-Ambiguous (actively makes an effort to be as androgynous as possible)

        -2 Pupils in each eye - close enough to not have separate irises, but are both vertical crescent-slits so can look like a single normal pupil from a distance

        -Long pointed ears, length about halfway between Tolkien elves and Warcraft elves, wider than WoW elves’ ears as well

        -Eccentric Clothing (detailed on last page) when comfortable, Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim while on the job

        -Does not have many standard human features such as genitals, nipples, belly button, tonsils

        -Auburn hair, this is the part of their Human(tm) Glamour(tm) that they are most proud of and spent the most effort on so it’s medium length but really soft and voluminous. (NOBODY tell them that hair grows. They will feel really bad for overlooking something so obvious)


        -Eccentric (easily entertained)

Character Stats

        -Blood 0

        -Heart 2

        -Mind 0

        -Spirit 1

Starting Factions

        -Mortality 1*

        -Night -1

        -Power 1*

        -Wild 1*

Intro Questions

        -Who are you?

I am a Changeling who was swapped in for a 10 year old boy, but he went on to become a prominent member of the Fae Courts, and I became fascinated with humans and Mortality. As such, neither of us really had any interest in switching back. We are allies of sorts, we are on good terms but prefer not to have any major debts owed in either direction (with one exception discussed later). The Boy won his freedom from my patron very quickly, so they want me back Underhill despite my desire to study Mortality. My patron will still lend their power to keep me alive and accomplish some of my goals, but they will cash all Debts I owe them in ways that attempt to hinder me from forming further mortal attachments.

        -How long have you been in the city?

I’ve lived in the city since I was swapped, 13 years ago.

        -What do you love most about humanity?

I find it endearing that, even without glamours, they find ways to customize their appearances to a fascinating degree

        -Who is your closest confidante in the city?

Cassandra, a cursed oracle who lives on the streets (but not for lack of money or work, she just doesn’t see the purpose in renting or owning a home when she can easily just defend herself on the streets). She is the older sister of my estranged foster mother (the mother of the boy i was swapped for), in her late 40s and a great source of info on anyone or anything that regularly patrols the streets

        -What do you desperately need?

To experience true humanity; fae emotions are completely alien to those of humans, but I’ve become fascinated enough by Mortality to really desire feeling emotions the way mortals do, even if only for a single moment./




        -Smart Phone

        -Locket - Semi-magically contains the true name of The Boy

        -[Symbol of your Court]


        -Someone broke an important promise to you and swore they would make it up to you. They owe you 2 Debts

Early after I left my foster parents’ home (~8 years ago) I became interested in the Night faction. I allied myself with a Vamp named Ash, who promised to protect me and inform me as I got swept up in the dealings of Night. However, he bailed at a crucial moment, resulting in me getting Seriously roughed up by some werewolf jocks, and then he hid from me for like two years to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He had come around by the time I tracked him down, and was repentant enough to promise me he’d make up for not protecting me AND for running from his wrongs toward me. He’s still a coward, so I won’t repeat the mistake of bringing him along anywhere, but he knows a lot of who’s who in Night. This event (which all took place 5+ years ago) is my reason for ACtively avoiding any Night-related business unless I Absolutely Have To.

        -You are keeping something hidden for someone. They owe you a Debt.

The Boy (known as such by everyone at this point, even within the Courts) whom I was swapped with has Given me his true name, so that none of the Gentry may use it against him. He views this as a major debt owed, but I view it differently. I see his trust in me as a gift and treasure it as a good deed I have done WITHOUT viewing it as currency or a potential favor owed me, so I will not intentionally invoke the Debt with him.

        -You entrusted someone with a dangerous task. Ask them if they succeeded or failed. If they succeeded, you owe them a Debt. If they failed, they owe you 2 Debts.

I entrusted Roi (Hyde’s char) with a SUPER dangerous task, he succeeded REAL good and I owe him TWICE.

        -1 Debt owed to Monarch

        -1 Debt Anita owes Ox

            -1 debt Oz (Arwen’s prosecutor) and Ox owe each other

Fae Moves

        -Faerie Magic: Whenever you use a faerie power, choose 1:

• Mark corruption

• You owe your monarch a Debt

• Suffer 1-harm (ap)

-In Our Blood: When you trick someone, roll with Heart instead of Mind.

-Words Are Wind: When someone breaks a promise to you or lies to you and you find out, they owe you a Debt and you take +1 forward against them.

Faerie Powers

        -Wild Fury: You summon an element of nature capable of striking your enemies (2-harm close area or 3-harm close/far).

        -Glamours: You create illusions to fool the senses. The effects don’t last long

        -Shape Change: You can briefly change your shape into that of an animal

Drama Moves

        -Corruption Move: When you break a promise or tell an outright lie, mark corruption

        -Intimacy Move: When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, demand a promise from them. If they refuse you or break the promise, they owe you 2 Debts

        -End Move: When you die or retire your character, choose a character and bestow the favor of your court upon them. They can choose either to take faerie magic and two of your faerie powers or to advance persuade an NPC


        - Harm

        - (-1 to escape ongoing until intimacy w/ other character)

Advancement Tracks





        -Corruption | _ _ _ _

Standard Advances

        -Available at the beginning of play

                - +1 Blood (max +3)

- +1 Heart (max +3)

- +1 Mind (max +3)

- +1 Spirit (max +3)

- A new Fae move

- A new Fae move

- A move from another Archetype

- A move from another Archetype

- Change your Faction

-After 5 Advances you may select

        - +1 to any stat (max +3)

- +1 any Faction (max +3)

- Erase a scar

- Join or lead a faerie court

- Erase a corruption advance

- Advance 3 basic moves

- Advance 3 basic moves

- Retire your character to safety

- Change to a new Archetype

Corruption Advances

        - Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move from another Archetype

- Retire your character. They may return as a Threat

Corruption Moves

        - Gach Cumhacht: You gain the remaining faerie powers. When you use faerie magic, you may no longer choose to suffer harm.

        -Shrewd Negotiator: When you roll a 10+ to refuse to honor a Debt, mark corruption to cancel the original Debt and claim a Debt from the person you refused.

        -Unearthly Grace: You get +1 Heart (max +4). Whenever you roll with Heart and roll a 12+, mark corruption

        -Everyone’s Got One: Touch someone and mark corruption to declare one of their vulnerabilities. All damage from that source (fire, steel, iron, etc.) is treated as +1 harm and ap.

Eccentric outfit: the following two articles of clothing and nothing else