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Mary C. Williams

Are you new to MC Williams? Perhaps you are not sure what MCW is about.


Our school is about OUR STUDENTS

That come each day ready to learn with smiles on their faces and creative minds.

Our school is about OUR TEACHERS.

That arrive each day with a love of teaching.

And inspiring creativity.

And laughter.

They challenge students.

Inspire them.

They never stop learning and striving to be better.

Our school is about OUR STAFF.

Whose support allows are teachers and students to flourish.

Emotionally and academically

Our school is about OUR VOLUNTEERS.

Who tireless give their time

And their heart to help children grow

Our school is about OUR PTA.

That helps connect teachers and parents

To build a better school.

Our school is about OUR PARENTS.

Who show up and support their student’s education

So now you know…

What Mary C. WIlliams Elementary is about.


Provided by the MCW PTA.