This file contains all the steps and information that was recorded to help you create a “Principal’s Message” post on the Homepage, News Page as well as the News Detail page.

In order to proceed, you would need content for the post. For example, an update to a Principal’s Message.


Step 1:  In Composer, select the Module menu .

Step 2:  From the menu, select Posts.

Step 3: From the Dashboard, select Boards.

Step 4: From Boards, select Schools > select your school.

Step 5: From the Posts page, click on the most recent post and click on the Clone Post icon, and click CLONE POST.

Step 6: Enter the content for the Post:

  1. Select the following dates:
  1. Title:
  1. For example: Principal's Message: MM/DD/YY
  1. Body:
  1. Click the Links icon > click Add Link