Peachtreat 46 is over, this is the beginning of the updates for Peachtreat 47

Things You’ll Want to Know Before Coming to Peachtreat 47

This page exists as our evolving Mommy Letter, the final instructions preparing you for this year’s Peachtreat Gathering. As time passes, and the page evolves, there will be more and more instructions.

Primary Information: 

Registration should begin on-site around 4:00 pm Friday, September xx, with the RG scheduled to end by 2:00 pm on Sunday, September xx.

Driving Directions:

Covid-19 protection

Appropriate PPE in the form of masks, gloves, sanitizers, turtles (to wear under masks for better breathing) will be provided whether we need it or not

We do have a waiver (that we adapted from another society) at COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgment -- Liability Waiver and Release of Claims 

Hugging dots, and …

Green dots

Please hug

Yellow dots

Please ask first

Red dots

Please, no hugging

Blue dots

Single and searching

Orange dots

Peachtreat newbie

If you see someone with an orange dot, please welcome them to the group


This is a volunteer

If you see someone with a star, thank that person.They are giving of their time to make the event better for everyone.

Yellow Ribbon


If you see someone with a yellow ribbon, thank them for taking their time to present something special to us.

What to Wear

Whatever is comfortable for you, and will neither shock others nor defy common laws of decency.

We currently have nothing planned that requires special attire, so be yourself, or whoever you want to be.

We recommend exercise attire for the gym, (the pool will be closed), but if you want to wear your street clothes while working out, well, that’s your decision.

There will be Food

Registration includes meals Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday lunch, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning as well as food-related events like the Chocolate Orgy and Saturday Sundaes.

Games and Puzzles

Mensans like to play. There will be games. We will advise you where games will be and when any tournaments/competitions will take place. Paper games will be in the registration packets and as usual, should be returned before 23:59 on Saturday.

Mensa Admission Test

We are not planning to administer tests, but if a member of your party is interested in testing, we will have at least one proctor and materials on hand to administer a test. Anyone taking the test may participate for the weekend at no additional charge. Contact us at to schedule the test session.

Packing list:

☐ Clothing for the weekend

☐ Athletic wear for gym if you care to indulge

☐ A no spill mug or bottle for water

☐ Cords for your electronics (phones, pads, etc) - we will have a charger in one of the conference rooms

☐ Reading glasses

☐ Containers for leftover food

☐ Games and/or puzzles you want to introduce to us

☐ Special food or beverages you'd like to share with your friends