgang Tillmans and Arca.

You can view my CV on LinkedIn, and follow me on Instagram.  

This is what I look like in a gown: