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Matt Beard Art  Plein Air Documentation                                              

Artwork Title: ALL THAT REMAINS 

Size: 20” x 10”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  

Date Painted: 9-11-17


Base Price: $1 per sq. in.

Field Notes:

Cerebral flapjacks cooking on the whiskey bar

Artificial roller coaster couldn’t beat the bumper car

Creepers in the bushes don’t look now it aint no good

Sterilize, sanitize, scrub it kook, give em all your food

Paint the cave, take a bath, what about the money

Stick parade, children laugh, hide them from the sun

Drink the water, drink the brine, eat the fish and honey

Leave a tip, exit quick, once the eatin’s done

Sun and wind, electric eels, drying on a line

The pizza burned the house down and blamed it on the wine

Our feet are wet with old concrete the romans laid to last through time

We checked the clock the time ran out but they said they didn’t mind


How about the old ones, still soaking in the past?

The love they made, the things they said, none of which would last

They wrote their names upon the walls like flowers through the cracks

They killed the sky, they drowned the moon, they wrote them loud and fast

Look around, make no sound, what is it we have gained?

This is it, nothing more, this is all that still remains



Distance from Humboldt: $15 per county


Overnight Travel Required: $75

Sleeping in Van Required: $50

Tricky Urban Van Camping Required: $25


Paid Parking: Cost of Parking

Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: $50

Parking Ticket Incurred: Cost of Ticket

Private Land: $50

Posted No Trespassing: $100

Harassed by Authorities and/or Told to Leave: $150

Citation Incurred:  Cost of Citation

Fence/Gate Hopping: $50

Barbed Wire: $50

Blood: $50

Hauling Gear on Foot: $25 per mile

Off Trail Wilderness Tromping Required: $15

Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: $25

Full On Bushwhacking: $75

Poison Oak Observed: $15

Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: $25 each

Tick Bites: $150 each

Bee/Wasp/Insect Stings: $25

Wind Speed: $10 per mile per hour over 10mph

Lack of Shade: $50

Heat/Cold: $5 per degree over 70/ under 50


Excessive Public Conversations/Distractions: ranges from $25-$150



Able to Paint View from Back of Van: Subtract $50

Private Land With Permission (Your Land):  Subtract $250

Cold Beer and/or Snacks Delivered During or After Paint Session: Subtract $50

Fun Surf at Location Before or After Painting: Subtract $50

Room and Board for 1 week during a paint tour of your area: Subtract Everything!



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