Tenant Fee Schedule

Below are the agreed upon tenant  fees to offset the expense that each action may incur. Bluefax Property Management will be referred to as ‘Bluefax Pm’ for the remainder of this document.

Lease Processing Fee - $99

To prepare and facilitate the lease signing for all tenants. Collected at Lease Signing.

Monthly Preventative Maintenance Program - $20

Air filters for the entire home will be delivered on a set schedule. Tenant agrees to install filters within 2 days of receiving them.

Pet Administration Fee - $39 per pet or cage

 One time fee per pet or cage added to the lease, collected at lease signing.

Pet Rent - $ per Pet or Cage

Will be added to the monthly lease amount. This is to cover additional wear & tear caused by pets.  See pet fee schedule at https://bluefaxpm.com/tenants/tenant-rental-criteria/

Lockbox Move In / Move Out - No Charge

This allows you to access the keys AT the property on move in day, AND leave the keys in a lockbox AT the property when you move out.  No ‘Business Hours Only’ pickup at the office required.

Lease Modification - $49

To facilitate the communication and document prep in the event tenant(s) desire to change their lease, such as adding / deleting roommates, etc.

In Person Walk Through - $79

In-Person Walk Through with Bluefax PM, either prior to Move In or Move Out.

 Tenant Fee Schedule

HOA Violation Notice Fee - $19

This fee is to be charged anytime Bluefax PM receives a notice from the Home Owner’s Association about a rules violation. The most common reasons for receiving a notice are for not cutting the grass in a timely manner, weeds not being treated (different from not being cut) and trash cans / other items stored within public view.

Make Ready Coordination - $99

Charged if Bluefax PM has to coordinate the make ready/repair of the unit due to tenant’s negligence, or if the unit is not returned in ‘Rent Ready’ condition (minus normal wear & tear).

Notice to Vacate (Eviction Filing) - $159

Charged in the event we have to physically post a Notice to Vacate a property due to a Breach of Lease, such as non payment of rent. Owner reserves the right to seek all reasonable and necessary costs to evict tenant(s), including attorney fees.

Certified Mail Fee - $24

In the event Bluefax PM is required to send a ‘Certified Letter’ to the tenant, such as non payment of rent, failure to respond to Phone or Email communications within a reasonable time, or other negative reasons.

Stop Payment Fee - $50

In the event a tenant requests Bluefax PM to stop payment and reissue another check due to no fault of Bluefax PM. Typically for lost checks, etc.

Failure to Return Keys / Remotes - $59 Keys, $49 per Remote/Clicker/Pool Card

In the event the tenant fails to return the keys/remotes/pool cards to Bluefax PM on or before the Vacate Date in the Notice to Vacate.

Court Appearance - $125

In the event BluefaxPM has to appear in court for any reason regarding your lease. This in addition to any associated court costs or other legal fees incurred.