1. Q: Why do we have a League?

A: The Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition was first run by RIT in 2008. Since that time, the following universities have hosted the weekend competition: RIT, UMaine, Northeastern, UNH, Syracuse and Champlain College. Many of the tasks associated with preparing for and executing this event are repeated annually by each hosting institution. Organizations who have hosted NECCDC have an acquired muscle memory on how best to organize and execute the event, but new hosts have a tremendous learning curve on how to go about their preparations. In addition, some continuity, resource investment, and organizational memory is lost or underutilized in the complete annual transfer from one institution to another.

This League will standardize and centrally manage some of those aspects of NECCDC so that hosting schools can concentrate on running the actual competition, as opposed to many of the administrivia that often consumes time and resources. Through this centralized institution, it can offer an overall better experience to all stakeholders, while amortizing resource costs and crowdsourcing talent across the region. This new entity is called the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense League (NECCDL), and will work closely with the hosting institutions in this capacity.

  1. Q: When did the League form?

        A: 2019, after March 2019’s coaches' conference.

  1. Q: What are the benefits of joining the League?

        A: Member Institutions of the League are offered the following benefits:


  1. Q: What are the costs associated with becoming a League member institution?

A: $250 for teams who have participated in NECCDC in the previous 2 years and $100 for new teams or those not meeting the above criteria.  Fees are non refundable.

  1. Q: Who voted for the current leadership of the League?

A: From the NECCDL Proposal and reviewing input received over Summer 2019, an organizing committee created a non-profit entity with a minimalist structure for the first year. The Organizing Committee is provisionally made up of Ben Grooms, Devin Paden and Joe Eastman. Certain League operation volunteers will be used in Year One to get the organization off the ground. All officer positions will be subject to nomination prior and vote during NECCDC 2020, and will generally have a two-year term beginning in 2020. Figure 2 from the NECCDL Proposal illustrates a post-2020 organization, where volunteer Captain positions are voted on. The Competition Director serves as the Chair of the voting body through the execution of the year's competition.