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7 ways to take care
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  1. Wake up Early.  Give yourself 30-60 minutes alone each morning.  Sit with your coffee or tea.  Do not turn on your phone.  Find silence and stillness.

  1.  Get moving.  Turn on music and dance.  Try a workout video on YouTube.  Stand up from your desk and do 10 jumping jacks and 15 squats. Get that heart-rate up!  It will feel even better if you end up sweaty.  

  1.  Get outside.  Take a walk.  Sit on the porch.  Find water to stare at for a few minutes.  Fresh air does wonders in as little as ten minutes.  Notice what’s growing or not in your area.  Where is there unexpected wildlife?  Which way is the wind blowing?  

  1.  Write it down.  Get a blank notebook.  Grab that half-used legal pad from the kitchen drawer if you must.   Set a timer for ten minutes and start to write.  Not sure how to start?  Try “This morning I felt…”   or  “ I wish that I could…”  don’t edit.  No one will read this, maybe you won’t read it again either.  Just let your thoughts out of your head for ten straight minutes.  Have more time? Keep going.

  1. Feed Yourself well.  Stop for meals.  Use fresh produce.  Eat slowly and mindfully.  Getting in two servings of greens every day is a great start!

  1.  Wash your Face before bed.  Seriously.  Take Five minutes to cleanse, treat and moisturize.  Wash off your day.  Spritz on a little toner.  Gently dab on eye cream.  Use a good, thick night cream.  

  1. Stretch.  Put on comfy clothes.  Sit on a blanket, bath towel or yoga mat.  Nod your head yes.  Shake your head no.  Give yourself a big hug.  Give those cramped shoulders and neck some attention.  Reach towards your toes.  Lay on your back and hug your knees to your chest. Find what feels good to you and then stand up refreshed.