#VoteFeminist 2018


Why It’s Important to #VoteFeminist

Election Day is almost here. We’re in the final push to organize our friends, peers, and families to vote their beliefs at the ballot box.

When they say this is one of the most important elections - it’s not an exaggeration. Countless critical issues from reproductive health to racial justice to LGBTQIA+ rights to gun safety to immigrant justice to affordable education are being voted on. These issues govern our lives - and the rights of many communities - and they’re on the line this November 6th.

Millenials + Gen Z voters are currently the largest voting block in this entire country. Can you imagine how powerful we could be if we seized this opportunity with full force? Young people have played a huge role in deciding elections in the past. In 2012, the youth vote helped swing Ohio and decide the Presidential election. In 2016, a feminist candidate won by only 700 votes in New Hampshire. In Arizona, an upsurge of youth voters in 2016 helped elect feminist representatives who in turn ratified the Equal Rights Amendment in 2017. And in Virginia 2017, youth and student turnout nearly doubled, helping Virginia to one of the most historic feminist elections in history. It’s time we turn these examples into the norm.

Young people have power in elections; we just have to use it. Getting the word out via social media and flooding your friends’ newsfeeds is imperative in this election. That’s why we’ve created this digital organizing toolkit for you to use in the final push before Election Day. Use it (and these other graphics!) to mobilize your friends, peers, campuses, and communities.

When we show up, we decide. So let’s put in the work to make sure we do.

Sample Social Media Timeline

From now until Election Day, keeping a steady stream of communication about the importance of voting will be crucial. However, there are certain high impact time periods that matter most: Halloween, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Weekend, the day before elections (Election Eve, if you will), Election Day, and a few hours before polls close (these will differ from state to state).

When scheduling/planning your group’s social media, use this timeline to target your Tweets, Instagram posts/stories, and Facebook posts.

Countdown to Election Day

        The Week Before (10/30 - 11/5)

Halloween (10/31)

GOTV Weekend (11/3-11/4)

The Day Before (11/5)

Election Day (11/6)

Below you’ll find sample social media for Halloween, the Countdown to Election Day (including GOTV weekend and November 5th), and Election Day. HERE you will find even more Feminist Campus graphics for the Countdown to Election Day, Halloween, and Election Day, all organized by type (Twitter, Facebook, GIF, Instagram, or Instagram story post). Feel free to caption and use these on your feminist group’s or personal social media and/or make them your own!

Halloween Sample Social Media

Halloween is scary, but you know what’s even scarier? Conservatives are doing everything within their power to disenfranchise voters and make sure that young people can’t - and don’t - vote on November 6. Check your voter registration here: bit.ly/2QlzujW

Feminists bite back! Let’s get some fresh blood into office - Election Day is less than a week away. #VoteFeminist on November 6.

Don’t ghost on Election Day! Get yourself to the voting BOOth on November 6 and #VoteFeminist.

Witch, please! On Halloween we cast spells … On November 6 we cast votes. #VoteFeminist

My friend’s pumpkin carving: 🎃

My pumpkin carving:

The Trump administration has spent the past 2 years weaving a web of lies - it’s time to dust off those cobwebs. #VoteFeminist on November 6.

Cat’s out of the bag! Election Day is right around the corner. #VoteFeminist on November 6.

Keep the monsters under your bed out of office and #VoteFeminist on November 6th!

The past 2 years have been a nightmare, but on November 6 we rise up - and #VoteFeminist.

Want to hear a chilling story? Last year in Virginia, a feminist candidate lost when her opponent’s name was SELECTED OUT OF A BOWL in a nail-biting tie breaker. Every vote *really* matters. Every single one. #VoteFeminist

Countdown to Election Day Sample Social Media

There are countless issues at stake in this election, and we have the power to have a say in who represents us. Let’s use that power. #VoteFeminist on November 6.

This election season, 34 states are enforcing voter ID requirements. Is your state one of them? Make sure you know exactly what you need to #VoteFeminist before you get to the polls on November 6: bit.ly/1QkPv40

Did you vote absentee this election season? Have you mailed your ballot in yet? Hit the post office TODAY and #VoteFeminist!

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We deserve politicians who are not indifferent and hostile to our pain. We deserve politicians who will prioritize people over profit, humanity over power, and dignity over bigotry. #VoteFeminist

Do you have early voting in your state? If you do, it’s the perfect day to go out there and get your civic engagement on! #VoteEarly #VoteFeminist

When young people show up, we decide. #VoteFeminist

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Conservatives are doing everything they can to disenfranchise voters and make sure that young people don’t vote on November 6. Check your voter registration here: bit.ly/2QlzujW and your state’s Voter ID requirements here: bit.ly/1QkPv40

We’re sick and tired of representatives who do everything in their power to police our bodies, our choices, and our lives. It’s time to elect representatives who represent our needs, our experiences, our voices. #VoteFeminist


  1. We refuse to be silenced.
  2. We’ve protested outside of courtrooms and government buildings, pressured our administrations demanding better for our campuses, shown up in massive outpourings in the streets at marches.
  3. We’ve made calls, written emails and letters, knocked on doors, collected signatures, circulated petitions.
  4. We’ve become more powerful than they can handle.
  5. And you can sure as hell bet that we’re voting. #VoteFeminist

When politicians seek to deny healthcare to millions of Americans, they are systematically killing us. Healthcare for millions is on the line this election. #VoteFeminist

Millenials + Gen Z make up the LARGEST VOTING BLOC in this country. Can you imagine how powerful we could be if we seized this opportunity with full force?

Hey you! Are you sick of old white men in government making decisions about your life? Are you tired of harmful policies and laws that negatively impact our communities? Then I've got just the thing for you! #VoteFeminist on November 6.

We do not want to be made sick by the air we breath and the water we drink. We deserve politicians who will protect our planet, our health, and our futures. #VoteFeminist

I am a:



⚪non-binary person

Looking for:



⚪non-binary people
🔘politicians who won’t undermine my rights and destroy my future

#VoteFeminist on November 6.

You ever feel so passionately about getting the youth vote out and mobilizing around issues that affect our bodies, lives, and futures just to flex on people who call millennials and gen z-ers self-absorbed and apathetic? #VoteFeminist

Don't *just* #VoteFeminist - amplify your vote and go knock on some doors this weekend! Then, tap 5 friends and bring them to the polls with you!

It’s a great day to do your election research! To learn more, check this resource out: https://bit.ly/2DbfYn8

When you find out that voter turnout for midterm elections is *usually* only 37% (#VoteFeminist November 6):

   📏    (voting feminist on november 6)
              📍 my polling location

Find your polling place here: bit.ly/2eMpAaE #VoteFeminist

Me showing up at the polls to #VoteFeminist:

Today we’re kicking politicians out of office who have proven time and time again to be heartless, callous, and cruel, and voting those in who will prioritize our needs, experiences, and voices. It’s time to clean house. #VoteFeminist

From Alabama to Michigan to California, students are organizing their peers to get to the polls. Young people are NOT waiting on the sidelines - we’re hard at work fighting for our futures. We’re engaged, paying attention, mobilizing, and yes - we’re voting. #VoteFeminist


  1. Pay close attention to ballot measures. Across the country, there are statewide measures up for election this November, all of which *need* our attention and our votes.
  2. From Medicaid expansion to anti-discrimination to voting access, some of these ballot measures could have major long-term positive impacts on their respective states if they’re passed.
  3. In Michigan, voting Yes on Props 2 and 3 would help protect and promote voting rights by working to end gerrymandering and implementing practical measures to make voting more accessible.
  4. In Massachusetts, voting Yes on Question 3 would uphold a bill that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in public places.
  5. In Nevada, voting Yes on Question 2 could make feminine hygiene products tax exempt.
  6. And In Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah there are ballot measures to vote Yes on to expand Medicaid.
  7. There are also several terrifying ballot measures up for consideration, many of which (surprise!) center on restricting abortion access or silencing voters.
  8. Oregon, Alabama, and West Virginia all have harmful anti-abortion measures on the ballot that must be opposed. Vote NO on Amendment 2 in Alabama, Amendment 1 in West Virginia, and Measure 106 in Oregon.
  9. North Carolina and Arkansas both have exclusionary Voter ID laws on the ballot. These measures are part of a long history and effort of suppressing the votes of voters of color and low-income communities. Vote NO on the NC Voter ID Amendment and NO on Arkansas Issue 2.
  10. To learn more about the 2018 ballot measures (and to see if there are any in YOUR state), check out this quick guide: bit.ly/2ER3Ysl

Election Day Sample Social Media

Good morning feminists, let’s get this bread (and candidates that actually defend and expand our rights)!

Today is Election Day. Countless critical issues which govern our lives - and the rights of many communities - are at stake. Vote. Get your friends and families to vote. And remember - always #VoteFeminist.

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  1. Young people have played a huge role in deciding elections in the past. #VoteFeminist
  2. In 2012, the youth vote helped swing Ohio and decide the presidential election.
  3. In 2016, a feminist candidate won by only 700 votes in New Hampshire.
  4. In Arizona, an upsurge of youth voters in 2016 helped elect feminist representatives, who in turn ratified the Equal Rights Amendment in 2017.
  5. And in Virginia 2017, youth and student turnout doubled, helping lead VA to one of the most historic elections in history - electing the first Asian American woman, the first 2 Latina women, and the first trans woman to the Virginia legislature.
  6. It’s time to make these examples the norm.
  7. When we show up, we decide. The election is today. Organize your friends and family and show up to #VoteFeminist.


  1. Make no mistake: this culture of white supremacy, misogyny and bigotry is fueled by political leaders who elevate alleged sexual predators to the highest court, introduce bills that attempt to police our bodies, and refuse to pass protections for Dreamers.
  2. In turn, these political leaders are emboldened by those who buy into their message of hate.
  3. Turning out to vote on Election Day is a crucial way to break this cycle. Vote tomorrow. #VoteFeminist

It’s important to #VoteFeminist today. We are the ones who know what is best for us, and we need feminists who will carry OUR voices to action in office.

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TODAY is Election Day. DON’T BE A JERRY. #VoteFeminist

To Do Today:

✅ Vote

✅ Call and text all my friends and family and remind them to #VoteFeminist

Have you finished your to-do list?

For many folks, voting is a right that is shamefully denied. That’s why if we do have the privilege to show up, we’ve got to use it. Vote Feminist - for our bodies, lives, and communities. For our futures. #VoteFeminist

Show up to vote today, then show up to organize and hold our politicians accountable tomorrow. Our freedom depends on more than voting - but it’s one critical tool that we cannot afford to waste. Vote today, and #VoteFeminist.

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
|     Young people      |

|  have the power to  |

|  decide elections.    |

|     #VoteFeminist     |
|________________ |    

(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

Want to organize both digitally and on the ground? Here are some actions you can take throughout this last week:

→ Make your voting plan!

Do you know where your polling location is? Do you know when and how you’re getting to the polls? Figure out all of the logistics before Election Day to avoid that last-minute panic. Encourage your friends and peers to make their voting plans too. Procrastinating on homework and papers is one thing (been there!), but voting is something we can’t afford to mess up.

→ Research statewide ballot measures!

Ballot measures aren’t always given enough attention, but they’re really important. For example, Michigan has two measures on the ballot that could help end gerrymandering and make voting more accessible for working people, and both West Virginia and Alabama have anti-abortion amendments on the ballot this election. These ballot measures are often worded in confusing or vague ways (sometimes on purpose); decoding them and educating your friends and peers is a crucial action step you can take. For quick and easy help, check out this awesome resource: https://bit.ly/2OY395N

→ Hit the Streets during GOTV Weekend!

One of the most critical and high-impact weekends of the entire year is coming up: Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Weekend. This is one of the final pushes

to make sure people are aware that Election Day is coming up, to discuss the issues on the line, and to encourage everyone to go vote! Organize friends to canvass and door-knock with you. Find a local organization you want to volunteer with or host dorm-storms on campus where you knock on residence hall doors to remind your fellow students to vote.  

→ Organize a March to the Polls!

Voting has always been about individual voices building collective power; nothing signifies this better than a March to the Polls. Even more significantly, a march to the polls organized by college students represents the power of young people. Reach out to campusteam@feminist.org if you want help planning a march!

→ Organize a First Polls, Then Party Event!

Voting is more fun when you do it together! Organize an after-voting party where folks must show their sticker to enter, then hype it up in order to incentivize peers to get out there and vote!