November 19th

Chapter Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance by Bill Ball

Jim T.-Director --discussed V I P night 11/21 open for Hog Members and will be free food and drink,11/23 Food Bank Drive and ride to Carmellas  Grenada KSU at 10:00 A.M.

December 2nd planning meeting 6:00pm,no chapter meeting in December due to Holidays

Decorating for Christmas party Dec. 7th 10:00 A.M. and party starts at 6:30PM. Marian will coordinate food list. We will have 2 Hams and a Boston Butt will need veggies and desserts. If you want to play dirty Santa bring $20-25 gift and Susan will coordinate.

December 14th will be Breakfast with Santa 9:00A.M.-11:00 A.M. Cookers will be needed- John and Jim so far.

New Years our annual Ski Freeze January 1st with Lunch at Fitzgeralds if Temp. 35 or less no ride but could go in cages.

Danny G.-He has T-shirt catalog and will pass around and get order in by December.

Bill- balance in bank $1196.66

Marian- 25 members here and 22 have renewed dues, then she covered November birthdays.

Bill then discussed RSVP system, make sure your emails are correct,Cathy will update Calendar and send emails. New server will be mailchimp and it will start with invitation to Christmas party and you wi8ll get a response from server to confirm, Christmas invitation will be sent out tomorrow the 15th, we are trying to make communication as simple as possible.

There are group rides on Wednesdays with the Fun Farts.

Ralph won 50/50

White tickets dinner ride to Windy City second Tuesday in January

Jim T. adjourned the meeting, next Hog Chapter meeting Jan. 21st, third Tuesday every month.

October 15th 2019

Chapter Meeting Minutes

7:00 Jason called the meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Congratulation to Points of Interest finishers

        John and Judy

        Stacy and Judy

        Jason and Michelle Director

        Vickie and Bill Ball

        James and Cathy Coats

We need help cooking 10-25 Burgers

Saturday 10-18 Halloween Party 6pm-10-pm, Potluck,BYOB

Jason opened floor for any other nominations , Denise Garner -secretary and Cathy Coats Activities Director        

Accepted. Danny made a motion to cease nominations,seconded by Jim T. Jason gave out Ballots

Officers voted in are as follows:

           Director - Jim Tarver

Asst. Director-Danny Garner

Treasurer-Webb Master Bill Ball

Cathy Coats Activities Director

Road Captain-John  Cronnely

Membership-Marion Beck

James Coats-Safety Director

Secretary-Denise Garner

Jim Tarver:

        Not all rallies are posted yet,may start in March

Bill Ball:

        $1180.23 checking balance

Bank is charging us $15.00 a month for balance under $1000


19 Oct - Halloween Party

20 Oct - Cracker Barrel - Batesville

2 Nov - Road Kill Diner Ride

9th Nov. Ground Zero ride KSU-10AM,gi8ft wrapping will start

And STHD will have Freedom Fest for Vets and Chili Cookoff

16th Nov. Game night 5-9pm,potluck

19th Hog Chapter Meeting

23rd Nov. STHD-Food Drive and short ride KSU 10:00AM,$10.00 to enter,ride to Carmellas’ in


Dec. 7th Christmas Party more later


36 Present

96 Members

October Birthdays read

Renew now  at $15.00 through December.  Waiver cannot be signed till after 1 January

Danny Garner: Safety message,can order more shirts before December he will get Catalog

White Ticket - CarolG.Dinner Ride Spin -Memphis Barbeque

Suggestion - Chapter Chaplain - need nominations

Suggestion - post on Facebook - reminder of rides and meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00,

Minutes of 10-15-19 submitted

24 September 2019

Chapter Meeting Minutes

7:05 Jason called the meeting to order

Welcome New Member - Rickey Weaver

Thank you to those who have volunteered to cook at dealership events

Need cookers Saturday for Lunch 11 - 3

Congratulation to Points of Interest finishers

        John and Judy

        Stacy and Judy

        Jason and Michelle

TN Rally was an awesome time

Nominations for next year's officers

        Jason opened motion for nominations - Danny Garner Second motion

There will be no absentee voting

Nominations are:

        Cathy Coats - Secretary - Accepted

        Jim Tarver - Director  - Accepted

        Danny Garner - Asst Director -Accepted

        Bill Ball - Treasurer/Webmaster - Accepted

        John Connelly - Head Road Capt - Accepted

        Jason Dalton - Activities Director - Thinking about it

        Alan Cole - Activities Director - Declined

        Scott Malay - Activities Director - Declined

James Coats - Safety - Accepted

Cathy Coats and Kevin Cagle - Photographers

Get your Mileage in - 14,000 for the chapter

Jim Tarver:

        Most rally’s are out West

        Bikes, Blues and BBQ

        See Website for all Rally’s

Big number in Milage if you went to the TN Rally - get those numbers in

Bill Ball:

        $1008.23 checking balance

Bank is charging us $15.00 a month for balance under $1000, we have been charged $45.00 so far this year.  Sun Trust is our bank.  501C makes us a business account.

Quicken will no longer publish updates  $35.00 per  year.  New Program Count About??? Will take Quicken files cost $10.00 per year.

Audit for new leaders to be done each year. - Paper trail of all transactions.

Website is up and working - please use it - Bill tracks this.


5 Oct - Bald Butcher and Shelby Forest

7 Oct - Planning Meeting

10 Oct - Dinner Ride

12 Oct - RattleSnake Saloon Ride

15 Oct - Chapter Meeting

19 Oct - Halloween Party

20 Oct - Cracker Barrel - Batesville

2 Nov - Road Kill Diner Ride


29 Present

96 Members

Sept Birthdays read

Renew now  at $15.00 through December.  Waiver cannot be signed till after 1 January, possibly web access to see if waiver to be signed.  Email will be sent to all members.

Cathy Coats will bring a smoked butt and Ham for the Christmas Party

Pot Luck for the Halloween Party - no cost to Chapter

Danny Garner: Safety message

Need to expand our spacing between bikes 3 - 6  bike length on twisty roads, Don't get right up on someone at stop.

White Ticket - Terry Milner

50/50 - John Wessenger

Dinner Ride Spin - La Siesta

Suggestion - Chapter Chaplain - need nominations

Suggestion - post on Facebook - reminder of rides and meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

20 August 2019 Chapter Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Jason at 7:00 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There are no new members.

Nominations for Chapter Officer election will be next month - the meeting will delayed one week due to the TN Rally.  Meeting will be 24 Sept.

Does everyone know how to submit mileage?  Check in for chapter mileage.

TN Rally Suggestions:

        One volunteer a day to lead rides, so the same person is not leading everyday. - See Jason

Halloween Party 19 October - See Marian to volunteer for set up/clean up. Motion made for Chapter to spend $200 on Meat Tray and Pot Luck for Sides.  Motion passed.

Christmas Party 7 December - Motion made for members to cook hams, pot luck for sides.  .

 Popcorn will be DJ for both Halloween and Christmas.

Jim Tarver - all rally information is on the website.

August birthdays were read.

Bill Ball - $885.23 balance.

John Connelly - Upcoming rides

        Saturday - French

        Sunday - Grand Junction Cafe

        7 Sept -

        14 Sept - Lunch at Carmella

Lynn Taver questioned if we should rethink the cost meats for the parties.  All agreed the funding i with the upcoming fundraisers.

Sept 14 - need volunteers for breakfast cookers

Sept 31 - need volunteers for lunch cookers 11 - 3

Chaptqer Status:  95 Members, 25 present

Danny Garner did  pop quiz on hand signals.

Stacey Hamilton won the white ticket draw - Dinner ride to Tom’s BB

Debbie Rowland won 50/50 $20.00

7:40 meeting adjourned.

16 July 2019 Chapter Minutes

7:04 Jason called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No new members this month.

Jason:  Please thank Dori for the dressing up of the HOG Room.  “Looks like a HOG room.”

        31 Aug - need volunteers to cook - this is the same weekend as Land between the Lakes weekend

        Remember to check in your mileage - Does everyone understand how this works?

        26 July - need volunteers to cook - Block Party

        Racks is doing Bike Nite on Wednesday - NOT the dealership.

        Pancake cookout was good, just crappy weather we made $43.00

Block party is from 5 - 9, Walking Taco’s form the HOG Chapter


Jim Tarver:        Float trip is on! Should be nice weather, bring rope to tie cooler to tube, rafts and canoes will be available.  Keep you wristband for the campground, bring stuff to make lunch.

Rallys - see website for dates and locations.

Bill Ball:  Treasury Report $901.20 current balance.  Web Master:  Back up sent quarterly and also done on a weekly basis.

John Connelly: Activities; 27 July, Breakfast ride to Boliver, TN  Biscuitry Restaurant KSU at 7:00

        Lunch at David Beckkley house 9:30

Danny Garner, Safety: Remember to keep in the staggered formation.  Remember your Summer safety, sun screen and stay hydrated.

        Shirt order at next meeting

Marian Beck, Membership:  90 current members, 24 present tonight.  Happy Birthday to all July babies.

Mike Manna:

        White Ticket winner - Denise Garner, Dinner ride will be to One and Only BBQ - 13 Aug.

        50/50 - $27.00 winner Marian Beck

Meeting adjourned.

18 June 2019 Chapter Minutes

7:07 Jason whistled the meeting to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

2 new members:  Don ?  has to leave the meeting and Terry Lee from Nesbit, originally from California

Mileage Reports: Check in 1 mile from previous check in.  Chapter need to ba at first of year and end of year for 365 mileage report 1 January to 31 December.

Mileage from last year were read

Stacy Hamilton 4601

William Knight        21846

Cathy Coats        2299

John Connelly        6835

Scotty Luckett        24282

James Coats        6568

Larry Rowland        ???

Jason Dalton         6109

Walter Beck         4905

Billy Ledoux        3604

James Howlett        6507

We came in 48th - that is about the middle for our region.

Upcoming Rides/Events:

Saturday - Fund Raiser for La Bonheur - giving away of the Gun Safe (Larry Rowland won)

Sunday 6/23 Breakfast ride to Fitz, KSU at 8:30

Saturday 6/29 - Outpost at Pickwick - this can knock off Tennessee for Civil War site.

Saturday 7/6 - Hot Cakes & Harley’s - Neen volunteers - see Jason.  Possible ride after

Saturday 7/13 - BTC @7:00 am Dice Run

Tuesday 7/16 - Chapter Meeting

19-21 July - Float Trip - KSP - TBD

Friday 7/26 - Last Bike Nite on Fridays

Saturday 7/27 - Bowling

Saturday 8/3 - Ice Cream Social at David Beckley’s - TBD

Saturday 8/10 - Grammy Museum

August 16- 18 - Fri - Sun - Ride to Barber’s Museum

24 August - French Camp

31 Aug - 1 Sep - Land between the Lakes Ride

7 Sept - Casey Jones - KSU @ 7:00

9 Sept - Planning Meeting

18 - 22  September - Hills and Hollers Johnson City Rally

24 Sept - Chapter Meeting - moved one week later due to Johnson City Rally

28 Sept - Bald Butcher then ride through Meeman Shelby Park and maybe Ft. Pillow

From Jim Traver:

TN Rally - Hotels are very full - many events in the area at the same time.

Other Rallys:  

Hot Springs  - 28 -30 June

Sturgis SD - 2 - 11 Aug

Sturgis MS - 18 Aug

Lake of the Ozarks - 11 - 15 Sept

All  rallies are posted on the website.

Float Trip - need final head count by 1 July - all info on website

From Bill Ball :

Treasurer report - current balance $972.04

Webmaster:  Website is backed up with the newly purchased software.

From Danny Garner:

Name Tags - $5.00 deposit

CPR time to renew again - see Danny if interested

Shirt Order - the more we order we can get a % off total cost.  Begin taking order next month

Marian Beck:

88 Current Members - 23 present at meeting

Read June Birthdays.


50/50 - $30.00 won by Gina Lawson

White ticket - won by Daniel won

Don Beck spun for Daniel (has to leave)  Dinner Ride to Red Barn in Independence.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45.

21 May 2019 Chapter Minutes

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:06, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  

        New Members:  Dan Kappell and Pam and Tim McClain

Jason thanked those for the help with rides, leading rides and stepping up.

Mileage reports - ride 365 - check in at the end of year 2018 Check in at the beginning of 2019.  Who rides the most per Chapter gets the prize.  Check in if you have not.

ROC - Regional Officers Training.  We approved $200 per person, but since it was xso close we only used $150 per person.

Things that need to be fixed:   Web Page calendar, Disclaimer.  

Reminder:  Point of interest Rides must NOT have HOG on the patch.

Bylaws - Local ByLaws are not to be used per National.   Will meet with board of directors, notify HOG and dealership, advise members of bylaws being revoked.  All bylaws are through National HOG.

Bill Ball made a motion to do away with local chapter bylaws, seconded by Joe DeLuca.

This weekend is Eureka Springs.  KSU at 9:00 am from dealership

Hot Springs Rally

Bike Fest

Blues, Bikes and BBQ

Hills and Hollers - Johnson City, TN -Sept

Float Trip to Current River - July 19 - 21,  Still sites available at Big Springs RV Campground.  Rooms at Big Springs Hotel, Hawthorne or Current River Inn.  6 ½ hour float trip.

Treasury Report:  $1790.00

Website is up and running,  will remove bylaws,$11.95 a month for Yahoo Business, $13.98 upgrade in price.  Motion to approve, seconded and passed.

Bill also stated that a $70.00 initial, and $40.00 annual cost to Back up server software for webpage.  Motion made, seconded and passed.

Bill can put rides on the website, some are there now.

 John -

1 June ride to Crowley Ridge

8 June ride to Bald Butcher and Meeman Shelby State Park

15 June ride to Reel Foot and Boyettes for lunch

29 June ride to Out Post

Danny - Safety message:  Use Sunscreen, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month- Be Careful and drive defensively.

Meeting attendance:  36 Present, 87 members.

White Ticket winner Cathy Coats, Gift Card

50/50 won by Gina Lawson

Dinner Ride to Cross Roads

John Connelly is taking the Harley Training Coaches Course

16 April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Dinner - Pizza was provided by the dealership in appreciation for the volunteers for the Stay-tona weekend.

Jason call the meeting to order, pledge of allegiance.  He stated sorry about dinner - 8 pizzas for 40 people.  No new members.  Thank you to Jim and Lynn Tarver for the Chapter picnic set up.  Give your mileage reports to service dept or Marian.  LA rally - 26 members present.  Good time was had by all.  The RSVP system is working out on Facebook.  You must input your email information.

No activities this weekend due to Easter.

May 4 - Women’s Ride - Poker Run, need volunteers.  1st out at 1030, last in at 4:30, band at dealership $10 for rider, $5 passenger.

Eureka Springs KSU 24 May Friday @ 1000 am

Carol Perry gave us a positive update on Susan, Joe Deluca said a prayer for her.

Jim Tarver - New Harley Website, all Harley rallies are posted.

May 1 - 4 Panama City - Thunder Beach

May 9 - 19 Myrtle Beach

June 19 - 22 Winchester, VA

Sept 18 - 22 Hill & Hollars, Johnson City, TN

Sept 25 - 28 Bikes, Blues and BBQ

Float Trip - Still rooms available July 19 - 21, Current River, Campgrounds all RV type capable

Bill - treasury report $1764.90

Link to calendar - use new one

John - activities - Arp 27 Crystal Grill KSU 900 am for lunch, April 28 Fitz Bradfast ride, List of rides see web site.

Jason will list Civil War  Markers on Website,

Danny talked about parking lot safety, be aware of your surroundings.  Still have chapter shirts.  Name tags see Danny, 1st name tag $5, refundable, $10 for additional tags.

38 in attendance, with 40 slices of pizza.

Scott Malay won the 50/50

$50 gift card Kevin Cagle

Dinner ride will be Guadalajara

District Manager invited to float trip

Adjourned at 7:50.

19 March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Jessica said thanks for the support at Stay-tona, can we help on Saturdays?  Every Saturday for message contact Dori, will give gift card $25 -$50.

Jason - Thanks for the support at Stay-tona, Report mileage from 2018.  Next month dealership will provide dinner for us, be sure to RSVP.

        Civil War Rides - Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky.  Take picture with bike, patch at end of year.

        Jim - Picnic April 6 at Arkabutla

        Hog Rallies - 11 - 13  April Cajun Country

                          15 - 21 Sept Hills and Hollars - Johnson City TN

                                    19 - 23 June West Virginia

All rallies listed on HOG Site.

        Float Trip - July take sandwich stuff,  NO HOG insurance coverage on the water.

Bill - $1801.90 in treasury.  Audit two weeks ago, Jessica pleased with bookkeeping.

Web-Site- - new google calendar, will get a confirmation email with the new RSVP system discussed.  Lynn made motion Danny seconded.  All approved to change to new RSVP system, can add phone numbers to list.

Danny - Safety - Name tags open, can do another T-Shirt order, white shirts, no minimum order size.  Bring T=Shirt order to the picnic.

Marian - 83 members - 23 present tonight,  Birthdays

Mike - Saturday Chili Cook Off 1030 AM

Ride to Cherokee Bear Creek on Trail - next weekend

50/50 won by Billy

$50 gift card Debbie R.

Dinner Ride - Wise Guys April 9th

Jason - 2 Events 13th 10 - 2 Police Rodeo, Jump Start, Holly Springs - Blue for Autism event also on 13th event and ride.  Tunica Car show and crawfish festival.


15 January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Director Jason called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

New members introduced:

        Ron Porter from Collierville - been riding for 40 + years

        Neal ?????? - Originally from Lancaster PA, but now in Nesbit, been riding 46 years.

        Terry Lee - has a Trike and 2012 CVO Street Glide

Jason stated - New Year’s ride was a great turn out, $180.00 to the Dream Factory.

From last planning meeting:  

3 Months ahead

Cool weather - indoor stuff

Last Year’s Dam Rides - we had 15 participants

Discussed POI (points of interest) ride this year = Civil War Battlefields Theme rides, 12 rides      with pictures  in MS, AL, TN, AR, MO and KY.  Suggestions for names for this?

From Jim Tarver:  Assistant Director

        Float Trip in July - make reservations now,  RV Park 5 - 10 minutes from Big Spring Hotel.  RV park charges $5.00 per person visitor fee.

        Cajun Country Rally - 11 - 13 April Lafayette,LA.  Brian Brown will meet up with chapter member there.

        Hills and Hollows Rally - Johnson City  TN  in September

        National Rally - in August - Location TBA

Independent Rallys:


        Spring Thunder

        Hot Springs


        Lakes of the Ozarks

From Bill Ball:  Treasure Report

        $1367.15 + approx $500.00 for deposit.

        GPX file on WebSite

        Facebook survey - for planning Events

From John Connelly - Road Captain

        Need help on Road Captains - Marian to provide a list

From Danny Garner - Safety

        Memphis HOG is having Accident Scene Management Course - 20 people per course.  Basic and Advance $85.00 per class.  Possible dates are,  23-24 Mar, 6 - 7 Apr or 16-17 May.

Name tags - see Danny.

From Marian Beck: Membership Officer

        Read off January Birthdays; 71 member have renewed; 31 present tonight and 2 new members.

Mike Manna - Activities

        Range USA Date night - next Saturday KSU at 4:00 pm from dealership

        Bowling and Lost Pizza 26 Jan

        Big Bad Breakfast 20 Jan


        50/50 won by Chuck Bannon

        Door Prize by Jim Tarver

        Feb Dinner Ride - Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

7:50 meeting adjourned.

Due to the Holidays there was not a meeting in December 2018

Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018

Meeting opened by Director Jason and he led the Pledge of Allegiance,  Discussion held regarding Christmas gifts from dealership and proposed that they will share in expense of gift cards.  Lynn T. made a motion to approve up to $150, John C second motion, all in favor.  Michelle suggested Dirty Santa game with $25 - 30 gift all in favor.  This will be our December meeting time.  We will decorate for the party maybe later in the AM on Saturday there is a baby shower scheduled that day also.

Next planning meeting will be Jan 7th due to the holiday and ski freeze on Jan 1st.  Crawleys Ridge ride is on hold as well as December dinner and breakfast ride.  Hopefully we can get together on Ski Freeze with Bumpas than we can head to Tunica for Lunch.

This Thursday’s dinner ride is to Marshall’s weather permitting at 6:30 pm.

There is a Saturday ride to Cleveland MS KSU 8:30am, breakfast ride to Bass Pro KSU 9:00 am.

Information on Christmas Party and Ski Freeze will be on Website and Facebook.

Information from STHD service department - discounts if you bring in food for the food bank - get 15% off, can work on tires, winterize and also store bikes for the winter.

Assistant Director - Jim Tarver discussed coming rallys the one in October in Panam

a has been postponed, Daytona is in March, Hot Springs has all Bike Rally, Thunder in the Smokie is May 3 - 5 Maggie Valley, Cajun Country 11 - 13 April in Lafayette LA, Hills and Holler Rally in Johnson City, TN in September.

Float Trip - make your reservations early in January because they fill up fast and not very many places to stay.

All rallies are on the website also.

Treasury - Bill, as of the month we have $2173.35, if you need help with the website let him know.

Membership - Marian, have 150 members, 36 present and 45 renewed already, she covered birthdays for November and December.

Road Capt. John C, Jason to lead breakfast ride , Mike Manna to lead ride for Saturday KAU 8:30AM.

Hash is in the hospital will have bypass surgery keep him in your prayers.

Safety Director - Danny G, Discussed cold weather safety, heated gear, layering up, loose gloves that don’t constrict blood, stay hydrated, check tire grip.

Activities - Mike M., Tom G won 50/50, January dinner ride to Soul Shine Pizza in Oxford

Jason discussed HOT training and do we want chapter to pay some on expenses $200 per person, Judy H made motion to approve and Lynn T. seconded all in favor. Don’t forget to check mileage and Damn Rides.

Meeting adjourned

Hog Chapter Minutes      October 16th 2018

Meeting called to order by Jason D. 7:10 pm : 2 more nominations for officers,  Gina Lawson and Denise Garner for secretary. Denise declined so Gina will be secretary. The following are new office

Jason Dalton Director, Jim Tarver Assistant Director ,Treasurer Bill Ball , Secretary Gina Lawson , Activities Officer Mike Manna , Safety Officer Danny Garner , Membership Officer Marian Beck , Historian Danny Garner , Head Road Captain John Cronnelly , Photographer Kevin Cagle , Webmaster Bill Ball.        

Jason discussed upcoming events : Fright Fest at STHD Oct. 20th there will be 2 bands food ect. , 10/21 Breakfast ride to Blue and White , 10/24 HOG Shopping night 15% OFF must RSVP food and drinks served , Service Dept. has upgrade and discount for service to Bikes , 10/27 Ride to Crystal Grill Jim Tarver leading, KSU 8:30 AM , 11/3 Ride to Walking Tall Museum Adamsville Tn. 11/5 Planning meeting, 11/10 Ride for Toys for Tots KSU 8:00AM to Wolfchase then to Millington , also same day ride for Johnnie to Shelby Forrest , 11/11 Veterans Cemetary ride Crawleys’ Ridge and eat at Skinny Js , 11/15 Chapter Dinner ride Marshalls’ Steak House KSU 5:30pm , 11/17 Ride to Grammy Museum Cleveland MS KSU 8:00AM, 11/18 Breakfast ride to Bass Pro Shop KSU 8:00AM , 11/20 Chapter meeting , 12/1 Chapter Christmas party will have games Dirty Santa and White Elephant give aways , will need volunteers to help with set up, meet with Jason after meeting , don’t forget the Float Trip will  be July 19th-21st make reservations quick only two hotels Current River and Hawthorne info. is on Web site

Assistant Director Jim Tarver : discussed some of the upcoming rallies Thunder on Beach cancelled due to Hurricane, Biketober Fest- Daytona , Twin Lakes Rally , Cajun Country Rally in Lafeyette LA in April, Virginia Rally June 19th-23rd , Johnson City Tn September 18th-21s ,all Rallies are on Web site please check.

Last meeting minutes on Web site motion made to approve and

 Jim second all in  favor

Treasurer : Bill reported total on account - $1792.05 will report third quarter to John

Membership: Marian we have 31 members present , 33 renewed, total 114 members , she covered October Birthdays, renew membership now till December 31st $ 15.00 after that $20 , we will have Christmas wrapping station and proceeds will go to Baptist Childrens home

Susan won $50 gift card  , 50/50 $35.00, be sure and get mileage checked by December 31st .   Meeting dismissed by Jason D.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018


Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Joseph de Luca led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Jason stated that there are not any new members.


He reminded us that early membership renewal is in process right now through December 31, 2018.  The dues are $15.  After December 31, the dues are $20.


In regards to the Halloween party, the only date available for the room is October 13.  Jason asked if we wanted DJ Popcorn.  Cathy Coats made a motion to engage Popcorn.  James Coats seconded and all in favor.


Jason asked about getting Popcorn for the December 1 Christmas party and all were in favor.


He asked if it was okay to get a meat tray for both parties as we have in the past and all were okay with it.


It was established that for the Halloween Costume Prize it will be $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place and $25 for 3rd place.  James made a motion and Cathy seconded and all were in favor.


Jason asked did we want to ask the dealership to match $500 of the chapter’s money for the Christmas Party prizes.  John Cronnelly made a motion and James Coats seconded and all approved.


Jason announced the following rides and events:

9/22-Crystal Grill Greenwood

9/26-HOG shopping night

9/29-Boyette’s Reelfoot KSU 8 a.m.

10/1-Planning meeting

10/6-STHD Ride for the Girls

10/13-Halloween party

10/16-Chapter meeting

10/20-STHD Fright Fest

10/21-Breakfast Ride Blue & White


Secretary Cathy Coats distributed the minutes to everyone to read.  James Coats made a motion to accept and Jim Tarver seconded and all approved.


Assistant Director Jim Tarver has info regarding Current River trip motels and it is posted on the website.


Treasurer Bill Ball reported that we have $2385.49 in funds.


Head Road Captain James Coats discussed us riding as a group to Johnny Green’s memorial service and most of us agreed that we want to do that.


Safety Officer Joe de Luca discussed motorcycle accidents and wearing adequate helmet protection.


Membership Officer Marian Beck said we have 111 members with 31 present.  September birthdays were announced.


The ticket drawings were done.  Jerry Strain won the gift card and Debbie Rowland won $28 in the 50/50.


Mike Manna won the dinner spin wheel and it landed on Windy City Hernando.


Jason announced that it is time to make officer nominations.  Voting will be at the October meeting.  New officers take office effective November 1.


The following nominations were made:


Mike Manna-Activities Director

Jim Tarver-Assistant Director and Director

Jason Dalton-Assistant Director and Director

Bill Ball-Treasurer

John Cronnelly-Head Road Captain

James Coats-Safety Officer

Danny Garner-Safety Officer

Cathy Coats-Secretary

Marian Beck-Membership Officer

Kevin Cagle and Cathy Coats-Photographers

Danny Garner-Historian


Jason adjourned the meeting at 7:48 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats.

AUGUST 21, 2018



Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting and Danny Garner led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Director Jason announced the following events:


8/25: CPR for a fee of $25

8/25: STHD will have bikini bike wash and music

The National HOG Rally is in Milwaukee Labor Day weekend.

9/7-9: Ride to St. Louis to visit the arch

9/10: Planning meeting

7/19-21/2019: Current River Float Trip in Van Buren, MO – make your reservations now.

9/8: STHD Ride for LeBonheur

9/15: STHD off site bike night at Windy City Como

9/26: Shopping at dealership

10/6: STHD Annual Ride for the Girls

10/20: STHD Fright Fest

9/22: Govenor’s ride from Jackson, Ms to gulf coast

Next meeting will be officer nomations.  Be prepared to nominate in September.  Elections are in October.


Secretary Cathy Coats read the July meeting minutes.  A motion was made to accept and seconded and all were in favor to approve.


Assistant Director Jim Tarver went over various upcoming rallies.  He also discussed the 2019 Current River Trip to Van Buren, Mo.  The float trip will start from Big Spring Campground.  Be sure and get your motel reservations early.


Director Jason added that the regional HOG rally will be held in Lafayette,, LA in April 2019.


Treasurer Bill Ball announced that we have $2217.99.


Head Road Captain said quote unquote “Ain’t got nunthin”.


Safety Officer Joe de Luca discussed symptoms of food poisoning vs stomach virus and how to prevent and treat.


Membership Officer Marian Beck announced that we have 111 members with 35 being present.  She reminded everyone that membership can be renewed beginning next month at the early renewal rate of $15.  Marian then gave us the August birthdays.


The 50/50 drawing was won by Jim Tarver and he received $42.50.  Gina Lawson received the gift card.  The dinner wheel was spun and Crossroads was selected.  


Director Jason adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats.



The meeting was opened by Director Jason Dalton at 7:10 p.m.  with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Jim Tarver.

New members, Jerry Strain and James Phillips, were introduced.

We had visitors who recently moved to Oakland, TN from Colorado, Mr. & Mrs. Tactac.

Old business regarding the Current River was discussed.  Jim Tarver stated we would not be able to get lodging for 2018 and that we needed to set dates for 2019 and make reservations now.  July 12 weekend and July 19 weekend are possibilities.  A date will be determined and the chapter will be notified soon.

Upcoming events are as follows per Director Jason Dalton:

July 21 – Dam Lake Ride – cancelled due to lack of interest due to the heat

July 22 – Breakfast Ride to Blue & White

July 28 – Pickwick Dam Ride and Outpost Lunch

August 4 – Bowling

August 6 – Planning meeting

August 14 – Dinner Ride

August 19 – Breakfast Ride

August 21 – Chapter meeting

Assistant Director Jim Tarver stated the rallies can be found on the internet.

He explained the IRS tax situation regarding charitable contributions which HOG National states that we are to follow these regulations.  The chapter cannot make charitable contributions nor can it collect charity funds and have it pass through the chapter’s funds.  The chapter can help a charity but any money collected must be handled by the charity.  The 50/50 raffle is okay proving the income from the 50/50 is not more than 15% of the chapter’s total income.  Income for the chapter is dues and assessments.  Assessments are done only when a chapter owns property.

Secretary Cathy Coats stated that the June minutes had been distributed for reading and asked for a motion to accept.  Lynn Tarver made a motion to accept and Carol Perry seconded.  All were in favor for approval.

Treasurer Bill Ball stated that we have $2268 in the bank.  He also said to check out the website for calendar, ride, officer and road captain information.

Head Road Captain James Coats talked about the dam rides in progress.  To earn our patch, we are to do a total of 7 dams.  3 of those dams must be at least 100 miles from your starting point.

The 50/50 drawing was done and won by John Murphy.  The gift card was won by Stacy Hamilton.  Larry Rowland spun the wheel for the dinner ride and Hollywood was chosen.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Phillips Coats.

JUNE 14, 2018

Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m.  with the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Jason reviewed the following scheduled rides:

6/23:  Ride the Lakes - chapter voted for lunch at 333 Restaurant.

6/30:  Date Night at Range USA - $50/couple for 2 dinners, and 2 targets.  KSU 4:30 p.m.

Week of July 1:  Post on FB if you want to go on a ride.

7/11:  Wiseguys dinner ride PLUS planning meeting.  KSU 6 p.m.

7/13:  Blanchard Springs Caverns in Mountain View, AR  KSU 8 a.m. Return on 7/15.

7/17:  Chapter meeting

7/28:  Current River float trip in Van Buren, MO still being planned.

Secretary Cathy Coats announced that copies of the previous month’s minutes has been placed on the tables for everyone to read.  She asked if there was a motion to accept.  Jim Sleeper made a motion and Lynn Tarver seconded and all approved.

Assistant Director Jim Tarver announced that there are not any rallies close.  The National HOG Rally is Labor Day weekend.  Check FB for float trip motel info.

HEAD ROAD CAPTAIN JAMES COATS discussed the Points Rides.  This year it is being adjusted since we are getting a late start for the Dam Rides.  A chapter member can visit ANY 7 dams.  3 of the dams must be at least 100 miles from the starting point.  The other 4 can be less than 100 miles, if desired.  At the end of the year upon completion of the 7 dams, a patch will be given.  

James is leading the lake ride and Allyn Cole is sweeping.  

Allyn Cole will lead the ride to Range USA.

Treasurer Bill Ball stated that we have $2107.99.  See website for rides information.  

Historian Danny Garner stated has a few assorted sizes in the t shirts.  

On behalf of Marian who was away with family, Danny announced the June birthdays.

Jason announced that we have 35 members present at the meeting.

Safety Officer Joe De Luca discussed different degrees and causes of sunburns and skin cancer and skin and eye problems from too much sun.  He also talked about staying hydrated during the heat from the sun and the symptoms of dehydration.  Another topic mentioned was heat stroke and how to deal with it.

The 50/50 ticket was drawn and Pam Sandoval was the winner of $35.  The white ticket was won by Jason Dalton who received a $50 gift card.  

Jason adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats.


MAY 15, 2018

Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7:07 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

New member, Don Schmidt, was introduced.

Jason brought up one of the items that was learned at Harley Officer Training.  He stated that we must eliminate the road captain requirements of CPR training and first aid training.  This is due to the risk liability status it puts the chapter in by requiring the training.  By removing the training requirements, the risk liability is reduced.  To be a road captain now, you must lead or sweep a ride at least one time per year.

Jason also brought up the tax liability of having charitable funds pass through the chapter’s accounts.  This was another item learned at HOT.  Marian Beck made a motion to delete the charity and bereavement funds and to have one fund only.  Cathy Coats seconded this motion.  A discussion was held regarding the purpose of the funds and the continuing of bereavement flowers and/or cards.  Clarification was given regarding the charitable tax liability for the chapter.  A vote was held on the motion and was approved by the majority.


Jason announced the following rides/events:

May 19:  Ride to Water Valley from Coldwater Shell Station.  KSU 9 a.m.  There will be lots of curves.

May 19:  STHD off site bike night.

May 29-June 2:  Great Smoky Mountain HOG Rally. Maryville, TN.

If you are not going to the rally and want to ride, post on Facebook chapter page to get a ride together.

June 4:  Planning Meeting.

June 12:  Dinner Ride.

June 16:  Ride to Patty’s in Wildersville, TN.

June 19:  Chapter Meeting.

June 23:  STHD off site bike night.

June 23:  Chapter picnic at Baptist Children’s Home in Coldwater, MS.  Marian Beck, Jim Tarver and Cathy Coats volunteered to be on the picnic committee.

July 20-22:  Ride to Van Buren, MO and tube float the Current River.


Secretary Cathy Coats read the April meeting minutes.  John Cronnelly made a motion to approve.  Judie Cronnelly seconded the motion and the majority approved.  Cathy asked the members if they would be okay with her placing a copy of the minutes on each table to be read at each person’s convenience instead of her taking up meeting time reading the minutes.  A motion was made and seconded and all approved.


Assistant Director Jim Tarver talked about the July 20th tube float trip to the Current River in Van Buren, MO.  He said there are 2 motels and a campground and you need to get your motel reservation made right away.  Jim said that The Lodge rate is approximately $150 per night and the other motel is approximately $85 per night.  The tube float will be approximately 5 ½ hours.


Jim also said that he is leaving with a group on Monday, May 28 to go to the Smoky Mountain HOG Rally and asked when others are leaving.  John Cronnelly’s group is leaving Saturday, May 26.  They both said anyone is welcome to join up and ride together.

Jim went over several different rallies occurring in August, September and October – mostly in Arkansas.


Treasurer Bill Ball stated that he met with STHD manager Jon on today’s date for the annual audit and that it went well.  Jon suggested that a copy of the budget file be sent to him monthly.

Bill reported a current balance of $2571.


Head Road Captain James Coats had an exercise for each table.  Each table created an activity ride and came up with quite a few different ideas that sound exciting.

James told about a new idea in the works.  He said he hoped to get it started somewhat this year and it definitely will be in full swing at the beginning of next year.  The idea is an annual themed points of interest rides.  The first year will be rides to different dams.  Upon completion of the requirements, the operator and any passenger will receive a general patch.  Upon completion of each year’s themed rides requirements, a specific patch will be given.  For example, the first patch will be Dam Rides 2018.


Safety Officer Joe de Luca reviewed “rubber banding” while riding in formation.  Rubber banding is slowing down and then speeding up repeatedly while in formation.  People were used and moved around the room to demonstrate the rubber banding.  Joe explained this puts a hardship on the leader and the sweeper trying to keep everyone together in formation.  He also stated it adds fatigue to those affected by this type of riding.  Dropping back compromises the formation and allows other vehicles to get in the middle of the group.  Keep a safe distance, maintain speed and keep a tight formation.


Membership Officer Marian Beck reported that we now have 105 members of which 32 are present.  She announced the May birthdays.


Historian Danny Garner said he needs 10 orders to place an order for name tags.


Activities Officer John Cronnelly did the ticket drawings.  Bill Ball received the gift card.  James Coats received the 50/50.  Bill Ball did the dinner spin which landed on Lonnie Tants.


Jason Dalton adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully by Cathy Coats.


APRIL 18, 2018




Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


We had 3 new members introduced:  Harry De Young, Dave Myers and Mike Vang.


Jason went over the following ride and event dates:


April 21:             Southern Thunder Swap Meet and Blood Drive and off site Bike Night at Marshall’s Steak House.

April 22:             Breakfast ride led by Jim Tarver to Fitzgerald’s Casino.  KSU 9 a.m.

April 27-28:   Southern Thunder needs volunteers for Southaven Spring Fest to operate the jump start ma

April 28:             Hagy’s Catfish Motel ride led by James Coats.  KSU 9 a.m.

May 5:                            Ride to Drasco Trading Post.  In honor of International Female Ride Day, the women will lead the way.

May 7:                            Planning meeting.

May 8:                            Dinner ride.

May 12:              Ride to Blind Pig in Oxford via Holly Springs National Forest led by Stacy Hamilton.  KSU 9 a.m.

May 15:              Chapter meeting.  Social hour 6-7 p.m. and meeting 7 p.m. – approximately 8 p.m.

May 19:              Southern Thunder off site Bike Night.

May 29:              Smoky Mountain HOG Rally.

May 20:              Breakfast Ride to Casey Jones in Jackson, TN. KSU 8 a.m.


Jason asked that everyone going to Maryville for the HOG rally to meet after the meeting to attempt to group together to ride to Maryville.


Secretary Cathy Coats told about going to HOT officer training in Atlanta and that she learned a lot.  She thanked everyone for the opportunity.  Cathy read the March minutes..  Marian made a motion to approve and Carol seconded.  All approved.


Treasurer Bill Ball gave a report of account balances with $2068 in the general fund, $646 in bereavement and $145 in the charity fund.


Bill talked about items we learned in Atlanta at the HOT training and that there are a few changes we need to make within the chapter.  He told about the Harley Davidson charter being updated and that it has been updated on the chapter website for everyone to read.


Assistant Director Jim Tarver said we are shooting for June 23 for our chapter picnic.  He said see the website for the rallies.  Also, the schedule is out for the Smoky Mountain HOG Rally.  He said everyone that can to ride together to get there.


Safety Officer Joe de Luca said the CPR, AED and some first aid class is scheduled for August 25 and there is a $25 fee.  You will be good for 2 years.


Joe showed us a 15 - minute video on Formation Riding from MSF.   After the informative video, Bill said there is a direct link to MSF on our website.


Membership Officer Marian Beck reported that we have 99 members and that 35 are present.  We have 2 visitors.  She announced the April birthdays.


Activities Officer John Cronnelly did the ticket drawings.  Judie Cronnelly won the gift card and Judie Cronnelly also won the 50/50 of $45.  The same thing happened last month.  Melissa Sleeper won the dinner spin and we are going to Hollywood Café in Tunica.


Head Road Captain James Coats said we are going to focus on riding and having fun.  He reminded everyone about the ride to Hagy’s and stated that the weather was going to be great.


Jason added that everyone should read the new charter.  He also stated that July 21 weekend will be the float trip in Van Buren, MO.


Jim said that if it rains Sunday, we would go to Fitzgerald’s in cages for the breakfast ride and not miss out on the social time.


Jason adjourned the meeting at 7:54 p.m.



MARCH 20, 2018


Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.




Judie Cronnelly is not new to our chapter but tonight we had the pleasure of her being introduced as a new member.




Director Jason gave information on the following events:


March 21:  Chili Cookoff – 5 so far have entered.  There will also be a bake sale.  There will be a $2 donation to taste the chili.  Water to be furnished by the chapter.   Cathy Coats made a motion that we charge $1 for the water and the chapter will not be out that expense.  This motion was seconded by Mike.   All approved.


March 30:  Open due to Easter weekend.  If you want to ride, post it on Facebook.


April 2:  Planning Meeting and Road Captain Meeting.  It is mandatory for all road captains to be there.


April 4:  VIP party for HOG members at the dealership.


April 6:  Southern Thunder Bike night on site.


April 7:  Hagy’s Catfish Ride.  KSU 9 a.m.


April 10:  Monthly Dinner Ride.  KSU 6 p.m.


April 14:  HOG Officer Training in Atlanta.

                Water Valley Ride to BTC Restaurant led by Stacy.  KSU 9 a.m.


Jason made a motion to give $200 to each officer attending the training to help with expenses.  This was seconded and all approved.


April 17:  Chapter Meeting.


April 21:  Swap Meet at Southern Thunder.  Skilled Rider Course.  Bike night at Marshall Steak House in Holly Springs.  KSU 6:30 p.m.


April 22:  Breakfast ride to Fitzgerald’s.  KSU at 9 a.m.


We are looking at sometime in May for our annual picnic.  The grounds at Baptist Children’s Home in Coldwater should be dry by May.




Jason gave the treasurer’s report for Bill.  We have $2275 in the general fund, $646 in bereavement, and $145 in charity.





Due to Cathy’s voice not being good, James read the February minutes for her.  James made a motion to accept the minutes.  Joe seconded and all approved.





Our assistant director, Jim Tarver, provided dates for several upcoming bike weeks and rallies.


May 29- June 2:  Regional HOG Rally in Maryville, TN.


June 21-23:  Southwest HOG Rally in New Mexico


Labor Day weekend:  National Rally in Milwaukee.


May 2-6:  Spring Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City Beach


May 11-20:  Myrtle Beach Bike Week.


August 17-18:  Mountains, Music & Motorcycles


September 2-16:  Bike Festival of the Ozarks


September 26-29:  Bikes, Blues & BBQ


October 5-6:  Ride the Ozarks


October 18-21:  Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach


October 26-28:  Twin Lakes Thunder Rally




James Coats announced that the road captain phone list had been updated and laminated and thanked Jim Tarver for doing that task.

He gave the route for the ride to Hagy’s Catfish Motel on April 7.


If you want to be a road captain, see Marian, Joe or me – James.




Joe De Luca reported on dangerous potholes throughout the mid-south area and gave several locations of road conditions with potholes, road bumps and dips, road construction, bad repair patches, rough roads, and uneven roads.  He said contact your county supervisor to make complaints.


Joe let us know that Memphis has money to pay for damage caused from hitting a pothole but they are refusing to pay everybody.


Be sure and adjust your speed accordingly.  Use SEE method plan of action.  Ride defensively.


Joe reminded us that leaves and grass clippings in the road cause slickness and we will soon start seeing this in the road in certain areas.


Joe said he spoke with Cindy regarding CPR training and they are trying for August.  The following will be due for training:  Chuck, Mike, Jason, Jim, and Marian.

Denise said she wants to take the training.




Marian Beck reported that we have 97 members and 33 are present and she announced the March birthdays.




John Cronnelly had the blue ticket drawing and the white ticket drawing and Judie Cronnelly won $58 and won the gift card.  What? Judy Cronnelly won both!  


Laura Melton spun the dinner wheel.  The spin landed on Catfish Company in Olive Branch.




Danny Garner said he has the name tags and t shirts.


Jason adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Respectively submitted by Cathy Coats.




FEBRUARY 21, 2018


Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


New member, John Klink, was introduced to the membership.


A guest from the Jackson, MS chapter was introduced also.




Jason reminded everyone to go see the dealership manager, Jon, for discounts on bike purchases.

He let us know that we need to get our bike mileage validated monthly with the dealership in order to track our chapter’s group mileage.


Jason also announced that a request had been made for the chapter to ride our bikes to Sam (son of Dale) Fountain’s baseball game Monday night, February 26.   KSU is 6:15 p.m. from the dealership.


Jason said that the visit to the Baptist Children’s Home, Farrell Manor Campus, in  Coldwater went well.  Several different children received gift cards from various sources such as Malco, Burger King and McDonald’s.

We talked a little bit about our April chapter picnic and possibly doing it at the Farrell Manor Campus.


Jason suggested the chapter do a couple charity poker runs in May and August and split the money with the charities.


He let us know that Southern Thunder Demo Days will be in September.


Jason announced the following future events:


2/24:  Ride to Holly Springs National Forest with lunch at The Blind Pig in Oxford

3/2:        Southern Thunder Bike Night

3/3:        Breakfast ride to Bald Butcher in Covington TN and then through Shelby Forest

3/5:        Planning Meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the HOG room

3/13:  Dinner ride with location to be determined

3/17:  Southern Thunder Bike Night at Dirty Crow with KSU at 6:30. Be here at 6 p.m. for sign up.

3/18:  Breakfast ride

3/20   Chapter meeting

3/24   Chapter Chili Cook Off at dealership

Karen Tuttle suggested we do a silent auction to make money.

Pam Sandoval suggested we sell baked goods to make money.



Jim Tarver announced the dates of the regional HOG Rally in Maryville TN are May 29 – June 3.  Most of the rooms are booked.  See Jason Dalton if you need a room.

The Harley touring rallies are on the website but not much info yet.  He said he will add info as he learns.

Daytona Bike Week begins March 1.

Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City is May 2 – May 6.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally in Fayetteville AR is September 17 – 19.




Cathy Coats read the minutes from the January meeting.

James made a motion to accept the minutes. John seconded and all approved.




Bill Ball did not have the checkbook due to it being locked up in an office at the dealership.  He could not give any amounts for the accounts.

He still needs profile updates to complete the website.




James Coats discussed that they needed profiles from Lawson, and from Hamilton who is working on it.  Need complete bios.

James announced that John Cronnelly will be a road captain.

If you are interested in being a road captain, do not hesitate to volunteer.  Just contact an officer.

Road captains meet every other month immediately after the planning meeting which is first Monday of each month.  The next meeting will be in April.

Rides on the website calendar will designate leaders and sweepers.

James reminded us to watch out for potholes.




Joe De Luca let us know that Cindy will be teaching CPR for $15 in June or July.  If you are a road captain, you must have the training every 2 years.

The subject tonight is Judgement and Reaction Time.  Several members did a reaction time test with a ruler.  This exercise is used in the Riders Academy.  One person held the ruler perpendicular with one hand in order to drop it into another person’s waiting hand to catch it and then use the ruler measurement to record at what point the ruler was caught.   This was done several times to check consistency.




We have 93 members of which 37 are present.  The birthdays were announced.




Danny Garner reported “Not a thing.”.




John Cronnelly expressed his appreciation for the RSVP responses for events.

The ticket drawings were done.  Carol  won a $50 gift card.  John M won the 50/50 of $58.  Allyn was chosen to do the dinner spin and it landed on the Commissary.  The ride will be Friday, March 16 with KSU at 6 p.m.


Jason adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.     

JANUARY 23, 2018



The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Director Jason Dalton and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Denise Garner read the November 2017 minutes as a favor to Cathy Coats who is out of town.  A motion was made by Jim Tarver, seconded by Johnny smith and all approved.


New members, Karen and Stu from Independence, MS, were introduced.




Jason announced upcoming events:


2 rooms are reserved at Great Escape.  It’s $20 plus tax per person.  2 teams will have one hour to escape.  After the Great Escape, dinner will be at Lost Pizza.  KSU at 5 p.m.


February 2 – Mardi Gras Bike Night at Southern Thunder from 5 – 9 p.m.


February 5 – Planning meeting and road captain meeting.


February 10 – Donations will be taken to Baptist Children’s Home in Independence.  Tentatively set for dinner afterwards at Marshalls Steak House in Holly Springs.


February 13 – Regular dinner ride.


Febrruary 17 – Southern Thunder Bike Night at The Iron Horse.


February 20 – Chapter meeting.


Jason is to check on Chili cook off for March.




Jim Tarver discussed the following rallies:


Maryville, TN HOG Rally May 28-June 3.  You need to get your rooms early.


Albuquerque rally is coming up.


Milwaukee National HOG Rally August 2-4 and is 115th celebration.


Daytona Rally is March 9-18.


Jim talked mentioned that some people are having trouble getting emails through AOL.  Let him know if you are not getting the emails.


There is not a report from Head Road Captain James Coats due to him being out of town.  There is a road captains meeting immediately after the planning meeting in February.




Joe de Luca had all do a peripheral check using a game that is done at the riding academy.  Only 3% can be seen at 65 miles per hour.





Marion Beck reported that we have 82 members and 37 are in attendance.


All renewals are in.




John Cronnelly had someone draw the prize tickets.  Denise Garner won the white ticket drawing.  The 50/50 was won by Marion for $45.  Laura Smith spun for dinner and it is Como Steak House on February 13.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats with special shout out to Denise Garner for taking notes

NOVEMBER 21, 2017


Director Jason Dalton opened the meeting at 7 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Jason stated that National and Chapter HOG dues are now due.  

We will be doing the Southern Thunder Christmas gift wrapping and volunteers are needed for Saturdays and Sundays.

A discussion was held regarding sponsoring a boy and girl for the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  Cathy made a motion that we sponsor a boy and a girl and Lynn seconded.  This was voted unanimously yes.  David made a motion that we spend $200 each for a total of $400 and this was seconded and voted yes.  A discussion was held and after a motion and a second, it was voted yes that Jim Tarver would choose from the Southern Thunder’s Salvation Army Angel Tree.

Jason asked about the chapter getting a meat tray and doing pot luck for the Chapter Christmas party.  Cathy made a motion that we do this.  It was seconded and voted yes.

Jason stated that Kimmie had volunteered to head the Christmas Party committee and get with her to be on the committee.  John made a motion that we hire Popcorn DJ seconded by Cathy and this was a yes vote.  Jason announced that we will have $1300 worth of gift cards to distribute at the party. He also made a motion that we play Dirty Santa by bringing a gift worth $20-25.  This was seconded and okayed by everyone.  

Jason announced the following scheduled events:

December 9 there is a Ho Ho Harley Ride to assist Toys for Tots sponsored by Southern Thunder and that Manager Jon wants the chapter to participate.  

New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Party on December 29 and Southern Thunder wants the chapter to cook and volunteers are needed.  

January 1 is the Ski Freeze and Greyhound for lunch.  Jason said he will try to make arrangements to hook up with other Harley chapters downtown.

January 6 is Get the Lead Out which is Chapter date night at Range USA.

January 9 is our Dinner Ride and Planning Meeting combined due to the holiday.

December 2 is Ground Zero ride.


Cathy read the October minutes.  John made a motion to accept and James seconded. The majority approved.


Bill stated that we have $646 in bereavement, $470 in charity, and $1848 in general + approximately $400 in receipts tonight.

He said he is still in need of profiles for the the website.  


Marian reported that we have 120 members with 34 present and 52 renewed for 2018.  She announced the November and December birthdays.


Joe reported that there will no longer be any police or security escorted rides out of Southern Thunder due to a decision by the Scottsdale AZ corporate office.  This could affect participation due to the safety issue.


Jim told about several different rides/rallys that Harley is sponsoring.  There are anniversary rides on the West coast and on the East coast.  There are Ride to Milwaukee rides for the Rally.  There are several city to city touring rides.  The regional rally will be in Maryville TN.  


James said Bill needs road captain bios for the website.  He announced that he will begin bimonthly or quarterly road captain meetings and see him if you are interested in becoming a road captain.


John did the ticket drawing.  Pam Sandoval won the blue ticket and Jim Tarver won the red ticket.  Carol Perry won the dinner spin and it landed on you choose and she chose Pancho’s in W Memphis.  

Brian Brown let us know that this was his last meeting due to accepting another job position in Port Arthur.

Jason adjourned the meeting.



OCTOBER 17, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Director Jo Hudson and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Election ballots were distributed.  Jim Tarver announced that he was removing himself from director nomination and that Jason Dalton was removing himself from assistant director nomination.  

Kevin Cagle nominated Kimmie Weaver for member at large.  A discussion was held that this position had never been filled in the history of the chapter.  Kenneth made a motion not to have the position because we never have.  It was seconded. A vote was held and majority won.  

Jo Hudson thanked the 2017 directors and officers for their service.

A number count was necessary to see how many people plan on coming to the Halloween party and 22 people responded yes.  A committee meeting will be held after the chapter meeting.  We will have a meat tray supplied by the chapter and the remainder of the food will be pot luck.


Jason announced that the Florida HOG Rally is coming up soon.  The National HOG Rally for 2018 will be August 28 - September 3.  There is a ride to Grenada on October 21 with KSU at 9 a.m.  


Bill reported funds of $3135 of which there is $646 in bereavement and $470 in charity and $2019 in general.  Additional profiles are needed for the website.  The chapter by laws are now on the website.


Allyn announced $15 dues until December 31.  We have 50 members in attendance and 125 members.  October birthdays were done.


Cathy read the September minutes.  A motion was made to accept as read.  It was seconded and approved by majority vote.


Joe DeLuca reported on losing fat in our fingers, hands, toes and feet as we get older.  With colder weather arriving, be sure to wear warm gloves and warm socks.  Make sure your heated gear is working properly.


Danny Garner said see him if you ordered t shirts.  He also said he discovered he forget to email the name tag order but he has gotten those ordered.


John Cronnelly did the white and red ticket drawing and also had someone spin the November dinner wheel which landed on Junior’s.


A discussion was held regarding Halloween costume contest awards.  A motion was made and seconded to give $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place and $25 for 3rd place.  It was approved by majority vote.

October 27 is Trunk or Treat at the dealership and volunteers are needed.

October 20 is the last bike night.


Director                Jason Dalton

Assistant Director        Jim Tarver

Secretary                Cathy Coats

Membership Officer        Marian Beck

Treasurer                Bill Ball

Head Road Captain        James Coats

Safety Officer                Joe DeLuca

Activities Officer        John Cronnelly

Webmaster                Bill Ball

Historian                Danny Garner

Photographers        Kevin Cagle and Cathy Coats


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Director Jo Hudson and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


New members were introduced:  Randall Red and Jim and Melissa Sleeper.


The Halloween party is coming up at the end of the month of October and Jo asked the members if we would be interested in the chapter providing the meat.  A motion was made to spend $150 for meat.  It was seconded and approved by majority vote.

Jo reported on the dealership manager’s answer to the member benefits requests.  Jon agreed to the following:

10-12% off bikes with the exception of CVO or Anniversary Edition

15% off for military for clothes, service, labor and parts

10% off of clothes, service, labor and parts

Will do price matching

If Dealership staff do not recognize you as a Chapter Member you will have to produce a current Membership Card, which includes your HOG Number.  Military, if you do not have a current ID Card you can produce your DD-214 and Brian Brown said the MS DMV would also add "veteran" to your Driver's License.


The dealership is doing a booth at the Mid-South Fair and Jon has asked for chapter volunteers to sell t shirts and to run the jump start machine.  Sign up on the sheet on the wall.

Jo brought up that the monthly poker chip drawing had not yet been won and the gift cards had accumulated.  Did we want to give them out at the Christmas party or what?

John made a motion that if not won by Christmas party, give out at party. Fred seconded.   A discussion was held.

John amended to split them equally.  Seconded.  Majority did not win the vote.

Jason made a motion to hold them until Christmas and divide equally.  Seconded.  Majority won.

Jo announced that you should have received your participation cards.


Cathy read the August minutes.  A motion was made to accept.  Seconded.  Majority approved.

Cathy mentioned special thanks to Denise Garner who filled in for her in August.


Jason Announced upcoming Rides:

Oklahoma        October 5-7

SE HOG Rally in Pensacola - Dates are on the website

Bikes, Blues and BBQ        September 20 - 23


Bill gave the bank account balances of $2984, $646 in bereavement, $170 in charity and $1864 in general.


Allyn played Membership Officer and reported 127 members with 47 present.  He announced the September birthdays.


Joe discussed obstacles and the hazards of potholes appearing with the weather changing.


Allyn talked about when the time change occurs, we will have few daylight hours and need to be more careful.  

He gave the following upcoming rides:

Crowely’s Ridge on September 23

Ruleville on September 30

Searcy Lunch Theatre on October 1

Ride for The Girls Breast Cancer Awareness on October 7

Taco Felix Breakfast on October 8

Dinner Ride on October 10

Lambert’s on October 14

Tail of the Dragon October 21 - 25……………….This is not a chapter ride but if you are interested, you are welcome to go with the small group going.


Jason announced there was a group going to Grenada on October 21 for those not going to the Dragon.  

The Advanced Skilled Riders Course is October 7.

Carol said the Veteran’s Park Dedication ceremony is October 7 at 10 a.m.

Ticket drawings were done.

White ticket was won by Scott.

Jason won the 50/50 - $65.

Lonnie Tant’s won the Dinner Ride spin.

Jo extended best wishes from us to Keith Joshlin who is moving to another state.  This is his last meething.

Jo also announced that membership renewal is $15 if you renew by December 31.  $20 after that date.


Jo adjourned the meeting at 8 p.m.  

Respectively submitted by Cathy Coats


AUGUST 15, 2017 (Tuesday)


The meeting was called to order by Director Jo Hudson followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Jo introduced Jon, the general manager of STHD dealership.  He discussed the suspended membership of Kimmie which was a result of previous dealership management.  Jon stated that  members had contacted him to reverse the decision.  He presented to to the chapter to vote on reinstatement of her membership.  This was done by private paper ballot.  Jon said the ballots would be counted and membership would be notified of the results via email.


Jo informed everyone that the Iron Butt Ride done by Bill, James, Allyn and Ron was a success.

A discussion was held about having planning meetings again on the first Monday of the month.  Jason made a motion that we do this.  It was seconded by Stacy.  It was approved by majority vote.  Due to Labor, the September meeting is scheduled for September 11.

Jo discussed possible dealership perks for being a HOG member.  She asked the members to write down their requests and that she would turn in a list to Jon.

The Halloween party is October 28 and a sign up list was passed around.

The Adopt a Highway contract, better known as Trash/Treasure Pick Up, expired in April.  A vote was held and it was decided to not renew the contract.

Nominations for officers will be open at the September 19 meeting.  Elections will be held at the October 17 meeting.


Minutes were read from the previous meeting. Ralph made a motion to approve and Stacy seconded.  The majority approved.


Jason discussed upcoming rides: Mountain View, Hot Springs Rally, and rally in Milwaukee, Oklahoma Rally in October. 


Bill reported account balance of $2983 with $646 in bereavement and $470 in charity.  Report was approved by majority.

He said the website is doing good.


Carol reported 126 members of which 39 were present.  The August birthdays were announced.


Joe talked about the 2 separate accidents of Crystal and Hash which occurred in July.  Crystal was bruised and sore and scratched and Hash has been recuperating very well.  Both are ok.

DANNY GARNER said he still has some tshirts.


Allyn talked about road captains staying focused on other drivers.  He said there’s a ride to Mountain View August 19, a ride to Coffeeville/Grenada August 26 and STHD Bike Night September 15.

The drawing for $50 gift card wos won by Julie.  The 50/50 was won by Scottie.  

The meeting was adjourned by Jo.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats with special thanks to Denise Garner

JULY 8, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Director Jo Hudson.  We had the Pledge of Allegiance.  She then introduced the new General Manager for Southern Thunder Harley Davidson dealership, Jon Wienecke.  He stated the HOG chapter is for fun and rides and he is there to support us.



Today is the Special Olympics Dice Run from Southern Thunder.  Jo Hudson asked if the membership desired to make a donation.  John Cronnelly made a motion that we donate $500 and it was seconded by John Smith.  Cathy Coats made a motion that we donate $250 and was seconded by Allyn Cole.  A discussion was held and the $250 seem to be favored and was voted yes unanimously.


The membership held a discussion regarding changing the meeting from the first Saturday each week to a weeknight.  Kevin Cagle made a motion that we change to the third Tuesday night  each month and the motion was seconded.  A discussion was held regarding dinner.  There was a first and second motion to bring our own food at 6 p.m. and start the meeting at 7 p.m.  A vote was held and was voted yes by majority.


Changing the meeting date the the third Tuesday indicated a need to change the dinner ride night.  There was a first and second motion to change to the second Tuesday.  A vote was held and all approved.


Jo Hudson announced there was a vacancy for the chapter secretary and she had been instructed to appoint a new secretary to serve until the end of the year and introduced Cathy Coats as the new secretary.

There were not any previous minutes to read and approve.


Jason Dalton reported that several members were going to the Southern Backroads HOG Rally in Cookeville, Tn. which starts July 11 and ends July 15.  

The Oklahoma HOG Rally is October 5-7.


Bill Ball reported on finances.  There is $3180, of which there is $646 in the bereavement account and $720 in the charity account.  He reported the six month audit was completed with the previous general manager of Southern Thunder, Al Pergande.  Also present was Jo Hudson at the audit.  Finances were in order and all went well with the audit.  The next audit will be in six months.  

There are some Road Captains that owe him their biography and photo in order to get it on the chapter website.


Carol Stammer reported that we have 124 members with 48 present and we had 2 new members joined today and this secretary apologizes for not having the names.


Joe DeLuca did a report on Wobble/Weave/High Side.  

Front end wobble occurs at 40-45 mph.

High Side Weave occurs at about 70 mphn.

He reviewed causes for these problems and how to avoid them with proper maintenance and inspections.


Danny Garner reported he still had t shirts to distribute and also had a small refund for everyone to collect after the meeting.  


Allyn Cole stated that the chapter would ride together on today’s Special Olympics Dice Run.  The Blood Mobile drive is also happening and he encouraged people to give blood, if possible.  He wished all the chapter members travelling to the HOG Rally in Cookeville safe travels and stated Be careful travelling.  

He handed out Road Captain name, contact info cards to the road captains.


John Cronnelly reported there is a ride to Meeman- Shelby Forest State Park in Tennessee on July 30 which will be led by Danny Garner.

There will be an overnight ride to Searcy, Ar. on Saturday, August 5 returning Sunday, August 6.  

He is also looking into the possibility of a ride to Tail of the Dragon this year.  


Don Beck and Carol Perry stated that the Veterans Park has been started.  If you want to buy a brick, go to their website.  It is hoped that the new Southern Thunder general manager will be interested in building a sidewalk to the park.

The white and red tickets were drawn.  Mr. Sandoval won the white ticket and the red ticket winner won $57.

The drawing for a member present at the meeting to win $175 was done and it was Kathy Peal.  However, she was not present.  Next month, the amount will be $200.  

Dinner wheel was spun by Jason Dalton.  It stopped at “your choice”.  He chose Como Steak House for Tuesday, August 8.  

Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Coats



May 6, 2017

I.      Call to order

Jo Hudson called to order the regular meeting of the Southern Thunder Hog Chapter at 8:12am on May 6, 2017 at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson (Hog Room)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of New Members: Fred and Maria Francesca, Billy LeDoux, Ken Nolan.



II.      Approval of Minutes

Meeting minutes read by Kimmie Weaver from April 1, 2017. Motion made to approve mins made by Carol Perry, second John Cronnelly.


III.      Open issues

a)      New Alternate Photographer is Cathy Coats.



IV.      New business


a)      Jo Hudson-no financials for this meeting. Chapter donated $100 to Make A Wish. May 25th-29th will be the ride to the Hub.

b)      Myrtle Beach Rally May 12th-21st, 2017.  Allyn is leading the group leaving Friday May 12th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Second group leaving on Saturday May 13th at 8am from Southern Thunder, Lead is Carol Perry. Southern Backroads Rally in Cookeville pre registration ends on June 20th, 2017. Hotels are filling up so u need to book hotel now. National Hog Rally August 30th-Sept. 2nd. Oklahoma Rally October 5th-7th. All other rally info can be found on the website.


c)      Carol Stammer- 124 members, 43 present. Presented monthly birthdays.

d)     Joe Deluca- Safety Briefing- Sweep duties-follow route instructions, watch leader and formation, watch for safety issues, contact lead if there are any problems, don’t get distracted while group riding and watch for sudden stops.

e)      Danny Garner- Taking nametag orders, T Shirts are ordered.

f)       Allyn Cole-Road captains need to get their profiles to Bill for the website. Road Captains meet after meeting to organize women's ride. Need volunteers for Biker Bash.

John Cronnelly-50/50 drawing-Kimmie Weaver, $50 gift card-Allyn Cole , Poker chip-Gina Lawson -not present. Dinner Wheel- Blue and White Café.

Daniel- Make a Wish raised $2000. Wednesday Night May 3rd-Stock Cars, Biker Bash- May 13th will be Vendors, Band, and Food Trucks. May 27th is LED and Reflective gear workshop.

V.      Adjournment

Jo Hudson adjourned the meeting at 8:59 am

Minutes submitted by:  Kimmie Weaver

April 1, 2017

I.      Call to order

Jason Dalton called to order the regular meeting of the Southern Thunder Hog Chapter at 9:05 am on April 1, 2017 at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson (Hog Room)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of New Members: Odell Finney, Sherlyn Means and Greg Crune.



II.      Approval of Minutes

Meeting minutes read by Kimmie Weaver from March 4, 2017. Motion made to approve mins made by Carol Perry, second Ralph Lawson.


III.      Open issues

a)      In need of Alternate Photographer.



IV.      New business

a)      Jason Dalton- Leaving for the Gun Range from Southern Thunder at 5:00pm, April 8th 2017-Road Kill Ride. April 12th 2017-Beale St. bike night-KSU @ 6pm. April 15th 2017- Make a Wish. April 21st 2017 Southern Thunder bike night. April 22nd 2017 Run to the Gun Weekend ride. Update on Rally info. Rally dates, times and all other info is now available on the website. We will be leaving for the Louisiana Rally on April 6th, 2017 at 7am from Kangaroo at the Senatobia Exit. Myrtle Beach Rally May 12th-21st, 2017. Most of us are staying at the Grand Atlantic and some at the Campgrounds. One group is leaving Friday May 12th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Second group leaving on Saturday May 13th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Southern Backroads Rally in Cookeville pre registration ends on June 20th, 2017. Hotels are filling up so u need to book hotel now. National Hog Rally August 30th-Sept. 2nd. Oklahoma Rally October 5th-7th. All other rally info can be found on the website.


b)      Bill Ball- Financials- $3080.89 Total, $646 for Bereavement, $964.23 for Charity. Website update there is not privacy statement. Need info for Road Captains for website.

c)      Carol Stammer- 119 members, 47 present. Presented monthly birthdays.

d)     Joe Deluca- Safety Briefing- Gravel riding-Oncoming vehicles drifting into your lane. Tire blowouts from semi-trucks and flying debris from utility trailers. Bump and Rob incidents happening. CPR class with Cindy Bourassa June 17th 2017. $15/ person.

e)      Danny Garner- Taking nametag orders, still taking orders for T-shirts today only. Desktop and Mobile version of website.

f)       Allyn Cole-Pay attention around you at all times. Make a wish April 15th 2017-Poker Run. International Female Ride Day May 6th 2017. Discussed about Throttle Sticking and went over hand signals, also available on website.

g)      John Cronnelly-50/50 drawing- Crystal Edwards, $50 gift card-Gina , Poker chip-James Coats-not present. Dinner Wheel- Carol Perry-Windy City Grille in Como.


V.      Adjournment

Jason Dalton adjourned the meeting at 9:59 am

Minutes submitted by:  Kimmie Weaver

March 4, 2017

I.      Call to order

Jo Hudson called to order the regular meeting of the Southern Thunder Hog Chapter at 9:10 am on March 4, 2017 at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson (Hog Room)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of New Members: Kathy Piel, Bill Bourassa, Kevin Willis

II.      Approval of Minutes

Meeting minutes read by Kimmie Weaver from February 4, 2017. Motion made to approve mins made by Jim Tarver, second by Jo Hudson.

 III.      Open issues

a)      Veterans Ride- Scheduled for March 18th, 2017 KSU @10:30 am from Southern Thunder Harley Davidson. Still needing donations.

IV.      New business

a)      Jo Hudson-Planning for International Female Ride Day May 6, 2017, Crowley's Ridge Ride March 25th, 2017. Reminder of Trash Pickup on March 18, 2017 at 7am, VA ride to follow.

b)      Jason Dalton- Update on Rally info. Rally dates, times and all other info is now available on the website. We will be leaving for the Louisiana Rally on April 6th, 2017 at 7am from Kangaroo at the Senatobia Exit. Myrtle Beach Rally May 12th-21st, 2017. Most of us are staying at the Grand Atlantic and some at the Campgrounds. One group is leaving Friday May 12th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Second group leaving on Saturday May 13th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Southern Backroads Rally in Cookeville pre registration ends on June 20th, 2017. Hotels are filling up so u need to book hotel now. All other rally info can be found on website.

c)      Bill Ball- Financials- $3061.54 Total, $646 for Bereavement, $994.39 for Charity. Filed Taxes for Chapter. Website update there is now docs and forms available for download and printing including minor forms.

d)     Carol Stammer- 111 members, 48 present

e)      Joe Deluca- Safety Briefing- Sweeps purpose on rides is if someone breaks down. Sweep is to stop and send text or call to lead. Call police for all incidents. Changes in temp and how it affects sinus issues. Do not use vicks, Joe suggests using water based product like KY jelly to keep sinuses from drying out.

f)       Danny Garner- Taking nametag orders, Still taking orders for T-shirts Money due by March 11, 2017. Trash Pickup will be at 7 am on March 18th so to finish before meeting at southern thunder for VA ride.

g)      Allyn Cole-Road Captains meeting on March 6, 2017 at 6pm in Hog Room. Make A Wish Event on April 15, 2017 needs volunteers for poker run stops. Road Awareness- 360 degree awareness, watch around you at all times.

h)      Al Pergande-Promotions-Buy 2 Dunlop tires, receive $50 rebate, $29 Oil Change, All Heart Animal Adoption Event March 25, 2017, Dyno Shootout March 18, 2017-money paid in will go to winner of each class. Joining the 100hp club. Make A Wish event on April 15, 2017, Vip Shopping Event-March 11, 2017 6pm-8pm, New Owners given a HOG card with all officer contacts and info. Watch for vandalism in the store.

i)        John Cronnelly-50/50 drawing- Brian Brown, $50 gift card-Don Beck, Poker chip- Dianne Dillon- was not present, gift cards go to next meeting, Dinner Wheel- Susan Rinehart- Windy City Grille in Hernando.

j)        Marion Beck-$99 Riding Class, In need of Riding Coaches.

V.      Adjournment

Jo Hudson adjourned the meeting at 10:05 am

Minutes submitted by:  Kimmie Weaver

February 4, 2017

I.      Call to order

Jo Hudson called to order the regular meeting of the Southern Thunder Hog Chapter at 9:00 am on February 4, 2017 at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson (Hog Room)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of New Members:  Crystal Edwards, James Mooneyham.

Reminder for RSVP for Valentine's Ride to Texas de Brazil.

Reminder of Blood Drive at Southern Thunder on February 11, 2017. See Nikki to make appointment to donate.



II.      Approval of Minutes

Meeting minutes read by Kimmie Weaver from January 7, 2017. Motion made to approve mins made by Joe Deluca, second by Carol Perry.


III.      Open issues

a)      Veterans Ride- Scheduled for March 18th, 2017 KSU @10:30 am from Southern Thunder Harley Davidson. Attempting to make open ride but haven’t heard anything from national hog for approval. Still needing donations. Still trying to get remaining blankets needed.



IV.      New business

a)      Jo Hudson- Will be a pop in ride for February 18th,2017. February 21st, 2017 @ 6:00pm Dinner ride to Underground Café, KSU @ 5:30pm from Southern Thunder. February 25th, 2017 Bowling Night at Strike Zone in Snowden Grove. Trash Pickup March 18th, 2017 @ 7:00 am. Meet at Wiseguys. April 15th, 2017 Volunteers needed to cook breakfast from 10am- 12pm for make a wish event at Southern Thunder. April 13th, 2017 starts bike night on beale st. April 21st, 2017 is first bike night at Southern Thunder. May 6th, 2017 is International Female Ride Day. Do we want to make rides for these days.

b)      Kimmie Weaver- Kimmie is offering to make wheelchair bags for veterans for the Veterans Home Ride. She will donate her time to make if the chapter will pay for supplies. Chapter agrees to make 25 wheelchair bags. Motion was made to make these, motion seconded.

c)      Jason Dalton- Update on Rally info. Rally dates, times and all other info is now available on the website. We will be leaving for the Louisiana Rally on April 6th, 2017 at 7am from Kangaroo at the Senatobia Exit. Myrtle Beach Rally May 12th-21st, 2017. Most of us are staying at the Grand Atlantic and some at the Campgrounds. One group is leaving Friday May 12th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Second group leaving on Saturday May 13th at 8am from Southern Thunder. Southern Backroads Rally in Cookeville pre registration ends on June 20th, 2017. Hotels are filling up so u need to book hotel now. All other rally info can be found on website.

d)     Bill Ball- Website is now live and available for viewing. Financials- $3969.79 Total, $646 for Bereavement, $994.39 for Charity.

e)      Carol Stammer- 101 members, 8 referrals from dealership, 44 present. Membership increase by 25%.

f)       Joe Deluca- Safety Briefing- Federal Highway Administration Safety Audit. Factors to consider of a rider, experience, licensing, training and roadway design. Lane Spacing while riding. Alcohol use was a factor in 27% of fatal crashes. Helmet use was a factor in 62% of fatalities. Rider Training only teaches basics in riding but not dynamics of the particular bike you ride. Discussion on Roadway design- Better motorcycle friendly road signs, education and enforcement of licensing, paving of ends of gravel drives, warning of unusual conditions, dangers of guard rails.

g)      Danny Garner- Announcement that Bill Ball will continue to take care of the website for the time being. Still taking orders for name tags. Will now start taking orders for T-shirts. See him for more details on what colors are available for order.

h)      Allyn Cole- RSVP for Bowling Night needed by Feb 20th, 2017. KSU @ 5:15pm  from Southern Thunder for Valentine's Ride. Make Sure you RSVP for this. Discussion on transition from shade to sunlight and how they affect the perception of the roadway. For the new riding season how it is important to use hand signals in group riding to point out hazard on the road and how it is important for everyone to do so that it makes it to the back of the group. He will be going over hand signals in future meetings. They are also available on the website. Road Captains meeting coming soon. Date still to be determined.

i)        John Cronnelly- Pulled poker chip #49, member wasn’t present so gift card moves to next meeting. White Ticket pulled Cathy Coats was winner of $50 gift card. 50/50 ticket drawn Cathy Coats was winner of $75. If anyone has any suggested rides please submit to John.


V.      Adjournment

Jo Hudson adjourned the meeting at 9:57am

Minutes submitted by:  Kimmie Weaver

January 7, 2017

I.      Call to order

Jo Hudson called to order the regular meeting of the Southern Thunder Hog Chapter at 9:00 am on January 7, 2017 at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson (Hog Room)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of New Members:  Charles and Cassy McCraken, Keith Joshlin, Mike Melton (Mike has been a member since 2003, but this was his first chapter meeting).

Introduction of Officers: Jo Hudson-Director, Jason Dalton-Asst. Director, Kimmie Weaver-Secretary, Joe Deluca-Safety Officer, Bill Ball-Treasurer, John Cronnelly-Activities Director, Allyn Cole-Head Road Captain, Carol Stammer-Membership Officer, Danny Garner-Webmaster, Kevin Cagle-Photographer.

Announcement of Meetings to be moved to Saturdays.


II.      Approval of Minutes

No minutes read at meeting.

Kimmie Weaver

III.      Open issues

a)      Hog Officer Training Reimbursements. Motion made by Marion. Motion was seconded and third. Motion carried.

b)      Veterans Ride- Remaining Blankets. Motion for chapter to pay for remaining blankets. Al Pergande wrote check to chapter to pay for remaining blankets.

c)      Participation Cards- There will be a sign in sheet for every event that you must sign to get punch on your card. 1 punch per event, 2 punches for volunteer work.

IV.      New business

a)      Jason Dalton-Upcoming Rally’s- Deep South Hog Rally April 6-8, 2017, Alexandria, LA. $40.00.  Myrtle Beach Bike Week May 12-21, 2017, Myrtle Beach, SC.  Southern Back Roads Hog Rally July 11-15, 2017, Cookeville, Tn.  Nashville Bike Week September 14-24, 2017, Hurricane Hills, Tn. $225/10 day pass, $150 opening weekend, $175 closing weekend, $35-$75 for 1 day pass.  Central Hog Rally Oct. 5-7, 2017, Admore, OK.  Southeast Hog Rally Nov 1-4 2017, Pensacola, FL.  Easy rider Bike Show Jan 28th  Nashville, TN. Music City Center  $20..$5 discount for military.

b)      Bill Ball- Account Info.  $1921.00 General Fund, $646 Bereavement, $0 Charity. New Website Info- need ideas. New email for chapter,

c)      Joe Deluca- Safety- Sitting at stop lights and stop signs, always have 360 degree awareness. MSF says to remain in 1st gear and tap brake. Riding in windy conditions.

d)     Danny Garner- Order name tags and working on getting a chapter t-shirt order ready to go.

e)      Allyn Cole for Carol Stammer- membership- 80-85 active, 48 present. 2017 membership cards handed out. You have until  January 31st , 2017 to renew or you will be dropped from roster and facebook chapter page.

f)       Allyn Cole- Activities-Valentine's Ride Feb. 11, 2017 Texas de Brazil Please RSVP KSU 5:15pm STHD.  Bowling Night Feb 25, 2017 Strike Zone Snowden Grove. 6pm.  Packing Heat Night March 11 2017, Range USA $50 couple 100 rd of ammo, 2 targets, 2 dinners, 1hr on lane. KSU 4pm STHD. Paint Night $35/person BYOB snacks and booze, no date on that yet.

g)      Al Pergande- dealership info- Drawing in store for Arizona Bike Week. Sign up in store 1x daily to win. Eric Church Concert Drawing. Drawing for Feb 1-11 2017 Pugh's Florist and Southern Thunder to give away 2 dozen rose package on Feb 11. Discounts for store, “Out with the old, in with the new”. Amplify your ride Jan 28th 2017 Followed by Upgrade Your Gear Workshops.  Demos for Seats and Windshields available. Detail Service now available by appt. Paint Protection Program. Promotion for Bikes $0 down .99% and giving retail for trade in. Special in Service, Storage Package. Please go to Al for any problems in service department. Joe Deluca request to make checklist for all services. Participation Cards- Full cards will be for leather jacket, Partial Cards for nylon jacket. Discount cards for attending chapter meetings- 15% motorclothes, 10% Parts, 10% service good for 30 days. Marion Beck looking for riding coaches. Dealership has 12 job positions open at this time.

h)      Allyn Cole- drawing of 50/50 and poker chip. Member not present so gift card moves to next meeting.

V.      Adjournment

Jo Hudson adjourned the meeting at 11:00 am.

Minutes submitted by:  Kimmie Weaver