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CCRC Newsletter - Feb 2023
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College & Career Readiness Center (CCRC) - Come stop in and visit us anytime! We’re here 30 minutes before and after school, and all throughout the day. Our office is at Capital High School. When you enter in the front door next to the office, turn left at the Compass. We’re across the hall from the Student Store.

CCRC Website

CCRC Phone: 360-596-8029

Marcy Proctor - College & Career Readiness Specialist,, Schedule An Appointment With Me Here

Kimari Helmer - CCRC Office Professional,

Calendar                                                                                                               Back to Top

Feb 16 - Oregon Institute of Technology Visit - CCRC, 12pm & 1pm

Feb 22 - Career Map Meetup Healthcare & Behavioral Health - CCRC, 9:30-10:35am

Feb 22 - Northwest College of Arts & Design Visit - CCRC, 12pm & 12:45pm

Feb 23 - 9th-11th Grade Information Night - CHS PAC, 5:30pm

Feb 24 - New Market Skills Center Information Session - CCRC, 12pm & 1pm

Mar 1 - Senior Naviance Tasks Due

Mar 1 - WEBINAR: Student Loans for Students and Families, Presented by the College Success Foundation. Register Online, 6pm.

Mar 07 - ASVAB Career Exploration Program (AKA Test) - For 10th-12th graders who want to          asses their career aptitudes for civilian and Military pathways - CCRC, 9am-12pm 

Mar 7 - WEBINAR: Financial Aid Award Letters for Students & Families, Presented by the College Success Foundation, Register Online, 6pm

Naviance and High School & Beyond Plan                                                      Back to Top

Each grade level will be required to complete tasks yearly to maintain a record of research and planning for life after high school.  Tasks are assigned to students during High School & Beyond Plan lessons administered through required coursework by grade level.  (Freshman - Health/PE, Sophomores - English, Juniors - History, Seniors - English)

JUNIOR, SOPHOMORE, & FRESHMEN - Required tasks must be completed by June 1st*  *Exceptions for Running Start students that have passed CCS 101 & 102

SENIORS - Required tasks must be completed by March 1st* 

*Exceptions for Running Start students who have passed CCS 101 & 102 or Full IB Diploma students

To see your progress and complete tasks with the HSBP, please do the following:

Log into Naviance Student (through your OSD Portal) Login Information: 

> Go to OSD Portal Portal > Select Naviance under Curriculum or Applications > View PLANNER > TASKS > Scroll down to ‘Tasks you Need to Work On’

Need more Naviance help? Connect with Ms. Marcy or Ms. Kimari in the CCRC!

Senior Exit Interviews                                                                                         Back to Top

Senior Exit Interviews are the final step of a student’s High School and Beyond Plan. During these 10 minute, student-led interviews students will answer three guiding questions: (1) Who Are You? (2) What Can You Become? (3) How Will You Become That?

Dates/times have yet to be set, but you can begin to prepare now.

To prepare, you can:

  • Complete all Naviance Tasks by March 1st
  • Have your resume ready
  • Review the rubric
  • Practice what you’ll say!

Date: SPRING during MAP testing. Dates announced as soon as we know.

Time: MORNING (aprox. 8:55am 10:45am)

Scholarships                                                                                                       Back to Top

Note: Almost all scholarships require the completion of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for Financial Aid (WASFA)

CHS Foundation Just for CHS Seniors! The CHS Foundation manages over 25 scholarships that offer a wide range of awards. All CHS Seniors should apply! OPEN NOW -  April 16, 2023.

Community Foundation of South Puget Sound CFSPS manages 27 scholarship funds that offer a wide range of scholarship awards. This is a great local scholarship opportunity! OPEN NOW -  April 12, 2023.

Griffin School Foundation Three scholarships available for students who attended Griffin School. OPEN NOW -  April 12, 2023.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship  Earn up to $22,500 for College! This is huge! For students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in high-demand STEM and health care majors. Awards range from $22,500-$6,000 and are renewable yearly! Deadline is February 28, 2023

Indian Health Services Scholarships Scholarships for qualified American Indian and Alaska Native students who plan to enter or are pursuing degrees in the health profession. Deadline is February 28, 2023

American Indian Endowed Scholarship AIES provides educational scholarships on a competitive basis to outstanding students with close social and cultural ties to an American Indian tribe or community in Washington State. Awards range from $500 - $2,000, and can be renewed for up to five years. Deadline is March 1, 2023.

WAEF Tree Fruit Industry Scholarships Multiple sources of scholarships for Washington students raised in families with direct ties to Washington's tree fruit industry. WAEF awarded over $1,000,000 to students last year! Deadline is March 1, 2023.

Washington State PTA Scholarship Washington State PTA offers four $2,500 scholarships to graduating seniors from Washington state public high schools with an active PTA who will start college (two or four years) in the fall. Deadline is March 1, 2023.

Washington State School Retirees’ Association For Washington seniors planning on pursuing a career in education. Deadline is March 1, 2023

Sound Credit Union Scholarship $1,000 individual scholarships. Must be a graduating HS senior who plans to attend a 2- or 4-year college, w/ a min. 3.0 GPA, & be a member of Sound Credit Union on or before January 31, 2021. Deadline is March 3, 2023.

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship ($20,000) - This scholarship will be awarded to promising high school seniors with disabilities who plan to attend a vocational or academic college and target a career in the technology industry. The scholarships are renewable – each winner who continues to meet the criteria is eligible to receive an annual award of $5,000 for up to four (4) consecutive years for a potential $20,000 scholarship. Deadline is March 15, 2023

TwinStar Credit Union Scholarships Available to high school graduates from the class of 2023 who are enrolling in higher education in fall of 2023. Must be a TwinStar member (not a member? Open an account!) Awards are $2,000. Deadline is March 31, 2023

WAVE Scholarship The Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE) recognizes high-performing career and technical education (CTE) students both in high school and at the college level. Awards range from $4,500 - $9,000. Deadline is March 31, 2023

Rotary Resilience Scholarship (2) $1500 scholarships in 2023 will be awarded to seniors graduating from Olympia School District. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have shown extraordinary resilience to a personal or family life challenge. Examples include family, personal, financial, health, physical, emotional, and mental health, and all other scenarios where resilience has been demonstrated. Deadline is April 28, 2023

Other Scholarship Resources                                                          

Naviance: A scholarship list can be found in Naviance. Log in through your Student Portal. Go to: Naviance > Colleges > Scholarships & Money > Scholarship Search

CHS Scholarship Webpage: The CCRC website has several scholarship sites listed on our website. Check it out and apply to more online!

Financial Aid                                                                                                        Back to Top

Financial Aid through FAFSA and WASFA is a necessary component in your post-secondary planning. Whether you plan on going to a trade school or apprenticeship program, or 4 year college or 2 year college, completing FAFSA or WASFA is necessary to fund your post-high school program.

EVERYONE is encouraged to complete FAFSA or WASFA. If you think you make too much  money, have plans to join the military, have an undocumented status or you’re only .01% sure you’ll attend a post high school program, you will benefit from completing a Financial Aid application. Many scholarships also require that students have a FAFSA or WASFA on file.

Here are some steps to complete your FAFSA or WASFA.

Step 1: Senior class of 2023 will fill out only 1 financial aid form. To find out which form you should file click HERE to answer a few short questions.

Step 2: Follow the steps of whether you’ll complete FAFSA or WASFA.



Note: The FAFSA is for US Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (Green card holders) and several other types of visas.

If you are a US Citizen and your parents are undocumented, you WILL fill out the FAFSA. The financial aid application is based on the student, not the parent, even though most students will provide their parents information.

Note:  If you are undocumented, you will apply with a state based financial aid application if your state has one. In Washington State, that form is called the WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid). 

Here is the link to the FAFSA website

Here is the step-by-step direction on completing the whole FAFSA application.

  • To sign the FAFSA electronically, students and parents with SSN will each need to create an FSA ID.

  • If parents don't have SSN then you will print a signature page, sign and mail in.

Click HERE for a video on how to create your FSA ID.

Click HERE for an FSA ID worksheet.

Information on the WASFA including eligibility requirements and a link to apply can be found at:

Click HERE for the guide on how to fill out the WASFA

Click HERE for a helpful step-by-step guide

Career Map Meetups                                                                                           Back to Top

What: Career Map Meetups are events hosted in the CCRC, where students, community organizations and professionals connect about job and career opportunities. Each month, we will feature a different career field and invite professionals and business to speak and connect with our students.

When: The dates are listed below. The events will occur on a Wednesday every month during

Coug Time from 9:35-10:37am

Where: In the College & Career Readiness Center at CHS!

Career Meetup Events

February 22, 2023

Healthcare & Behavioral Health

March 22, 2023


April 26, 2023


Leadership Opportunities                                                                                  Back to Top

U-DOC High School Summer Program U-DOC is a free, residential three-week summer education program that aims to foster, affirm, and encourage high school juniors interested in health careers.  U-DOC runs from July 9th - 28th, 2023 on the University of Washington Seattle campus. Applications due March 1, 2023

West Point Academy - Summer Leaders Experience Current high school Juniors are invited to apply for this week-long immersion into the academic, military and social life of a cadet. Applications due March 15, 2023

US Naval Academy Summer Programs Summer STEM Camp (8th - 10th Graders) & Summer Seminar (11th Graders). Scholarships are available.

State Board of Education Student Advisory Council The Association of Student Leaders is seeking a current high school sophomore to serve a two-year term on the AWSL Student Voice & Advisory Council, who will also serve as the student representative to the State Board of Education (SBE).  Applications due March 31, 2023

Rotary Youth Leadership Award Conference RYLA is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs and districts where you develop your leadership skills while having fun and making connections. Open for High School sophomores and juniors. Applications due April 15, 2023

Guaranteed Admissions Programs                                                                   Back to Top

Note: OSD students are strongly encouraged to review their High School & Beyond Plans and post-high school goals prior to making a decision on applying and accepting admissions to a college/university.

The Olympia School District has partnered with the Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) and two private universities which provide increased opportunities to attend college. For the GAP program, juniors will receive information, and seniors who qualify will receive guaranteed admission letters for up to seven Washington state colleges and universities.

In order for colleges to send acceptance letters, students must give permission to release student information for the purpose of higher education through Skyward Family Access.

Guaranteed Admissions Program (Qualifying Juniors and Seniors)

  • Central Washington University (CWU)
  • Eastern Washington University (EWU)
  • The Evergreen State College (Evergreen)
  • Washington State University (WSU)
  • Western Washington University (WWU)

Private Institutions (Qualified Seniors)

  • Pacific Lutheran University (PLU)
  • Saint Martin’s University (SMU)

Visit the OSD Guaranteed Admissions webpage for more information: