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How to work with me - sample doc
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How to work with me doc.

SocialWithin has grown from 3 people to 27 people in 18 months. I want to make sure I can help everyone accordingly. So, I’m creating this doc to provide clarity for my top priorities and how I like to work with others.

Here are my top priorities for 2019:

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z

Please note that I am looking to create more head space to have clarity on how we can build the best business. I admire the work our team does and want to support however I can, but I need to minimize my involvement and defer most decisions to other great people at SW. If I’m not responding to an email or slack messages or you see less of me in the office, know that I’m doing this to focus on my top priorities and will do my best to get back to each of you. I will try to help strategically, but may not be able to provide guidance on day-to-day matters.

Below are people you should speak with regarding:

Below is a guide to working with me as we look to grow the company. This is specifically for my direct reports (listed above), but you’re welcome to copy this format and have a similar working guide for yourself - perhaps it’ll provide clarity for your team so they know how to work with you.

1:1s and how I want to work with you:

Management style

My operating principles, focus and day-to-day work:

Overall, I like more communication rather than less and I like to know what’s going on with you and your team. It’ll help me do a better job to assist you. I’ll try not to create a ton of email volume and will be the first to suggest a quick in-person or phone sync versus a long email or slack thread.

I like plans that are documented. I don’t care if it’s slides or docs or spreadsheets, but I expect detailed work has been done. I like to be included early and often in important developments, but I’ll generally only weigh in when asked or on final review.

Feedback philosophy

Feedback is a gift. I want to give more feedback when opportunities arise and expect the same from you. Let’s help each other become better.

Management and people

I care a lot about people. I care about you, your team and their development. Please make sure we’re touching base on your team, building our teams’ skills and ensure they’re well-positioned to be world-class at their craft.


Let’s get good ones and know the impact we drove. Measure. Measure everything!

Hope these notes are helpful. I’m very excited about all the great things that are ahead.

Note: I was inspired to write this document after reading Elad Gil’s book, The High Growth Handbook, where he interviewed Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe.