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GNCC 5yr and Under Rules
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Rules and Clarifications to GNCC 5 Year and Under Events

Francis Dykes Memorial Bonspiel

Raymond Kayser Memorial Bonspiel

Elisabeth Childs Challenge

  1. These Bonspiels shall be held annually at such times as are designated by the GNCC.
  2. The bonspiels shall rotate among the affiliated clubs of the GNCC that have manufactured ice.
  3. These competitions are sponsored by the GNCC to provide an opportunity for it’s curlers with five (5) or fewer years of curling experience to compete against opponents of similar ability.  The intention is to include all teams from the GNCC member clubs wishing to participate in the event.
  4. At least one rink from each GNCC member club shall be accepted. To the extent that the host club can accept additional teams, one additional team will be accepted from each GNCC club submitting more than one team.  If space permits at the host club, one additional team will be selected from each club submitting multiple entries until the maximum number of teams the host club can accommodate is selected. It is the responsibility of the GNCC member club to place their multiple entries in numerical order for selection.
  5. The USCA Rules of Curling: Club and Bonspiel Use shall govern the rules of play, except as specifically waived or modified by the GNCC event.  
  1. All ties at the end of regulation play should be decided by playing a full end.  In case of draw time constraints, the host club may decide to settle ties via LSD, closest draw to the button with sweeping (throwing team only), with the exception of finals.  
  2. All games including finals shall be eight (8) ends.
  3. The delivery of team stones in a mixed format must be performed with alternating genders.
  1. The entry fee for each bonspiel shall be set by the host club and the GNCC.
  2. Eligibility:
  1. Members having curled longer than five (5) curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete.
  1. Ten (10) games per season anywhere constitutes a season.
  2. The curling season starts on May 1st and ends April 30th.
  3. Junior curling (ages 14 - 21), but not youth curling (ages 13 and below), experience counts towards the five (5) curling seasons.
  1. All substitutes shall be governed by eligibility rule 7(a) above.
  2. Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility.
  3. The eligibility of team members shall be certified to the host club, using the official GNCC 5yr and Under Eligibility form, by the president, treasurer or GNCC representative of the team’s club with respect rule 7(a) with confirmation that curling experience includes all years of curling.
  1. The Francis Dykes, Raymond Kayser, and Elizabeth Childs Challenge bonspiels are adult events, and they are open to GNCC members in good standing that are at least 21 years old as of the day of the event.
  2. A Head Official or Rules Official has the ability to place a team, in particular the skip, on the clock if slow play is ensuing.
  3. All inquiries or protests by an entered team shall be resolved on site at the time of the protest or inquiry by the On-Site Chair in consultation with the GNCC event Chair if necessary.