Spirit Dress Day Regulations

In keeping with the spirit of the season and class competitions, we encourage all students and teachers to participate in the dress days designated during football season and at various times throughout the year. It is important, however, to remember important regulations for dress on these days. The regulations are as follows:


Shirts must be at minimum short sleeve and of full length. No muscle shirts or spaghetti straps and no cropped tops are allowed. Shirts cannot be sheer or see-through. No inappropriate symbols or slogans are allowed.

DRESS CODE-JACKET POLICY-Full zip-any style. Pullover or half zip must follow uniform colors with no emblem or design larger than a student ID.  

DRESS CODE/PANTS-Uniform pants or shorts are expected as normal unless the student chooses to pay $1.00 to wear jeans or sweats. AT NO TIME SHOULD A STUDENT WEAR ATHLETIC STYLE SHORTS of any kind.

DRESS CODE/JEAN POLICY - $1.00 cost unless otherwise designated.

No ripped, cut, frayed, or slit bottoms. No holes and therefore no tape allowed covering the holes. Jeans should be plain – free from pictures and designs. Jeans should fit over boots.

DRESS CODE/SWEATPANTS- $1.00 cost unless otherwise designated.

Sweatpants or joggers must be of a solid color. No holes and no alterations of any kind. No thin or clingy material.The sweats may have a KHS logo or emblem- to include athletics and clubs.


-Headbands and bandanas can be worn but must be no more than two inches in width and cannot cover the ears.

-No caps/hats are to be worn in the building.

-No face paint or covering.

When determining dress for spirit days be creative and dress within guidelines and we should have no issues. If you are unsure, ask administration.