Title: Mentor, Healthier AI

The vision of Healthier AI is to help young leaders to build more Trustworthy AI. Mentors will play a vital role supporting new leaders as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.


A Mentor is anyone who has:

Mentors will provide support and guidance to their assigned project leads as they go through the program and learn to work openly on their projects. Mentors will gain valuable coaching skills and connections across Mozilla and the open source community.


  1. Attend mandatory mentor training* (90min, online) before the program starts. If you would like additional support, there are optional monthly mentor trainings along with 1:1 support available throughout the program.
  2. Review, rank and select 1-2 projects to mentor during the review process.
  3. Be available at the same time every week for the following meetings. Meet with each of your assigned projects for 30min every two weeks. Connect your mentees to others by inviting Experts or other Mentors to join these calls. If you have to miss a week, please arrange for an Expert to join in your place.
  4. Attend at least two of the ‘Full Cohort’ meetings (60 - 90min). We encourage you to attend as many as possible to support your projects.
  1. Complete assessment forms on your mentees and update the meeting tracking sheet (link tbd) so we can best support you throughout the program.
  2. Support and advise the projects you are mentoring on avenues for getting practical experience working with contributors on their project.