Year 0

A long time ago, in a universe far, far away...

A UFO crash landed on Earth and only one human was able to witness the crash. The human who went to investigate the UFO found an unconscious alien trapped within the ship, who he rescued. The next day the ship was gone, presumably stolen, and the alien was trapped on the planet. The alien is kept a secret from the rest of the world, working from the shadows to protect his new home-world: Earth.

The alien especially watched over three particular fighters. They were the three best martial artists on all of Earth, each of them having reached the peak of their martial art style. Each of the three martial artists was capable of defeating a whole army on their own. Rumors of their potential strength reached the ears of every young martial artist worldwide, making many of them eager to become students of the three legendary martial artists.


With students came rivalries. And with rivalries came competitions. The three martial artists decided that to prove which martial art was better than the other that they would host a tournament on the third year of every decade - it would come to be known as the World Martial Arts Tournament. The catch was, only the students of the martial artists could enter.


The winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament would win ten million zenni and their dojo would be hailed as the champions of that decade. Rumors say that there's more to winning the tournament than just money and a title, but those are only rumors.


It has been several hundred years since the alien arrived on Earth and the next World Martial Arts Tournament begins in three years. Each martial art dojo seems to be searching for potential students to represent their dojo in the next tournament. The hunt to become the champion of the 4th Annual World Martial Arts Tournament begins!

Year 5

Resultado de imagen para spirit wolf

Five years have passed since the north and the east dojo started their teachings.While they were training them Glupta took the liberty of test their training and he summoned ancient monsters , forgotten by every human on earth.

The first monster was Farwe , the old wolf , or what it was left from him.Since Glupta didn't want to have the terror of the wolf school wandering around the land of the living again , he summoned

his spirit.The monster took down all the students and even the master of the north dojo but , when the time of the east dojo came to do something about ,they used their wisdom and their heart instead of their fits.In that way the old wolf could find peace and he vanished away , back to the eternal sleep.

The second monster was the nightmare of many humans , Ella-Laraña.Trapped on an island in the north east of the planet , the spider was sleeping for years waiting for her revenge after a long forgotten hero trapped her there.Glupta awake the spider with his magic and with nothing else in her mind she starts to send a telepathic message to all the heroes who were closer to her.This time the north dojo was the one to bright , the master and his students run to stop the monster before is too late and take her down with their overwhelming ki attacks.Resultado de imagen para ella laraña

After the second monster was defeated , aliens from a distant planet came to the Earth.They proclaim to be the hidden dojo from the west and they claim their right as a dojo to join the tournament of the martial arts.

Could it be true? the legendary and hidden school from the west was not longer in the shadows?