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Parents can access grades and assignments online via Skyward at

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Mountain Trails Elementary School.  Our goal is to make this a great year for everyone – students, parents, teachers, and staff. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, we encourage you to come in or give us a call at 801-610-8724.  We recognize that parents are the most important individuals in a child’s life and that success in school is strongest when parents and school personnel work together.  

Principal's Message                                                        

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 school year!

This year’s Kindergarten will be the class of 2031.  We have a great year planned.  We will continue to have many of the same activities you are used to seeing at Mountain Trails, as well as a few new ones.  We look forward to getting to know all of our students and parents better so please feel welcome, and be a part of our school and its culture.  Please log into Skyward and update your student’s information.


We are excited to announce a few additions to the Mountain Trails Community.  Cherstine Willis is our new Assistant Principal.  We will be sharing her with Saratoga Shores so she will be here for half of the time.  We also have a new Literacy/Intern Coach.  Her name is Alayne Jorgensen.  She is almost finished with her Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction!  We also have a new kindergarten teacher  Kari Ercanbrack, 2nd grade teacher Kali McKenna and two new 5th grade teachers Ken Orr and Hannah Pierce, as well as an additional Resource teacher Kathy Nuesmeyer.  Teachers who have stayed at Mountain Trails but moved to a different grade are Leah Weber kindergarten to 1st, Jamie Derfler 1st to 2nd, Janae Jakins 2nd to 6th.

We have updated our web page and we are excited about it check it out at  There are many new resources available here.

This year at Mountain Trails we are going to be learning about the 6 C’s:  Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Citizenship, and Character.  For more information on these, please click here. This year one of our big focuses, along with the 6 C’s, is a broader focus on our expectations of our students behavior, as explained further in the handbook.  We ask for your support in helping us reinforce those expectations.  Last year one of the areas of concern that was brought to me by several parents and our staff was the dropoff and pick up areas.  We are requesting that when you are dropping off students that you not linger but drop them off and go.  We would also like to have you pull forward when you are waiting for or dropping off your students.  We are also asking that you reserve the Kindergarten area for parents who have kindergarten students.  Please do not ask your children to run across lanes of traffic in the drop off area or jaywalk in front of the school.  Thanks for your help with this issue.  It may be that we just have to be willing to be a little bit more patient with folks as we wait our turn.  Please don’t be that person who cuts in line or refuses to move forward impeding others as we wait to pick up our children.

We ask that whenever possible, you schedule your students' appoint­ments and vacations outside of the school schedule. We believe that when students are missing school, they miss opportunities that are only available inside of the classroom.  If you have any concerns feel free to con­tact me or Cherstine Willis, our new assistant principal, at ( or

As a school we welcome your input and look forward to working with you this year.  We appreciate the immense level of trust you have in us and our school.  We feel lucky to have you as part of our team.


Carl Stubbs, Principal

Cherstine Willis, Assistant Principal

Alayne Jorgensen, Instructional Coach/Partnership Facilitator

Parent/School Partnership

The STUDENT accepts responsibility to:

The STAFF accepts responsibility to:

The PARENT accepts responsibility to:

We invite every student to take advantage of a full year of learning, growth, and enjoyment. We believe every student can and does learn every day. Every teacher, staff member, and administrator participates in educating every student at Mountain Trails.  Every parent participates in the educational process. Here are some ways Mountain Trails ensures that all our students reach high levels of learning:

Teacher Collaboration

Mountain Trails teachers work together in collaborative teams.  Every Monday school is dismissed one hour early so teams can meet to analyze student achievement data, discuss appropriate interventions, and improve instruction. Teachers ask four essential questions:

Focus on Assessment

Mountain Trails Teachers are trained to provide assessment OF learning as well as giving assessments FOR learning. Some form of assessment happens in every classroom every day, both formal and informal.

Three times each year the DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency and Retell Fluency will be administered to our K-3 students. This reading assessment measures student reading comprehension, fluency, strengths, and areas for improvement. Reading instruction is tailored to meet student needs based on this assessment, as well as more regular assessments and observations in the classroom.  

Special Education Services

Special Education and psychological services are available to students to promote healthy attitudes and habits, identify emotional and learning needs, and to help students in the educational setting. The decision to provide services is made by a team consisting of the parent, teachers, administrator, and school psychologist. This decision is made after looking at a variety of assessments. The team then develops an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with specific academic, social, and/or behavioral goals for the student. A parent can request services by application through the principal.  A teacher can also refer students for special education services after documenting specific interventions that have already taken place with resulting progress.

The 6 C’s

The following are 21st Century Skills that students will need

to thrive in today’s world.

Communication:  communicating effectively with a variety of styles, modes, and tools including digital, communication designed for different audiences, and reflection on and use of the process of learning to improve communication

Collaboration:  working interdependently and synergistically in teams, interpersonal and team-related skills, social, emotional, and intercultural skills, managing team dynamics and challenges, and learning form and contributing to the learning of others

Creativity:  having an “entrepreneurial eye” for the economic and social opportunities, asking the right inquiry questions, and considering and pursuing novel ideas and solutions, and leadership to turn ideas into action

Critical Thinking:  problem solving, making connections and identifying patterns, evaluating information and arguments, constructing meaningful knowledge, experimenting, reflecting, and taking action on ideas in the real world

Citizenship: compassion, empathy, and concerns for others, thinking like global citizens, considering global issues based on a deep understanding of diverse values and worldviews, and genuine interest and ability to solve ambiguous and complex real-world problems that impact human and environmental sustainability

Character:  learning to learn, grit, tenacity, perseverance, resilience, self-regulation, responsibility, and integrity

Digital Citizenship at Mountain Trails Elementary

Keeping our Students Safe Online

Mountain Trails Elementary uses technology daily for student instruction.  This includes student use of devices, as well as teachers accessing curriculum and resources. The influence, availability and usefulness of the Internet is constantly growing.  At the same time, damaging and inappropriate uses are also growing.  The Mountain Trails community Council wants to make all patrons aware of protections and procedures in place for all users at our school, as well as the technology resources available to students.


Student Education

Parent Education

Many organizations provide information for parents to help students stay safe when online.  These include:

Technology Equipment

Technology is a tool used for instruction and does not replace instruction.  We believe students should have access to this tool and to other tools that enhance learning.


We care deeply about each student at Mountain Trails.  It is our goal to encourage each child's growth of character.  One way to do this is by expecting appropriate behavior and having natural consequences for inappropriate behavior.  A safe, orderly climate creates a friendly, effective school.  The Schoolwide Discipline Plan is based on character traits taught to all students.  These include:


Your child's teacher will have a classroom management plan in place in your student's classroom.  Specific information about classroom management plans can be obtained from the teacher.  The Schoolwide Discipline Plan governs behavior within and beyond the classroom, including hallways, restrooms, playground, lunchroom, during assemblies, recesses, etc.  All adult employees in the school are familiar with school expectations and are consistent in enforcing them with all students.

How will we encourage students to follow these guidelines?

These are our school-wide expectations:

Assembly Expectations

Office Expectations

Bathroom Expectations

Playground Expectations

Lunchroom Expectations

Hallway/Transition Expectations

Drinking Fountain Expectations

Arrival Expectations

Den Time Expectations

Dismissal Expectations

Consequences for not following school rules or procedures may include any of the following:

• Explanation of the rules        • Teacher or principal interview                • Loss of privileges

• Student contract                • After-school detention                        • In-school suspension

• Out-of-school suspension        • Expulsion

Parents are important and effective school partners to help students understand expectations and consequences.  We will work to inform you in a timely manner when there is a problem at school and to deal with it positively.  We want you to be able to work with your child early and prevent serious problems or patterns.

The following rules also govern students at Mountain Trails:

        1.  Students have a right to learn.  Any behavior that infringes upon that right will not be tolerated.

        2.  Students are expected to follow the schoolwide discipline plan.

3.  Each student is responsible for his/her own actions and must accept the consequences of those actions.

4.  Students are responsible to all teachers, supervisors, and adults and are expected to show courtesy and respect toward them.  Students should treat each other with equal courtesy and respect. Fighting, vulgar language, swearing, name-calling, or bullying is not allowed.

5.  Students are expected to treat school property with respect and care.  School property that is damaged or destroyed will be replaced or repaired at the expense of the person(s) responsible.  Graffiti is strictly prohibited on any school property including furniture, books, and the school building.

6.  State law requires that students be supervised at all times.  Activities in the gym, halls, classrooms, or on the playground without supervision are not allowed.

7.  Snowballing, tackle football, running in the halls or classrooms, fighting, roughhousing, and other activities which have a high risk of injury are not allowed at any time.

8.  By district policy, Mountain Trails Elementary is a closed campus.  Students are not to leave school property during school except as outlined in the policy for student checkout.  Any student who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action

        9. Possession of weapons or drugs at school may result in expulsion.

Daily Schedule

Class Time                Monday Early Out                Tuesday-Friday

A Track                8:00-1:15                        8:00-2:15

B Track                9:15-2:30                        9:15-3:30

AM Kindergarten         9:15-12:00                        9:15-12:00

PM Kindergarten        12:35-2:30                        12:35-3:30


1st                11:25 – 12:00

2nd             11:30 – 12:05

3rd & 4th           12:00 – 12:35

5th & 6th         11:45 – 12:20

OEK               12:05 – 12:35        


1st, 2nd:                  10:30 - 10:40

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th:     10:15 - 10:25


We desire to protect students while they are at school and to provide a safe and orderly climate for learning.  Our general policies and information detail steps we are taking to accomplish that.  Parents and children should review these items together.


Regular on-time attendance is a critical factor in achieving academic success. Students who are frequently absent or tardy miss valuable instruction.  Students are required to make up any missed work. Some valid reasons for absence include illness, family death, and approved school activities. Parents are responsible to determine valid reasons for a student’s absence. Parents must contact the school to excuse the absence. For your child's safety, please inform the teacher or school the day of or prior to your child’s absence. The SchoolMessenger automated calling system will contact you by phone if your child is not in school and has not been excused for the absence.  Students with ten or more unexcused absences or who show a pattern of tardiness may be contacted by the principal.

Supervision is provided for students who arrive on time; Students who arrive after their regular starting time are required to check in at the school office. Parents are asked to accompany the student to the office, check them in, and then ensure they arrive safely at class.

Tardies: A parent must check in any student that arrives after 8:05 for Track A or 9:20 for Track B.

Excused Absences:  When a child is absent, the parent/guardian should call the office to excuse the child from school within five school days.  Parents are welcome to meet with the principal to discuss extended absences.


Each family should update their student’s health information on Skyward annually, including emergency contacts. In the event of an injury, illness, or accident we will contact a parent or emergency contact. In the event of an extreme emergency, appropriate medical assistance will be sought.

Students are expected to attend school unless they are ill. Please respect the health of other students by keeping your child home when he or she is not well. This will reduce the spread of infection at our school. Please use the following guidelines for illness. A child should stay home if there is: a fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, vomiting, diarrhea, persistent pain (ear, stomach, etc.), an unexplained rash, a reddened eye or eyes with a cloudy or yellow discharge, a runny nose (thick green/yellow discharge), lice, sore throat, acute cold or persistent cough.


The Alpine Foundation is an excellent way for patrons to make donations to our school. The Alpine Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 fundraising organization of Alpine School District. Donors may designate their contributions to a specific purpose or as undesignated. All donations are promptly receipted and are tax deductible. Please make checks to the Alpine School District Foundation, 575 North 100 East, American Fork, Utah, 84003. We have forms in the office for you to specify what your gift is to be used for or you can write it on the check.


School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. for Track A and at 9:15 a.m. for Track B. Students remain outside until their start time, and each grade is assigned a door to line up at in the back of the school.  A five-minute warning bell will ring when students should line up and wait for teachers to escort them to class.


Students are to arrive at school no earlier than fifteen minutes before the start of their school day and should return home promptly when dismissed. Some bus students may arrive earlier. Please arrange your schedule and your child’s so as to avoid early arrivals. This will ensure your child’s safety and will prevent distractions for other students.

Parents who drive their children to school are asked to use the loading/unloading zones in front of the school For your child's safety, please do not drop off or pick up your student in the parking area, on the street directly in front of the school, or in the bus zone. Please prepare your child for school prior to arrival.  The drop off area is NOT intended as a parking or waiting zone.  

Students dropped in front may use the front doors to enter and travel through the hallway to the back of the school outside when they arrive.  Students who are having breakfast should enter the doors by the gym.

Drop students along the curb, never in the travel lane, then pull forward and exit through the travel lane. Be courteous and use your turn signal to help others navigate our drop-off area. If you need to come into the school, please park in the parking area.

All students and parents must use the crosswalks.  For the safety of students, please form a habit of always using the crosswalks, even when you accompany your child.

Inclement weather: Students should come dressed appropriately for the weather, especially during winter months.  A red flag will be posted at the front entrance on extremely cold (20 degrees or colder) or wet days.  Students should go to the gym on red flag days.


Children may ride bicycles or non-motorized scooters to school. Upon approaching school grounds, students should walk their bikes or scooters, and remove rollerblades. Students should remember to always walk bikes when crossing the street and to use crosswalks. Bike racks are provided, and all bikes, scooters and skateboards should be locked. Skateboards of any kind and wheeled shoes (Heelys) are not allowed in the school.


Many teachers distribute book order forms to students allowing them to purchase books at reduced prices. If you choose to participate, please write checks directly to the specific book company for the exact amount, or you can order online. If you have questions about a book order, contact your child’s teacher.


Children are encouraged to participate in the school breakfast and lunch programs. Every student is assigned an account to pay for meals. Parents and students can make lunch payments in the kitchen before school and until 11:00 a.m. Any number of meals may be purchased in advance. You can also take advantage of Alpine School District’s Automatic Payment Plan by logging on to It is the parent’s responsibility to provide lunch or lunch money for their child. Please keep your child’s meal balance current.

Breakfast        Student $1.00         Visitor/Adult $1.65

Lunch                Student $1.75         Visitor/Adult $3.85                Ala carte milk $.30

Students who plan to eat school breakfast must arrive early enough to be served and eat BEFORE class begins. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 – 7:55 a.m. for Track A and from 8:45-9:10 a.m. for Track B.

Free and Reduced Meals

Children from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for either free or reduced meals. Should you desire to apply for free or reduced lunch ($.40) or breakfast ($.30), please go to . You will find the forms in the Nutrition Services section under Departments. We encourage families to take advantage of this program.

Rules of the Lunchroom

Eating in the lunchroom is a privilege, not a right.  Each class is assigned a table to eat at, and students can sit where they choose at that table.  During warm weather we will have some days when students can eat outside.  Students are expected to have good table manners, clean up after themselves, and keep voices at an appropriate level in the lunchroom.  Students who fail to keep school rules in the lunchroom may be assigned by the principal or supervisor to eat at a separate table, in another area such as the office, or be given other appropriate consequences.


Mountain Trials provides a “nut free” lunch table for students with severe nut allergies.  Any student is welcome at this table, and students with allergies often invite friends to join them.  Lunches purchased at school do not contain any nut products.  Students who bring a meal from home and sit at this table cannot have any nut products in their lunch.


Alpine School District is committed to providing students with safe and secure learning environments and believes a student’s ability to achieve academically can be reduced by bullying. Bullying can affect a student’s attendance as well as his/her sense of well-being. Bullying may result in physical illness, mental and emotional anguish and long-term social consequences. Bullying may be physical, verbal/written or psychological. Bullying is not allowed at Mountain Trails Elementary. If your child experiences bullying, please inform the school immediately. If your child is involved in bullying other students, they will be disciplined according to the school wide discipline plan. You can reference Alpine School District’s Policy (#5181) on bullying online at It also references the district’s discipline policy (#5180), which outlines potential consequences for bullying and other behaviors.

State law and Alpine School District Policy require that parents be informed when their child has been involved with bullying. We will work to do this in a timely manner so you can partner with us supporting your child.


Telephones are available in each classroom and in the school office for students to use with permission from a teacher. Students are not allowed to use cellular phones and other devices (iPods, etc.) during school hours. This includes class time, recesses, and lunch. This does not prohibit students from their use under proper circumstances. The Alpine School District Board of Education recognizes the value of electronic communication devices as a learning tool. Devices should be used under the direction of the teacher. At Mountain Trials this means that a teacher or administrator gives direct, limited permission and is present to supervise and monitor use.

Student phones must be kept in the “off “ position and put away during school.  Faculty and staff may confiscate phones and other electronic communication devices from students who violate this policy.  The device may be returned to the student at the closing of the day, or arrangements made for parents to pick it up. We strongly urge that students not bring games, mp3 players and other items that may get lost or stolen.

When a student is scheduled to be in class or involved in a regular school activity, it is a violation of policy for the student to have in his or her possession any electronic communication device or camera which is in the “on” position and ready to receive, send, capture, or record any communication, visual, image, sound, text, or voice message or other information.  

Usage is also prohibited where a reasonable expectation of personal privacy exists such as restrooms. Neither shall devices be used in a manner that might reasonably create in the mind of another person an impression of being threatened, humiliated, harassed, or embarrassed or intimidated.


Parents must come to the office to pick up their children if they need to take them during school hours. We ask you to do the following:

(1) Come to the office and sign the checkout form. Give the secretary the name of your child and their teacher. You will be required to show identification to check out students.

(2) The secretary will call the classroom and have the child sent to the office.

If a child is to be taken from school during school hours, District policy requires that the parent or a responsible person (an immediate family member 18 years or older, or someone named on Skyward as an Emergency Contact) sign the child out in the office before removing the child from class. We are not allowed to release a student based on a note, telephone call, or the child's statement. The school must have proper documentation on file if any individuals are legally restricted from contacting a particular student at school. Please verify that this information is correct annually.

Please schedule vacations, appointments, and family events outside of the school day whenever possible.

Mountain Trails School is a closed campus. This means that students may not leave the school grounds during the regular school day unless checked out. Compliance with this policy is enforced.


The Alpine School District Board of Education requires all of its students to conform to standards that avoid extremes and exemplify personal cleanliness.

Students wearing clothing in violation of the dress code may be directed to the office to call home for a new set of clothing before they can return to class.


Students, faculty and staff practice emergency procedures regularly.  These practice drills are coordinated with public safety agencies.  Students practice for a variety of emergencies, including fire and earthquake, as well as school lockdown procedures.

In the event of an emergency, students will remain at school as long as the building and conditions are safe. Students may be released to parents or another responsible person identified on the student record as an emergency contact. Children must still be checked out through school personnel. Teachers will remain at school with students until all are safely released. If the school becomes unsafe, students will be moved to an alternate location.

The SchoolMessenger Automated calling and email system can be activated during a crisis. Information will also be available through social media and the school webpage. Please rely on this contact and avoid tying up communication lines at the school.


Occasionally classes will extend learning beyond the classroom by going on a field trip. Your child’s teacher will send home information prior to each field trip. Parent volunteers are often asked to assist with supervision during field trips. We require parents who attend field trips to have a background check. This is a one-time process that costs $55. Background checks take place the Alpine District Offices and can be scheduled online at Preschool age children are not allowed to accompany parents on field trips.  


Students receive formal notice of progress three times each year, at the end of each trimester. Students in kindergarten – sixth grade receive a standards based report card, which indicates progress in specific areas of the curriculum. You can track your student’s progress online any time through the Skyward Student Information System, . This system allows you to request regular emails about progress and to access specific information about student assignments and attendance.


Homework varies according to individual teachers and the subject matter. Generally, students are provided time to complete many tasks in class; however, as homework is a natural part of school which helps students develop good study habits, students can expect homework assignments. Teachers endeavor to send home constructive assignments with specific purposes in mind. Unfinished daily work should be completed before students return to class. They will be ready for the next day’s learning. In addition, students are required to make up work missed when absent as assigned by the teacher. If your child has trouble with the amount or difficulty of assignments, please contact the teacher.

All students are expected to read or be read to at home daily for homework. Your child’s teacher will inform you of how to track their reading time and what reading materials are appropriate for your child.


Utah State Law requires all children enrolled in a public school to complete immunizations prior to admission to school. Students with incomplete immunizations will not be admitted.  Exemptions are available if choosing not to vaccinate, or doing your own schedule.  Please go to and complete the onlince education Module. You can also do this in person at Utah County Health Department.  For questions please contact the school nurse.


To facilitate the return of lost clothing and other articles, please label your child's possessions with his/her name. Lost articles are placed in the lost and found. Several times a year, unclaimed articles are donated to a local charity.


School personnel CANNOT administer any medication to students unless a “Medication Administration Release Form” has been completed by a physician and is on file at the school office. The medication must be in the original prescription bottle with the doctor’s name.

Parents, rather than students, are to bring all medication to school. Medications should be given directly to the principal, secretary, or school nurse. The pills are counted, documented, and stored securely.

If your child is taking medication for a few days only (even if it is over the counter), we ask that you give it to him or her before school or come to school to administer it yourself. Students are not allowed to bring medication to school or administer it to themselves.

Children who have asthma needing an inhaler, allergies needing Epi Pens, or diabetes can carry their emergency medication at school. The office must still have a “Medication Administration Form” on file with permission from the parent and physician.  In addition, students with any other medical concerns should notify the school and develop a health plan for the child.


School information will most often be sent home electronically via email.  Please be sure you update your email address on Skyward to receive notices from the school.  If you wish to receive a printed copy of school notices, please inform the office.

Printed information will be sent home with the family representative (the YOUNGEST member of the family attending Mountain Trials). Please stress to this child the importance of bringing notes home. Classroom notes will be sent home with the appropriate students.


Parents are asked not to call their child at school or leave messages unless it is absolutely necessary. Student use of school phones is limited to urgent calls and children must have a teacher's permission to use the phone. Calls to teachers are generally forwarded to voicemail during the school day so as not to interfere with instruction. If you need to visit with your child’s teacher, please call before or after school. All teachers also have an email account.


The PTA contributes significantly to the educational quality at Mountain Trials. Patrons are encouraged to join, support, and participate in the PTA. Membership dues are reasonable, and help pay for worthwhile programs at the school and local level.


Recess is provided as an opportunity for physical activity, social interaction, and as a diversion from other schoolwork. School policy requires students to be outside where there is supervision unless arrangements have been made with the teacher. Students who request to stay inside for health reasons must have a note from a parent. In most cases students who are too ill to be outdoors should be home recovering. Please note that students will be outside, even in cold weather (20 degrees and above is used as a guideline for outdoor recess). Students should dress appropriately for outside activity. Occasionally severe weather or poor air quality will necessitate that all students remain inside.


Any item in the possession of a student that causes a disturbance or is potentially dangerous in class may be confiscated by a teacher or staff member.  Students are discouraged from bringing distracting items to school, including toys. Other items that are not appropriate for school include lighters, matches, laser pointers, make-up, fidget spinners, etc.  Cellular phones and other electronic communication devices and are only allowed according to school policy.

Bringing weapons (or weapon facsimiles) or drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) to school may be grounds for immediate expulsion according to district policy.

Restricted items on the playground include hard baseballs, lacrosse balls and lacrosse sticks. Skateboards are not allowed at school.


It is the policy of Alpine School District to maintain school environments which are conducive to learning. It is the District’s intent to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere by prohibiting acts of violence, aggressive behavior, intimidation, possession of weapons, criminal behavior, or gang activity on school property. The Alpine School District Safe Schools Policy prohibits disruptive acts and/or bullying; dangerous weapons; hazing/harassment; abetting; and gangs, secret societies, and hate groups; and other prohibited acts as defined and described in the Safe Schools Policy rules and regulations.


Alpine School District is committed to the maintenance of a learning environment which is free of any form of sexual harassment; an environment where students may attend school free of unwanted conduct or communication of a sexual nature; one which is in compliance with State and Federal laws dealing with this form of discrimination.


The Mountain Trails Community Council is made up of community members, faculty representatives, and the principal. Its purpose is to advise and make recommendations regarding the school and its programs, school district programs, and other issues relating to the community environment for students. The Council assists in developing a school improvement plan, School LAND Trust Program, and student safety plans. The council meets several times each year.

Nominations and elections for council members are held annually. If you are interested in serving on the council, please inquire at the school office.


Alpine School District makes low-cost student insurance available to all students each year. The parent purchases the insurance from a private company selected by the District after careful comparison with other companies for cost and benefits. Parents are encouraged to purchase the insurance to help defray costs if they do not have other health or accident insurance. Generally, student insurance should be purchased at the beginning of the year to cover the balance of the year.

Alpine School District does not carry any accident insurance policy on students. A student’s parents or guardians are responsible for costs incurred as the result of an accident.

Parent Drop-off

Parents who drive their children to school are asked to use the loading/unloading zones in front of the school.  Please allow enough time to arrive safely at school.  Procedures for drop-off are explained under “Arrival at School.”


You are welcome to visit your child at school. For the safety of all students, please check in at the office first. Visitors must show photo identification, and wear a visitor’s badge. If you would like to visit a teacher’s class, please call and make arrangements in advance. Volunteers working with students, especially when a teacher or staff member is not present, will need to submit information for a background check.

Occasionally, out-of-town friends or cousins come to visit family during the school year. Because of liability issues, these guests are not to accompany students to school.


Should it become necessary to withdraw your child during the school year, please notify the office and the classroom teacher as soon as possible. This will give the secretary time to have the necessary forms ready when you come to withdraw your student.